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I haven't dared yet with the yahoo groups; tell me more!

I am just using's "sort by favorites" option and um. I have read LITERALLY one million words of this mess and I've found FOUR STORIES that I would rec. Two of them are by the same author! ...I am currently reading saving her remaining fics as a palate cleanser when it gets too much (A DUDE CANNOT FUCK YOU 36 TIMES IN THREE DAYS - HE WILL DEHYDRATE).

I just want it so much! There was a Plum/In Plain Sight crossover where Mary was completely baffled/angered by all the trackers and Stephanie just completely shrugged it off and I just. He tracks her electronically, and with minions, and breaks into her place, and she just rolls with it like it ain't no thing and it is DEEPLY WEIRD. I love it, obviously, but still, I would read all of the fic about Ranger's kink about it, whatever slant somebody wanted to put on it (is it a voyeurism kink? a control kink? don't care! I am in).

But yes, I don't actually think I'll find it, unless somebody busted it out for kink bingo or similar.

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