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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2011-12-05 05:50 pm
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Catching Up on CSI While My Body Tries to Kill Me

Nick Stokes is such my beloved, you guys. I want all the amazing Nick-whumping stories; why aren't there more of them? THERE IS SO MUCH CANON WHUMPAGE TO WORK WITH. Oh, he is still so pretty. And nice and good at his job and basically, almost all of my CSI hearts are for Nick Stokes, with, like, three left over for early-seasons Danny Messer and one for the Vegas lab rats collectively. Thousands of hearts for Nick!

But I like Russell! And Brody. Not gonna lie, I would read the shit out of some Nick/Morgan. I am still all kinds of over Sara - the serial killer case felt like the dozenth such ep I've seen with her. I've always liked Catherine, but she's kind of bitter now, and it mostly just makes me want her to run away from here and be happy somewhere out of Vegas. Brass, pretty much the same. Ooh, I like the sheriff! Whatever her name is.

I like this season waaay better than last season, overall.

Ugh, bronchitis is horrible. This meatsuit is defective and I would like to trade it in for another model, please. Or possibly a robo-chassis.

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