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I Will Go Down With This Ship

So I am reading some favorite-cliche stories (X goes back in time to save the ones they love!) and, confession: I ship Wesley/Illyria desperately. It was honestly the only storyline I gave a damn about in those final episodes, and the biggest reason I regretted the cancellation, because rumor had it they were actually going to go there. I cannot watch the "would you like me to lie to you now" scene without weeping, I ship it so hard. Her gaspy "my love, oh! my love" is so clearly an epiphany and it KILLS ME DEAD. Unf.

Joss Whedon is kind of an amazing bastard at getting me to fall in love with his characters' relationships.

So, the various ships (of many fandoms) that I LOVE, in no particular order:

Wash/Zoe (Firefly)
Xander/Faith (Buffy)
Simon/River (Firefly)
Buffy/Xander (Buffy)
Willow/Tara (Buffy)
Bianca/Maggie (All My Children)
Kendall/Ryan/Greenlee (All My Children)
Kendall/Zach (All My Children)
Babe/JR (All My Children)
Ned/Kristina (General Hospital)
Caleb/Alison/Livvie (Port Charles)
Wes/Lilah (Angel)
Brendon/Ryan/Spencer/Jon (bandom)
Harry/Hermione/Ron (Harry Potter)
Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter)
Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)
Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)
Brian/Michael (Queer As Folk)
Brian/Dom (The Fast and the Furious)
Rabbit/Suiden (Covenants) (I would PAY MONEY at this point for Covenants-fic)
Rabbit/Jusson (Covenants)
Sylar/Mohinder (Heroes)
Tony/Gibbs (NCIS)
Gerard/Lyn-Z (bandom)
Gerard/Lyn-Z/Frank (bandom)
Dan/Casey (Sports Night)
Josh/Sam (The West Wing)
Jed/Leo (The West Wing)
Kirk/Spock/Uhura (Star Trek: Reboot)
Titus/Tommy/Erin (Titus)
Dean/Jess (Supernatural)
Jack/Daniel (Stargate SG-1)
Penny/Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)
Sookie/Eric (Southern Vampire novels)
Ted/Marshall/Lily (How I Met Your Mother)
Rory/Paris (Gilmore Girls)
Lindsay/Cindey (Women's Murder Club)
Steve/Tony (Avengers)
John/Matt (Die Hard 4)
Will/Jack/Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Pete/Patrick (bandom)
Horatio/Archie (Horatio Hornblower)
Johnny/Sarah/Walt (The Dead Zone)
Pete/Berg (Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place)
Pete/Berg/Ashley (Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place)
Ares/Joxer (Xena)
Tony/Lee (Blood & Smoke Novels)
Bug/Nigel (Crossing Jordan)
Harry/Marcone (The Dresden Files)
Rogue/Gambit (Marvel)
Kurama/Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Clark/Lex (Smallville)
Van/Deaq (Fastlane)
Ben/Ronnie (Make Me a Supermodel) (...I used to have shame)
Brendon/Shane (bandom)
Xander/Buffy/Faith (Buffy)
Ward/Oreg (Hurog novels)
Eleret/Karvonen (The Raven Ring)
Bahzell/Tomanak (The War God's Own novels)
Honor/Emily/Hamish (Honor Harrington series)
Michael V/Brian (Top Chef: Las Vegas)
Atticus/Ru (Ukiah Oregon novels)
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[personal profile] wishfulclicking 2009-10-04 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
There is no shame for shipping Ben/Ronnie. I wish there had been more fic for them! In my head there was a total AU with the MMAS cast.

I kind of recast a lot of Bravo reality tv shows. I was so ready for a high school au of the project runway cast that had Kenley and Blaine.

I may have read Marcel, Sam, and Ilan in an angsty triangle at one point.