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For Your Consideration

All big bangs currently posting:

[community profile] firefly_bigbang - One fic up; haven't read it. Yet.

[ profile] hsmbigbang - Nine stories posted and I plan on reading at least four, but I'll have to mainline some Disney to get in the mood first.

[ profile] polybigbang - 24 posted - 13 1/2 on the To Be Read list (1/2 b/c I keep taking the Heroes fic off the list and putting it back on) - have only managed to read 1 1/6; the 1 was awesome; the 1/6 is, I saw Building Jerusalem is at book one of a three-book arc and I skipped to the end to see if it was at a place I was comfortable putting it on hold (and NO, it was not, so I didn't read the whole thing).

[ profile] smallfandom - To clarify: This is the ORIGINAL small fandom big bang, the one that's in its second round, not the new one with limited fandoms. Three stories so far; have read one (Psych, yay), will be reading another (FIRED UP SLASH, OMG, I NEEDED IT), and may take a stab at the third (Bollywood slash?).

[ profile] startrekbigbang - 14 have been posted so far; of that 14, there are three that I will not be reading because of pairing/plot Issues. Of the five I've managed to read so far, one was mediocre, two were good, one ([ profile] mijan's) was hurty and amazing, and one ([ profile] captanddeastar's, obvs) was MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME. GOOD RATIO SO FAR.

[ profile] xf_bigbang - Three stories posted thus far, all het and not really my fandom. Maybe if someone posts some filthy M/K or a threesome or something.

All big bangs that start posting in the next two months:

[ profile] thebigbangjob - Posting begins November 4. It's LEVERAGE; I will be all over that. Unless it is unexpectedly all Nate/Sophie, which, unlikely.

[ profile] bsg_bigbang - Posting November 8 - 14. Not my fandom.

[ profile] sgabigbang - Posting November 12. It's SGA Big Bang. TBH, in my head there are four Big Bangs - SGA, bandom, SPN/J2, and the original H/D - and a bunch of big bangs. I'm going to read the hell out of it.

[ profile] tw_bigbang - Posting November 12 - 26. There are, like, three summaries that make me SO EXCITED, plus several more that look interesting, and only two that make me go OMG, NO.

[ profile] ncis_bigbang - Posting begins November 15. See comment for Leverage bb, substitute "Gibbs/Abby" for "Nate/Sophie".

[ profile] kink_bigbang - Posting November 23 - 30. I heart kink! But they have no visible summaries, so IDK. It could end up 30 amazing stories that push my buttons, or 10 that are vehemntly Not My Kink.

[ profile] svcross_bigbang - Posting supposedly begins November 26, but the comm's currently deleted, so IDK how that's going to go.

[ profile] scifibigbang - Posting December 1 - 15. SO MANY FANDOMS, SO MUCH POSSIBILITY. For awesome and awful.

[ profile] deutschmusikbb - Posting December 4 - 18. Not my fandom.

[ profile] crossbigbang - Posting begins December 12. HELL TO THE YEAH. Crossovers IS a fandom!

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