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But I feel like I need ALL of the Derek/Stiles knotting fic. ALL OF IT ON THE INTERNET. I have exhausted the AO3 tag already.

It's one of those things where I don't understand why I like it so much. I've read knotfic before and been mostly whatever about it, but with Derek/Stiles I want to read it FOREVER. IDK, IDK, IDK.
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I keep thinking about things I want to say and then thinking "I don't have enough to make a whole post" and screw that, so.

Does anybody watch Saving Grace? Because I would actually like to see it (shows are never set in Oklahoma!), but I have a problem: Holly Hunter is too white to be playing someone called Grace Hanadarko. I live near Anadarko and it gives me cognitive dissonance to hear the name/see a blonde. Does the character at least have some kind of Caddo heritage? Or did they just co-opt the name? Also, I am a little leary of their handling of the Murrah bombing, which is apparently an ongoing plotpoint.

I have a total kink for stories where everybody knows the canon's big secret (declassification of the Stargate Program, Sentinels-are-known AUs, etc.). The glimpses of a powerful, organized, and public Slayers and Watchers Council are a big part of why I love I Am What I Am so much. Unsung heroes getting fame and recognition = WOULD LIKE MORE FOREVER, PLEASE.

This is me.

I'm working on a mix. It's going to be called Go Into Your Emo-Corner: The Overidentification Mix and full of songs that I can't put on playlists because if they catch me in the wrong mood, they cause uncontrollable weeping or leave me screaming along because IT IS A SONG THAT SPEAKS TO MY SOUL. OR, Y'KNOW, MY EMO. WHICHEVER. Also, "get into your emo-corner!" is a line from a Transformers fic about Starscream emailing a domestic abuse center and it makes me laugh and laugh. Because domestic abuse isn't funny, but Starscream giving himself etchings because Megatron doesn't love him anymore and lets Soundwave badtouch him with tentacles is HILARIOUS.

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So [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going to be a one-off for me. Finding 150 stories that are a) awesome and b) at least 75% lady-focused is hard when I can't predict what fandoms I'm going to be into during the creation period. Like, if I could manage to revisit HP or bandom for more than a couple days at a time, this would be much easier, but fannish ennui is not really something you can arrange to suit a schedule. Working from backlog, I should be able to swing this round (I will be personally disappointed if I can't manage more than 150 just from backlog), but another round? Extremely unlikely.

I am terrible at answering comments and I'm sorry! I read them all and appreciate them and try to respond just might be getting that reply notification a few days/weeks after you've forgotten about the original post. There's a whole thing in my brain about how replies should be substantive and so I wibble around trying to meet an imaginary standard and it's, like I said, a whole Thing.

I am kind of burnt out on profic? Everything feels the saaaaaame.

Next year, fuck it, I will go to another state to attend a fandom con. The last couple scifi "fandom" cons have just not really done it for me. This last one was especially poorly run - panelists openly admitted to having no idea what the topic meant, panels had zero description anywhere so there was a lot of guesswork, panels ran completely off the rails ("Great Bubbas in Science Fiction" turned into "Trials and Tribulations of Running a Small Independent Press"...within the first ten minutes). The arguments for attending Oklahoma cons were always cost and the chance to meet people I could have regular meatspace interaction with and since the second's never worked out, I might as well say fuck it to the first and just start saving now.

I remain totally sad that more people don't watch/love Rollerball.It is a totally shitty movie with one of the most CATHARTIC ENDINGS OF ALL TIME. Like, Chris Klein and his character are basically incidental to the point of it, which is that if you push the common people too far, they will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP AND SET IT ON FIRE.

And thank you fandom, I am now totally likely to accidentally use the word "amazeballs" at work.

