Nov. 17th, 2010

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See, this series is weird for me because I read God Stalk at 12 and then found Dark of the Moon at the library, once, then never again and of course it was too out-of-print for me to hunt down for my own. Basically, I have loved Jame for more than a decade and yet I'm reading Bound in Blood for the first time today. I LOVE IT.

Like, I dig Jame and Tori and Kindrie and their whole fucked-up destiny/family/romance THING, and I dig the plot and the worldbuilding and the whole ball of crazy that is the Kencyrath (I have THOUGHTS, you guys), but the thing that might make me happiest? Is how CASUAL the queer content can be in these books. Like, this is not a Single Token Gay situation. There's sister-kinhood, and the true love of Brenwyr and Aerulan that extends even into the afterlife, and Kindrie's (THUS FAR) unrequited love for Tori, and the false Lord Randir is gay, and today I read about Jame meeting a woman and her seemingly-genderqueer husband (called Da by their kids so I'm going with "genderqueer" instead of "drag king") and getting teased about a threesome. All accepted both culturally and by individuals, except for a single creepy-ass villainess, and even that appeared to be more blackmail than actual homophobia, since Adiraina shut her down at least in part by pointing out that that would prevent anyone ever sharing a similar relationship with Rawneth. IT MAKES ME HAPPY. ALSO, THE MERI-KIT PRACTICE POLY AND ARE GENERALLY GREAT, IT'S JUST CHINGETAI THAT'S A JACKASS.

Okay, and I also enjoy that boys keep hitting on Jame and she's mostly "whatever, stop being a douchebag" about it, and then girls hit on her and she gets flustered. I JUST WANT JAME/TORI WITH A SIDE OF JAME/LADIES AND POSSIBLY OF TORI/KINDRIE. Like, I can't quite parse if consort-contracts are exclusive outside of things like sister-kinhood and mistresses, or if the Highborn practice poly as well, because if the latter, than Tori should totally contract for Lyra as well, I HEART HER, and she would be totally willing to share with and to love Jame.


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