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I am in the last few days of my Amazon Prime trial (would love to have it - cannot afford it) and I am binge-watching Justified. I watched season one as it was airing but lost track of it after that.

It's weird, in that I would absolutely recommend it, but I wouldn't rewatch or want to own most of it. Each season is such a tight arc that it's hard to separate a single episode out. My preferences run much more toward stand-alones, where you should know the characters and setting, but it doesn't matter if you've seen the whole story so far.

I fucking love Loretta McCready, you guys. I have wanted to watch season two since that Girl in the War vid came out and it definitely did not disappoint. I love her, I love Mags, I love Carol Johnson telling Boyd and Raylan that their history sounds like a love story.

I really enjoyed the Drew Johnson storyline, but it did make it clear to me that while I love every single moment of Raylan and Boyd interacting, I have basically zero interest in Boyd otherwise. I fastforwarded through a fuckton of the Crowder Criminal Empire shit.

Part of that is probably bitterness, because Johnny and company use a lot of screen time I would prefer to spend with the Marshals, because there is never enough Art and Tim and Rachel (especially Tim).

There isn't a lot of fic, but a bunch of it is fucking amazing. I deeply enjoy how, about once a story, someone in the fic will stop and comment about how unfairly beautiful Raylan Givens is. Because fuck yeah, he is.

The amount of zombie/apocafic does put me in mind of astolat talking about Knocking Over the Table, how she basically had to end the world to give her pairing a chance at a happy ending.

I am so sad, thinking about that, that no show will ever be a crime drama for five seasons and then have an apocalypse hit in season six, because that genuinely sounds fucking amazing. Not even specifically Justified, just anything.

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