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Last Day of Vacation

So now I'm reading Twilight fic, because I'm always going to want another "The peaceable kingdom". I'm basically just reading stuff of the TV Tropes rec page and most of it is hilariously anti-canon, which is the way I LIKE my Twilight fic. ETA: It's official, I kind of want Leah to set all these bastards on fire. Maybe the books aren't as creepy in this case? Because I'm getting a lot of "Leah can't have kids so she's broken and WILL NEVER HAVE LOVE and will also be a heinous bitch forever" and, um, FUCK YOU. Also, fuck imprinting.

Victorious fandom is making me sad, because there's no Jade/Tori to be found. It's all Cat/Jade and Tori/Cat and, y'all, Cat is like a teen, human, supernaive Trance Gemini (before the color swap) and I cannot deal with that character in a romantic or sexual context. Like, I managed a Trance/Harper fic once on the strength of my xenokink (prehensile tail!), but Cat does not have that going for her.

I am thinking about my big bang. Do I want to do forty or fifty stories and stick to a theme or do I want to go balls-out and shoot for the 150+ like last time? Honestly, the latter sounds kind of exhausting, but I have this thing about outperforming and the smug/glee might actually make it worth it.

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