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There is a connecting plotline, but it's nothing particularly intricate - shifters, hybrids in particular, are getting kidnapped for basically dogfights. I read the third book first and the others not entirely in order and didn't have much trouble.

Okay, so Beast Behaving Badly (Bo/Blayne) is definitely my favorite. The Mane Squeeze (Lock/Gwen) is good, and you may want to read that before Behaving Badly, just because Gwen is Blayne's best friend and business partner (they're plumbers!) so they show up in each other's books quite a bit.

The Mane Attraction (Mitch/Sissy Mae) - book three - is pretty great; I've said before that I enjoyed every redneck bit of it. Sissy's relationship with her mother is especially well done. Wolf with Benefits (Ricky Lee/Toni) has some awesome moments, but I won't lie, I mostly love it because there's a significant amount of Bo dealing with some jackal children who share his creepy take-no-prisoners drive to be the best.

Big Bad Beast (Dee Ann/Ric) is really good; I sincerely enjoy how very much Dee terrifies basically everyone (she and her father share a "time to start the killin'" catchphrase).

The Beast in Him (Jess/Bobby Ray) is good for the first 2/3 but then goes to kind of a weird place, so I would definitely hold off on that. Did not really care for the first book.

Oh! Of particular interest to you may be that Bo, Lock, and Ric are all professional hockey players - I was not kidding about the Crosby-resemblance.

I'm sure you've got your own sources, but the first five can be found here.

Basically, read them and come talk to me about them, because I have a lot of feels!

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