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Oh, gosh, the yahoogroups. So I think this is an artifact of one of those uncomfortable fandoms where the fandom happened in the author's space. I'm not sure of the history or whatever, but I think there used to be a mailinglist -- or something -- that Evanovich participated on. And the fandom started happening there, and it was weird, so everyone retreated to a nested set of semi-private yahoogroups, where a lot of the fic is posted in the files section. For real! There's a whole set of them -- plumfanfiction1, plumfanfiction2, etc. and one called plumfanfictionreference to try and keep some form of organization. There is also a supposed enclave for porn -- I think that one is plumfanfictionrestricted? something like that -- because apparently semi-private groups wasn't enough? But I think even a few years ago the boundaries were breaking down on that one. There's actually a fair amount of fic hidden away in there.

Anyway, I know I did find some things that I enjoyed. There was one fun one where Stephanie and Ranger have a series of wagers/deals and repeatedly pwn each other, which was pleasing. I just don't remember who wrote anything, which isn't helped by the fact that half the fic has some numbers related title. I do remember one of the groups -- maybe the reference one -- has a bunch of different reclists. Go with caution, my friend.

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