Mar. 4th, 2010

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Fandom Appreciation Challenge

Day 3: "Leave or send feedback on three crossover fics or stories outside your main fandom(s)."

"Bonus challenge for 5 points: Rec the stories in your journal."

Since crossovers totally ARE one of my main fandoms, I couldn't resist doing them, but only if I also did some not-my-fandom stories.

iFight Crime (gen) [Supernatural/iCarly] - Okay, this story is HILARIOUS and AMAZING and basically, Sam Puckett is more badass than ANYONE, EVER, THE END.

"I'm Carly!" says the brown-haired tween.

"And I'm Sam!"

"And this is iCarly, the only webshow that cures cancer--"

"But gives you rabies!"

"What the shit is this," says Dean.

Bimonthly (gen) [BtVS/Criminal Minds] - Unsubs, just an FYI: you really have to step your game up if you wanna impress a Summers girl.

The Justice League Of Cardiff Is A Stupid Name (gen) [Torchwood/DCU] - Torchwood takes care of Superman on a rampage.

A man stood at the edge of the fountain pool -- quite a man, Jack noticed, because Jack noticed these things. Broad shoulders, wide chest, narrow hips, all well-defined by a skin-tight suit. He wore a cowl and a cape, and his eyes were diamond-shaped patches of light.

"Great," Jack sighed. "Another one."

Gwen kept the man covered as Ianto came forward. He passed Jack, which seemed like impudence and a death-wish combined, and stood face to face with the intruder.

"I'm the Batman," the intruder said.

"Well, yes, obviously," Ianto replied, eyeing him.

Batman eyed him back.

Jack and Gwen watched, fascinated, as they stared each other down. After about twenty seconds, when it seemed like one of them had to blink, Ianto licked his lips.

"Coffee?" he asked.

"Black," Batman replied.

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Connor/Dean) [Supernatural/Angel] (WiP) - Okay, so I maybe have a new crossover OTP.

Sammy had a sort of hero worship going on for the guy, but Dean didn't really mind. He could share his kid brother's adoration with a superhero for fuck's sake.

Dean might've had a little of the worship going on himself, but that was another thing he'd never admit to. Connor came in handy, that was all. Tossing things around and giving them a taste of their own medicine, that was always pretty fun to watch. Plus, he'd saved Sam from himself more than once, and that garnered Dean's respect like nothing else would.

The Numbers Game (Jet/Zuko) [Doctor Who/Avatar: The Last Airbender] - Fusion; Jet is the Doctor and Zuko ends up his Companion and it is fanTAStic

“Look at these eyebrows,” the lunatic marvels, waggling them as he inspects himself in the side-lense of Zuko’s mirrored wraparounds as if he’s never seen his own face before. “Bloody beautiful these things, a man could conquer civilizations with eyebrows like these!”

“You’re just a teenager,” Zuko can’t help seeing the need to point out, not lifting his eyes from his work, and the lunatic wrinkles his nose in distaste and rubs at his jaw.

“Damn, you’re right,” he mutters, wagging his eyebrows at his reflection again. “I
swear, man, these regenerations just keep getting younger and younger, people are going to start thinking I’m having a mid-life crisis.”

Haven and Home (gen) [BtVS/The Pretender/Other Fandoms] (Series in Progress) - "Post S7 - Somewhere near the Cleveland Hellmouth lurks a house, and it's got Xander's name written all over it." LOVE THIS STORY, so you should obviously read it all, but ESPECIALLY, chaper five, aka, the Phantom of the Opera chapter:

"Okay. So, tortured soul, tragic childhood, good voice, stalker tendencies, and serious Oedipus issues," Xander summed up. "Living in the basement of a house with forty-five teenage girls, who just staged an all-female cast production of Twilight." He pressed his lips together. "I should just kill him now."

There was a long pause as everyone stared at him.

"He's got a point," Buffy said, shrugging.

Impure (gen) [Jennifer's Body] - Best movie coda ever.

Being bug-fuck crazy wasn't all bad. The food sucked, and the bedside service left a lot to be desired, but plotting bloody revenge was a breeze. Needy was already crazy dangerous--everyone said so, everyone knew it was true, and wasn't Needy a legend in Devil's Kettle?--and what was a little murder after stabbing her best friend in the heart with a box-cutter?

Cherry Without Any Stone (Rathe/Eslingen) [Points Novels] - I OTP them so hard, guys.

"You know," Eslingen said, as if they'd just been talking about something important and not sitting silently. "Lemanry's not like calling a point on someone, Nico. You don't have to corner him in public and tell him you love him quickly before he has a chance to flee."

How to Save the Day (sort of) (gen) [Night World] - I love thinking about Ash post-DoD, trying to be a knight-errant without actually, y'know, possessing a working moral compass, and this story showcases that beautifully (which is honestly more than I ever expected, because there is tragically little Night World fandom).

Skrull Wedding vows (Billy/Teddy) [Marvel] - I wish this was about 10,000 words longer, I love it so much.

"I promise not to murder you in our marriage bed while you sleep. I promise not to stab you from behind, but kill where you can see my face one last time. I promise not to bury you alive leaving you gasping for breath in the darkness." Billy stopped to look at Teddy. "Is this seriously what the wedding vows say?"

"It's much more romantic in Skrullos," Teddy replied.

Maintaining A Professional Work Environment and Optimizing Employee Satisfaction (Zuko/Mai/Haru/Jet) [Avatar: The Last Airbender] (for background, see An Illustrated Guide To The Bodyguards!AU; the art is amazing) - HAREM FIC. Where Zuko's bodyguards are also his harem and there is CROSSDRESSING and hotness and stupid boys and gangbangs! And also, like I said, totally awesome art that includes the crossdressing!

Mai is relatively certain there is some logical reason for Zuko to be wearing a wedding dress today. He is the Fire Lord, after all; generally speaking there has to be a logical reason for just about everything he does.

. . . then again, he’s also
Zuko, so the “logical reason” could extend to “got tricked into drinking cactus juice, again”.

It’s very hard to be a bodyguard to a man who’ll accept any cup you pass him at a party without question.

Resurrection-verse (Steve/Tony) [Marvel] - 177,000 words of AWESOME. This is my PLATONIC IDEAL of Civil War-era Marvel fic (it would be my platonic ideal of Marvel fic, full stop, but Civil War = ARRRGH, so, not quite). There are several stories, but for the purposes of this rec, I can only talk about the first one, so: "Doom brings Cap back from the dead, whereupon he has to deal with Doombots, Red Skull, the Mandarin, Registration, a bunch of bickering superheroes, and Tony's apparent nervous breakdown."

GUYS. This is the story that made me fall in love with Steve/Tony! There's action, and h/c, and romance, and revenge, and BADASSERY, and forgiveness, and rebuilding, and GO READ IT RIGHT NOW. Here, alt links, because the formatting on Tales of Suspense can get a little...close.

And I forgot to mention this, but a couple days ago, I posted a new list: Distaff (stories featuring female characters).


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