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Friending memes kind of make me sad, because I very, very rarely feel like I can participate in them? Like, I was all YAY FEMALE CHARACTER FRIENDING MEME and then I went but I talk about male characters a lot more than I talk about female characters, even though I love female characters and frequently rec fic about them. Or the friending memes about a single fandom, where I have to check myself because I will probably only be actively in that fandom a few weeks/months. Basically, I get excited about making friends and then feel like I would be making them under false pretences.


And also I want someone to write Faye Smallwood/Festina Ramos, because it is CANON and AMAZING and FESTINA SAVES THE UNIVERSE AND NEEDS MORE KISSES FROM GORGEOUS BI/POLY WOMEN WHO WANT TO MARRY HER. IDK, I am once again in that place where I see people talking about the horrors and !fail of the scifi genre and it makes me sad, because yes, some - many, even - of these writers are hidebound, prehistoric jackasses, but PLEASE STOP DEMONIZING THE ENTIRE GENRE OF MY HEART. The genre itself is not to blame for the people writing in it; the genre itself is supposed to be about looking forward and extrapolating, not looking back and fantasizing about a future stemming from the whitebread 1950's where nobody had to deal with all these people who want to do and think and be different. They think they are building utopias when all they are doing is making shiny-happy-thoughtless dystopias.

But y'all, I live in Oklahoma; how many queer or chromatic works do you think I get to see in real life, on actual physical shelves? NEARLY ALL of the books I've read about gay, lesbian, bisexual, poly, or genderqueer characters have been scifi/fantasy, and just about all of the books I've read with chromatic characters have been scifi, YA, or both. Grasp the Stars! The Expendables universe! The Silent Empire! The Ukiah Oregon series! Honor Harrington's universe! Flatlander! People are all over the fail, but nobody's saying hey, look at this book where three out of four main human characters are chromatic and at least two are bisexual and it's not a big deal! or hey, look at this series that confronts ablism and has a queer female anchor character!. And no, I don't want anyone to keep quiet about !fail (I am firmly aboard the "your journal is your platform, dude, own it" train), but does it always have to be THIS IS FULL OF !FAIL, I HATE SCIFI and never THIS IS FULL OF !FAIL, READ THESE INSTEAD.

Although I will totally admit, some of this may be the scifi nerd in me talking and not the fangirl. Because the fangirl is oddly rational about people liking different things, but the scifi nerd has ingrained responses from 15 years of people asking her why she doesn't read "real" books and telling her she'll grow out of it.
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I totally feel like that about the female character friending meme!

I like the idea! I like a lot of female characters! I write stuff with them! But I am also pretty full of yay for the boys, and I'd feel like I was, idk, pretending to be way more FULL TIME GIRLS than is actually the case. :x
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I saw this on the network and I had to stop and flail, because OMG Festina! I mean, I also applaud and concur with your views on scifi and what it is supposed to be and not blaming the genre for the fail of some of its members, but mostly I clicked because Faye/Festina yes please.

I got discouraged by fail in the genre a while back and had sort of wandered away, but your list makes me want to wander back! I shall start with Expendables. ::nods firmly::
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In my head, Festina totally marries Faye & her spouses when she retires and/or settles down

Our heads agree! And they totally have adventures, because anyone married to Festina Ramos should EXPECT adventures. And they will be awesome. (They being both the adventures and the collective spousality.)

adventure and intrigue and awesome/complicated canon ships

Ooh, I am THERE! Thank you!
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Clearly what we need is a "there's a good chance that I will love your twenty fandoms, too" friending meme. I always psyche myself out of fandom memes at that other/past fandoms question.