Nov. 9th, 2010

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I'm posting a new slush file in prep for the minilist challenge. If there is something you'd like to see a list of, now would be the time to mentions, 'cause I've got NOTHING, other than poly, Yuletide, femslash, gen, Sherlock BBC, Jim Kirk, and those are not minis, so much.
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So I'm reading a Devil Wears Prada fic set in a Merry Gentry/Anita Blake fusion 'verse and I have to keep stopping to grit my teeth because THAT WORLDBUILDING IS INCORRECT. It's not even the hand-wavey collision-of-three-worlds stuff, it's stuff like using "fey" and "sidhe" interchangeably, which, no. Like, I am ALL KINDS of excited to read descended-from-sex-deities Andy, but IDK how I feel about reading fic where I'm more familiar with canon than the author. IT IS NOT A SITUATION I HAVE ENCOUNTERED MUCH. But I'm going to be really weirded out if my personal canon-versus-fanon stumbling block is a LKH fandom.

Just saying.
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Cobb looks up from cleaning his handgun’s slide. He has no idea what the conversation’s about, but it involves squinting, so Cobb is immediately interested.

“Why are we squinting all of a sudden?” Cobb says. “I can’t believe you guys got started without me. That’s mean. I thought that we were all good friends, here.”

- Like a Bullet in the Back


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