Oct. 1st, 2008

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I keep listening to this song and thinking of Gerard. Because really, "Jesus christ that's a pretty face/the kind you'd find on someone that could save"? TOTALLY Gerard "Saves Lives" Way.

It's nice that my assistant manager thinks I can do anything - favorite example, you have to be given computer authorization to do returns; Jessie was in CSR training two weeks before she got it, but the AM gave it to me after I'd done two returns, both of them with her right there - but then I get days like today. It wasn't a bad day! I was busy and I wasn't doing anything I particularly hated. But I started out in Tools, got some freight to put up, got moved out of Tools, told to design one fourway (the little freestanding shelving units by the registers) and stock two more, told to hang sale signs in three departments, then I had to man the service desk for an hour during lunches, then I had to help bag the 8+ boxes of peanuts that are nearly out-of-date (25 lb boxes, btw), then I had to change prices on a bunch of clearance items (the only thing I actually got done), and then, 30 minutes before I leave, I get more freight, walky-talkies that need antitheft sensors attached. Too much for one person to do! Too much for two people to do, even.

I've decided to add an Atwoods tag, because I apparently am going to keep talking about it. And I've decided that the tag is going to be "Okie Walmart" because that's what we are, we are the hick superstore.

I'm not actually crazy about the Spencer/Brendon, but at least three of my all-time favorite Brendon stories are S/B, so it kind of looks that way.

Been thinking about updating my if you read my recs post, because surely my tastes have changed in two and a half years? But apparently, no, the only thing no longer true is my aversion to Harry/Sirius. I read that now, sometimes. And I'm more. I don't know how to say this. I latch on more? I will get a fictional craving and leap on it like it's a fleeing gazelle. So a fandom will go from a once-in-a-while thing to my fifth or sixth most recced in short order, but then I may put it down and not pick it back up for months/years (see: Smallville).

I remain confused about marking genderswap/sexswap/genderfuck/whatever you want to call it. Because. Generally, I go by the gender the character identifies as, like the trans!Pete fic has a slash tage because he identifies as male. But do people have a fundamental aversion to girlparts that I should warn for het in stories with spontaneous sexswap? And the always-a-girl thing. Not something I dig so I didn't really have a policy but there was epic-length girl!Spencer getting knocked up by Panic GSF and really, who says no to that? And I know where that one goes, but then there's the Trish/Peyton thing and the Ryan/Bren and the Frankie/Gee and they're het or femslash or whatever, but if you have an OTP, wouldn't you want to read it? So I want to stick them on the slash page, but they are NOT SLASH. I am TORN.

I want a Pete Wentz list named Long Live the Carcrash Heart and an MCR list called Let's Save Some Lives.

I find Gerard's sincerity about life-saving pretty much as charming as I find Harry's cupboard-raised social awkwardness.

Vampire list called Bite of Your Kiss! I post these things, because if I write them down I lose them.

I was reading an essay - sadly, I cannot remember where - that talked about the author not having OTP but OTCs - one true character. And that's totally how I do, so thanks for the phrase, whoever you were.

I keep seeing meta on True Blood and how the show's so much better than the books and I have to say: You guys are stopping after the first book. The show is drawing on all 10+ of them. Of course it's more layered! They're foreshadowing things Sookie won't find out for years! And for the people who talk about the shallow beginnings of book!Bill/Sookie - he's her first love. Remember that? Probably happened when you were a teenager, probably started just because your beloved was attractive and cool (to you, at least)? That's what she's going through. And the MFEO vibe will later become hilarious/bitter-making.

I feel kind of weird about the continuing rpf kick. Because I have a project deadline and I either need to man up and figure out a way to do all-rpf lists without it feeling like a cop-out (if I just wanted to "50 random awesome things I just read" I could be throwing up a list every three or four days) or I need to read something else for a while. Seriously, I have (nominally) multifandom lists that 50 - 75% rpf at this point and that's...not really cool with me. SGA, especially, has a million fics about kids and two million more about death, yet I can't convince myself to go look; I just have "NEED MOAR BRENDON" on a loop in my head.

There are certain jobs/situations where you're expected to form an exclusionary "us-against-the-world" kind of bond with those (mostly) of the same gender and most of those are also very macho, very straight, the military, the police, most professional sports. And then you get bands. And I really really love that.

I am seriously in love with this: If Music Be The Food Of Love (I'll Have The Veggie Burger). Brendon being a brave little toaster and totally oblivious to Spencer being stupid in love with him! Angst! Happy ending! <3333333


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