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So I've spent the last week in Stephanie Plum fandom and I need recs, guys. So much of it is bad and the worst I can't even make fun of properly because the author's dead. Oh my god, het fandoms, why so terrible.

Also there is a story I need desperately but I don't think it exists: the one where Ranger has a tracking kink, like that Social Network fic with Eduardo's heart monitor. There are so many fics where he just tracks her movements whenever he's even curious and I want it to be a thing for him.
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Oh my god, that fandom. I fell into it a few years ago, and it was so terrible and yet I couldn't stop. I assume you found the bizarre yahoogroups subculture?

And yes on the tracking kink fic. But I have no faith in that fandom's ability to cough anything like that up. The intense sexual repression in the books seems to attract, um. I'll just stop there.