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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2010-09-12 10:14 pm
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Ugh, Today, Ugh

Went to lunch with my mom and my brother and it ended with my brother storming out of the restaraunt and me bursting into tears and it was awesome, guys, really. 1) I am thisclose to being done with that kid's crap; the best I get from him is "amused tolerance" and he only calls when he wants something and it's just really hurtful at this point. 2) I am way too accustomed to driving while weeping.

Took a six hour nap because I still felt sad. Just woke up.

In between, I somehow fell back into reading Naruto fic. Well, "somehow" being saw a rec for Inception fic by [ profile] thehoyden, saw new Naruto fic on her works index, decided to re-read her other Naruto fic, decided to read ALL the Naruto fic apparently. Any recs? I'm especially partial to Naruto/Gaara and Kakashi/Iruka, but I'll also read Naruto/Sasuke and Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke.

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