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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2012-12-06 08:25 am
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Oh man, other cashiers keep getting into arguments/discussions with customers about the open-carry law and it is uncomfortable. Because people standing behind me arguing with people about guns, most often while the other person HAS a gun = not my favorite!

For real, I don't give a shit about it anywhere other than work, but at work? It's people with guns wandering a store where 1) the visible staff is mostly, and the cashier department entirely, female, 2) the registers are less than ten feet from the doors, and 3) there is no on-site security or alarms or panic buttons or anything - the only phones that can actually dial outside lines are AT the registers or in the back offices WITH THE VAULT, we would literally have to wait for whoever to finish and leave the store before alerting police.