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More Fandom Appreciation Challenge:

Bluebird (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood/Addams Family] - This is the creepiest you have ever seen the Addams family, seriously.

"Cousin!" A black-haired man with a pencil moustache, flashy suit, and something terribly wrong about his eyes flung both arms out.

"Darling cousin!" A black-haired woman with something terribly wrong about her smile stood beside the man. Three children, all around the age of ten, glared from behind her skirts. And there was... something... in the hall behind them.

"It's been not nearly long enough," Ianto said. He held out his hands to the woman and kissed both cheeks. "I could have happily gone years without seeing you again. I may have to kill you all." Gwen blinked and looked at Jack, who had his eyebrows raised.

Brisance: That's Beverly Hills for Broken (Ben/Cooper) [Southland] - Ben Sherman is my favorite, guys! There's UST and fucked-upness and it's just plain awesome.

The worst thing about valet parking, Ben Sherman thinks as he paces the sidewalk, was that you had to stand around and look like a fucking idiot while they brought your car. And when you'd just left it, and the guy wasn't even back yet...he can hear Cooper laughing in his head and doesn't know why he even bothered.

Murphy's Law (Asami/Takaba, Asami/Fei Long) [Viewfinder] - Acting AU. Which I didn't think would work, but it TOTALLY does. Because their show? Is basically Viewfinder. It is AMAZING.

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