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I still have a bunch of Halloween-ish songs uploaded at Box.

I actually need to add some more on there, but tonight I am busy setting up my replacement Kindle.

Also, WHY did no one rec me Enemy Mine? Harry/Marcone and SO LONG and PLOTTY - I totally do not care if it's not as great as other things the road to hell is paved with or Choices. Or Near Miss or that one with the fill collection. I am totally putting it just below The Most Dangerous Thing and just above The Affairs of Wizards and Besieging Omelas. (I will always be sad that those + [ profile] thehoyden's fic + [ profile] lightgetsin's stories basically comprise my Dresden fandom experience. IT SO GREAT; WHY DO MORE PEOPLE NOT JUMP ON THIS. THERE SHOULD BE A HUNDRED FICS ON MY MENTAL LIST, NOT, WHAT, TWENTY-FIVE?

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MARCONE IS HARRY'S KISMESIS. Although I'm not sure if Murphy or Michael would be his moirail, and whether it's Elaine or Susan, he is defs estranged from his matesprit. OH MY GOD, BEING HARRY DRESDEN'S AUSPISTICE HAS GOT TO BE THE FUCKING WORST, ARE YOU KIDDING. Oh shit, you guys, is Lea secretly just the worst fucking auspistice in the world (Harry\Lea/Mab)? And after that went down in flames, he filled his ashen quadrant with Thomas (re: Lara) AND NOW IT HAS GONE WRONG AGAIN. HE IS DOOMED TO FILL ONLY TWO QUADRANTS FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.
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Life is BEAUTIFUL! Johnny Marcone/Harry Dresden fic! By multiple people! Including [ profile] thehoyden so it's guaranteed to be awesome! Some of it's even epic!

There is talk of a coma patient AU.

My joy is PURE and CONSUMING, people.
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Oh, books, I wish to gorge myself on them. Yay for old gift certificates, I say.

Read Proven Guilty and Jim Butcher continues to rock hard. So hard, in fact, that I am afeared for the future Dresden Files. Also, if Ebenezar turns out to be the traitor, I shall cry. Because Harry does not need more angst in his life, what with his Traumatic Romantic History, Orphan-Boy Pain, and oh, let's not forget, his just-renewed Doom of Damocles.

Just finished His Majesty's Dragon and jesus christ, it rocked so hard that I am running out to buy the sequel now. I can spare five bucks on m'birthday. Especially since I didn't get that pie.

Had a piece of tuxedo cake from Albertson's instead, and it was ample and delicious. Though, y'know, pie.

But oh, wow, my brain kept squeeing and going Laurence + Temeraire = BFF!!! It is awesomeness and I'm eventually going to do a whole thing on why.

After I read the sequel. So, like, tonight. Before I type up my shortlists, even.

Seriously, SO GOOD.
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I totally missed the almost-cannibalism the first few times through.

I mean, yeah, I caught the whole roasted-child,-with-a-side-of-mint-sauce thing, because that was pretty hard to miss (mint sauce, y'all).

But you know what I missed? The part where Ukiah barely resisted munching on Boy Scout leg.

I mean, it wasn't a live Boy Scout. Crazy Joe Gary had already killed and dismembered it. Him. Obviously, it was a male, 'cause hello, Boy Scout. But I think you can call corpses its.

Anyway. Ukiah wasn't going to butcher anybody, or anything like that. he was just...hungry. And it was there. And he was really hungry.

He'd just been dead! He needed a snack!

And. Huh. Possibly it would not have been cannibalism.

I mean, he's half human/half alien, right? Would it still count?

God, I want some Harry Dresden right now. But I have seriously over-read all of the Dresden Files novels that I could lay hands on right now.

I'm beginning to memorize whole chunks. Of multiple books.

Such as the scene in the latest book where we discover that T-Rexs may be hella quick, but they don't corner well.

But I want more! More about Harry and his unkillable chivalry, and his slutty vampire brother who people keep mistaking for his gay live-in lover, and his new gig as magical judge, jury, and executioner! And I want to see more of his godmother! And Kincaid (omg, how much do I love Kincaid - too much for words, that's how much, bitches)! And Lasciel and her tiny, possibly-faked-for-purposes-of-manipulation-and-eventual-ownership-of-his-soul crush on Harry!

And oh, I both do and do not want to see Michael again. Because I heart him, and if he tries to slay Harry re:Lasciel, I shall have to unlove him right quick. But possibly it will not be that bad! Possibly he will see that Harry is not totally at fault! But...Knights of the Cross, they do not generally truck with this congress with the fallen. But there is Sascha! He was one of the Denarians! And is now a Knight of the Cross!


Love those books. Best sf/f film noir EVER.

Y'all should go read them. Alyssa, I believe you actually have a copy of the first book (courtesy of me).

Also? You suck, with the not asking for something for Christmas. Yet being willing to order me to totally overthrow YEARS of tradition, omg, you'll be lucky if you get freaking ANYTHING.

I ran out of meals on my meal plan and was unable to obtain any supper. I am now so hungry I could eat an organ ferret.

Okay, not really, but ALMOST.


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