Oct. 2nd, 2009

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Somehow, Baen is EVEN COOLER than I thought. Those of you who remember my pimping post (and the whole Free Library awesomeness that prompted it) are probably baffled. Publishing house that cares more about readers than it does about squeezing every last cent of profit from those readers? How does it get "cooler"?

APPARENTLY, they felt they could be giving more. That's right: Baen Books (www.baen.com), a publisher of science fiction, will provide its books to fans who are blind, paralysed, or dyslexic, or are amputees, in electronic form free of charge, effective [11/14/2008].

Guys, I KIND OF HAVE HEARTS IN MY EYES RIGHT NOW. Seriously, I am not used to actual businesses being that nice. An individual, okay. A seasonal promo-type thing, okay. But as an actualfax corporate policy? Startling and unusual!
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So I am reading some favorite-cliche stories (X goes back in time to save the ones they love!) and, confession: I ship Wesley/Illyria desperately. It was honestly the only storyline I gave a damn about in those final episodes, and the biggest reason I regretted the cancellation, because rumor had it they were actually going to go there. I cannot watch the "would you like me to lie to you now" scene without weeping, I ship it so hard. Her gaspy "my love, oh! my love" is so clearly an epiphany and it KILLS ME DEAD. Unf.

Joss Whedon is kind of an amazing bastard at getting me to fall in love with his characters' relationships.

So, the various ships (of many fandoms) that I LOVE, in no particular order )


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