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There is no sad like "someone recced a whole REC LIST, so excited, I will have all the fic! ...I HAVE READ ALL OF THESE ALREADY" sad.

I am moving next Friday, but I am bingeing on Teen Wolf instead of packing becauase I am sick and everything is disgusting. Like, I am failing at coughing in a really gross way, WORSE THAN LAST TIME I WAS SICK, and last time they made me go outside before the noises made anyone vomit.

I am really bad at meatsuits, guys.
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So I was viciously mauled by a housecat last night.

Which sounds like the beginning of a joke? Actually for real. ER visit for real, even. I narrowly avoided getting staples in my scalp. My left hand is so swollen and bruised from the bites that I can barely move it. So I will be offline for a bit!
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I just, um, clapped my hands in glee, shut up, Teen Wolf gives me FEELINGS THAT REQUIRE GESTURES, and it turns out the heel of my hand hurts when you touch it? Like, a lot. But literally only when it's touched.

So I went yay, clap, AAUGH.

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Nick Stokes is such my beloved, you guys. I want all the amazing Nick-whumping stories; why aren't there more of them? THERE IS SO MUCH CANON WHUMPAGE TO WORK WITH. Oh, he is still so pretty. And nice and good at his job and basically, almost all of my CSI hearts are for Nick Stokes, with, like, three left over for early-seasons Danny Messer and one for the Vegas lab rats collectively. Thousands of hearts for Nick!

But I like Russell! And Brody. Not gonna lie, I would read the shit out of some Nick/Morgan. I am still all kinds of over Sara - the serial killer case felt like the dozenth such ep I've seen with her. I've always liked Catherine, but she's kind of bitter now, and it mostly just makes me want her to run away from here and be happy somewhere out of Vegas. Brass, pretty much the same. Ooh, I like the sheriff! Whatever her name is.

I like this season waaay better than last season, overall.

Ugh, bronchitis is horrible. This meatsuit is defective and I would like to trade it in for another model, please. Or possibly a robo-chassis.
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A) That was totally gross, B) I am pretty sure that's not how that's supposed to look in a healthy system, so I'm now going to have ohshitohshitIthinkmyuterusisbrokenohshit on a loop until I get a doctor's opinion, THANKS, and C) your timing is suspicious and disquieting (see Thing B re: loop of doom).

Menstrual TMI. )

Body Issues

Oct. 9th, 2008 04:51 pm
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I hate my body.

Not in an I'm-so-ugly, nobody-could-love-me way. In the if-there's-a-rulebook-no-one-will-show-me way.

Like, right now? My hand is shaking. A lot. Even when it's holding the mouse, I can feel the muscles in my arm twitch. There is no apparent reason for this.

I get pretty serious chest pains. Randomly. For the last 12 years. Apparently it isn't serious (more than a decade = not dead = not serious), but it's pretty fucking annoying.

There's...something wrong with my foot. I don't know, sometimes it hurts to extend my toes.

I just. I don't have any chronic conditions, I just have a body that throws curveballs pretty constantly, and I'm sick of it.


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