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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2011-10-14 11:14 am
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RL Things!

I am going to a haunted house tonight! I have not been to a haunted house since 2005, y'all; I am excited. I love Halloween.

I am endlessly baffled/amused at this hostess schtick I've got going with the crew from work, especially because when it comes to the attention of anyone else I've known, ever, they just go whaaaaaat. But it turns I don't really dislike cooking or baking, I just dislike doing those things alone. Also, the girls I work with are easily impressed and it's awesome. They treated a salad with apples and cranberries in it like a MAGIC TRICK.

I have two new spoon rings and I love them. I complimented a customer on hers and she said she'd have to get her friend who'd made it to come in with some sometime and then BAM. Half an hour later, they both come in with a whole tray of rings. I maybe shouldn't have spent the $40? But I'm never going to see the ring lady again and they are some badass rings.

Speaking of money I probably shouldn't spend, I think I'm going to buy a second Kindle. I love Athene? But the sheer volume of my content is apparently what's been fucking her up. I think I'd be better served by one Kindle for what I'm reading and one Kindle for what I've read. I am just rather leary of this "special offers" nonsense. For one, I hate ads on shit I've paid for. But the bigger issue is that I'm worried about it possibly slowing things down on the home screen and that is already legitimately one of my biggest problems with the Kindle. Does anyone have one of the special offers Kindles?

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