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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2014-09-10 10:51 pm
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Flailing at Things

Am I the only one who feels like visiting the AO3 without a specific story/pairing/fandom in mind is a lot like grocery shopping when hungry? Like, you just end up throwing everything in the cart because it sounds good at the time.

Brought to you by a massive downloading binge that included The Social Network, Homestuck, Haven, Leverage, hockey, Lost Girl, and Oglaf.

I am back to burning through fandom after fandom, btw. My attention span is always fucked up when I'm sad; I'm either obsessive or unable to settle.

I've been trying to channel the butterfly phase positively by working on finally getting my mobi files into a proper archive. It's been a mixed bag. For one thing, I have a bunch of stuff that I've downloaded, but I also have fic from at least three other people's collections and I only know where I got two of those. For another, it is fucking four gig of fic in ~215 fandoms.

I've also been working on the [community profile] thisisalovesong thing and it is...daunting. Fandoms like Andromeda or Avatar or That 70s Show are easy, because there's that one defining fic, but then there are fandoms like Homestuck where I have multiple pairings I love, all with fic I love, and it gets hard.

Just got Hannibal out of brackets (Della19 narrowly defeats emungere and hito). Staring at Naruto in despair, because it has the best tropes, and that is the worst for me (peggy sue vs. sudden game interface? WHO CAN CHOOSE).

Relatedly, michealsuave just updated The Adventures of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited and it is pretty amazing.

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