Dec. 14th, 2008

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Apparently cold makes our wireless angry? I don't fucking know, but I haven't had consistent, reliable access since Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed that that's over.

The state of me, in reverse chronological order: Got a $50 store gift card as a Christmas bonus, which was awesome, as Richard's gift was on sale for $30. Won the $150 safety bonus, even if I haven't actually received it yet. Got a new (additional) assistant manager and I really like him!

Basically, life is pretty awesome, except for a slightly worrying leak in my car and a really worrying Thing with my computer (it's begun to randomly shut itself down; I'm thinking the tax refund is maybe going for a new computer instead of dental).

Bandom is crashing over me in waves; I've got two stories I'm kind of anticipating too much to read (they could be so good or let me down so hard). I'm also going to do a bandom xovers list, so if you have recs, gimmegimmegimme. I've only got 18 so far, but one of the them is one of my favorite crossovers of ALL TIME, seriously, bandom/Star Trek: DS9, my favoritest of all Treks.

I'm kind of having a Sports Night renaissance and also, for some reason, Supernatural. Apparently, Dean/Castiel calls to me. IDK.

Oh! You should all totally watch Leverage; it is fanTAStic. Christian Kane! Totally slashable badass! Plus an awesome computer geek, an "honest man" who somehow ended up running a gang of thieves and grifters, the terrible actress who can run the smoothest con you've ever seen, and the pretty girl thief who isn't anybody's real love interest because she is totally crazy and kind of a sociopath. Parker is totally my third favorite, guys, right behind Eliot (Kane) and Hardison (his antagonist/boyfriend). There's an awesome degree of competence and they're total Robin Hoods. With teeth.

Pretty much all I'm watching right now: Life, Leverage, The Mentalist, NCIS, House, Thw Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds. Oh, and Top Chef.

I did manage (you don't want to know how) to post some lists:

Anything He Can Do (I Can Do Better) - Femslash. Girls are awesome? I don't know, I was not expecting this to be a full list, I was just thinking a 20, maybe a 30. Then I remembered Gossip Girl and Women's Murder Club and oh yeah, C'est La Guerre is one of my favorite femslash stories of all time because, dude, she totally jukes you, it is genius, and heeey now, good Bianca/Maggie? I have been waiting for that since I realized people wrote AMC fanfiction. As you can see, things kind of. Spiraled. And yes, the tie breaker was that this title made me giggle.

Change Your Body (Transform Your Mind) Extended Mindfuck Edition - Physical transformations (I limited to four types: bodyswap, genderswap, species change, and wings). Bandom and genderswap heavy. adventures of sometimes girl is possibly the best I've ever read at acknowledging how weird and scary it is, just waking up in a body you didn't go to sleep wearing.

The Songs & the Words - Bandom stories set to prompts. Oh, you knew it was coming. For the first (and probably last) time, A Modern Love Poem has a story about a love poem! It was a very special moment. Possibly the easiest way to describe it is to quote the warnings: Warning: these stories contain ge, het, slash, threesome, foursome, fivesome, sex pollen, space AUs, crossovers (RPF and popslash may both contain real people but they are just. Not the same fandom at all.), wings, kids, superpowers, zombies, demons and angels and fairies and gods, kink, pregnant seahorse rock stars, apocalypses, sexual crises, sexbots, and the choose-your-own-deflowerer debauching of Brendon Urie. Good times, guys.

I Like It Rare - Small fandoms. Shut up, I know I just did that, but the backlog is killing me, y'all, you don't even know. I am thisclose to deciding no, really, "shit I pulled off my hard drive" is a theme. Anyway. Big (three or more) in this one? NCIS, Eureka, Merlin, Hikaru no Go, The Fast and the Furious, Prison Break.


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