If I have to pretend to smile while one more jackass says "Don't mark that [bill], I just made it this morning! Hur, hur, hur!", I will CUT SOMEBODY. Also, if we check it, and your bill is counterfeit, we will not "take it up with the bank, 'cause that's where [you] got it!" We will take it up with the cops, because we are not detectives or investigators of any sort; we are a store, not the Secret Service.
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'Cause, okay, I love shippy stuff, and I like clever plots, but it's all in the DETAILS, man! Like, weird classes you're required to take at Starfleet Academy, a Buffyverse species of demon that can only be killed by a certain frequency of sound, babyproofing a Potterverse house when the baby can do magic, etc. Explore the quirks of your canon universe! So, have some awesome worldbuilding fics:

The Recreation of the Warrior - Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Harper/Tyr, Tyr/others, Dylan/Beka, Dylan/others, Beka/others. Amazing exploration of Nietzschian culture and philosophy. "My people learn as small children that religion is the opiate of the masses. In practice, however, we spend far more time acknowledging our debt to our ancestors than might be expected of any Confucian monk. Since no actual deities are involved, this does not count as 'religious observance,' but merely as practical genetics." Gah, just. Tyr's voice is so strong and so consistent that it totally negates my antipathy toward first person POV in fic.

Cradle Elbows Wide - Firefly, gen. This is Sergeant Mal, guys, and it's so well-written that it's totally canon to me. All the different cultures that sent soldiers for this one cause, and we know the whole time that the cause is totally doomed; it kills me, but in the best of ways.

Reconstruction and the companion piece, Restoration - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander/Spike, Willow/Tara. A post-Gift AU that does a fantastic job showing the struggle to guard the Hellmouth without your heavy-hitter. The CotH is the BEST, god; it makes so much sense and it's so very, very awesome. But there's also the protective stalking of Dawn, the Omega Plan (GENIUS), just a million little touches that bring the 'verse to life.

Father Goose Tales - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Law and Order: SVU/Alias/Las Vegas/Gilmore Girls/Stargate SG-1, Xander/Faith, canon pairings. Guys, there's infrastructure and standard operating procedures! There's a supernatural troubles hotline! It's very much a world where the Council has a presence, complete with unintended consequences, and where the Council is an organization of professionals who have been there and done that. "Hello, you’ve reached the North American Headquarters of the Watcher’s Council, if this is an emergency please scream or press one ….. if this is not an emergency, please leave a message and a method of contact and we will get back to you. If you would like to be contacted by one of the regional offices, be sure to make that request and include your location in the message. Thank you and be safe. ….. beeep."

The Sacrifices Arc - Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Snape/Regulus, Hermione/Zacharias, Connor/Parvati, a bunch of OC relationships that are amazing and run through het, slash, and femslash. Oh, y'all knew I was going to throw this one in there. So! This 'verse explains why there were no international efforts to stop Voldemort, gives us interesting and well-drawn systems of magic that include the awesomeness of something called "puellaris witches" - women who, through circumscribing their behavior in public and submitting to their husbands, gain the ability to turn into fucking lionesses when their children are threatened, aaaand shows us once again that humans rule the world because they are assholes. Um. I also don't feel comfortable sending people off to read this without mentioning that this shit is HARDCORE. Like, I read something that had a bunch of dire warnings for what ending up being an apocalypse, some violence, and some implied sex slavery (all of which got reversed and wiped from the characters' memories, so, weeeeeak). This is not like that. There is torture of main characters, including loss of limb. There is death, lots of it, major and minor characters, including a baby (in a fairly horrific way). There is rape, not of major characters, but there's an unrepentant (female) rapist who's one of the "good guys" and somebody gets raped to death, so. There is child abuse, physical, emotional and magical. I'm forgetting some stuff. Okay, cannibalism! There is cannibalism, by bad guys and also by a good guy under mindcontrol. ...Read it anyway! It is totally my favoritest story in all the worlds.

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Coming to you hard on the heels of Part Huit mostly because I have limited 'net access and have been reduced to the text files of random observation again. Also why I am behind on comments (sorry!).

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