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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2014-02-09 10:04 pm
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I Did Not Think That Was a Thing in 2007

Knotting, that is. Also, for anyone who wishes there was more het knotting, apparently Inuyasha fandom has got your back?

Seriously, I got all nostalgic and started reading some Sess/Kag fic I downloaded like three years ago and bam! And now I'm apparently into it. Yay for a new awkward google search.

But seriously, how awesome is Kagome? SO AWESOME. I just want GIGS of Inuyasha treating her badly and her not taking it and falling for his hot older brother. Canonwise, I ship Inu/Kag, but ficwise, I am 98% Sess/Kag.

Awww, first fandom. It makes me all squishy inside.

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