Aug. 31st, 2009

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Just finished marathoning all six episodes of Defying Gravity and I'm digging it. Interesting canon ships! Mysterious conspiracy! Femslashy best friends! Smart, competent, hot people! Also, YAY FOR SPACE EXPLORERS.

Oh, and there are some familiar faces: Ron Livingston from Band of Brothers, Laura Harris from Women's Murder Club, Christina Cox from Blood Ties, Andrew Airlie from Reaper...

Spoilery stuff. )

Fic for this show is going to be hilarious, y'all. The entire crew is impotent; they all wear these chemical castration patches called HALOs. People are either going to have to write chaste romance or come up with a way to get rid of the patches. I would TOTALLY read some Jen/Zoe where they thought the friendship had just gotten really close and then the HALOs come off and there's a holy shit, we are totally dating! I think you're HOT moment.

My shipping for this show is already totally weird. Jen/Zoe is my FAVE, guys. Followed by Donner/Ajay long-long-distance romance ("You, me, this ship - we are a three-way." = !!!). And Wass should totally be dating Paula and Nadia; Wass/Nadia/Paula or Wass/Nadia, Wass/Paula, either way, I'd read it. I kind of like Ted/Eve and Evram/Claire. Although I would totally also read Donner/Evram and Donner/Zoe (Donner/Zoe/Jen! they call him STD behind his back!) and Rollie/Anjay and Donner/Ted friends with benefits and maybe some Evram/Wass or Zoe/Wass, IDK, I'm kind of randomly fond of Wass.
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I am on one of my periodic dips into QAF fandom and aaaaagh. See, I am totally a Brian/Michael girl, and the fic is just, wow. Not good. There are, like, five girls who write stuff I wouldn't be ashamed to rec. It makes me sad. I mean, I would totally read your noncon h/c epic with bonus custody battle! Just maybe it could not be a gangrape involving roofies and a sex-sling, all of which comes up in the custody trial. That is verging on Vanyel-levels of h/c; TOO FAR. Plus, the weird psychic-connection fic (the one where Michael is mute! but Brian can hear him) and the one with the creepy rapist, and the one with the stalker, and basically any of the ones with David, and OH MY GOD, SOMEONE JUST POINT ME TO THE GOOD FIC. IT HAS TO BE OUT THERE. TELL ME I AM JUST NOT FINDING IT. TELL ME THIS IS NOT ALL THERE IS.


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