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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote 2015-03-05 05:58 am (UTC)

How much of Frank's shadiness does Annalise KNOW about (the whole "I'm not that guy" convo)? Because I'm basically assuming Sam was blackmailing Frank, and that the best person to threaten to expose whatever to would be Annalise, not the cops. Especially since with this particular favor, Frank would be best served by exposing Sam's request to Annalise, not the cops, unless he had a compelling reason not to. (I feel like there's a clearer way of putting that, but it is late and that's the best I'm going to manage.)

Bonnie drives me crazy, but in a weird way? Because I can't tell if the show wants me to read her as totally in love with and/or obsessed with Annalise or if it's my slash-goggles, because I TOTALLY do.

TRUST NO ONE is definitely the best rule of thumb for this show. Laurel and the ring, holy shit! Is it wrong that that, combined with the Frank revelations, kind of made me ship them more? Because they both have spectacular criminal/amoral leanings and would probably be amazingly bad for each other and I would 1000% watch the shit out of that?

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