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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2015-02-03 11:29 pm


I really fucking love Vudu, you guys. I know Walmart is terrible, so it burns to so strongly prefer their service, but its just so great for me. I love the design of the interface, I love the controls (scene selection is available for literally everything in my library that isn't a five-minute featurette!), I love the shitload of free first episodes I've collected. I love being able to share my shit with up to five people (note: works fucking great for movies - 75/76 viewable - not so great for tv - ~30/140).

I just fiddled with the closed caption options for the first time beyond turning them on (in my experience, much more accurate subtitles than broadcast, but I only use cc because I sometimes have trouble with dialogue, so). Turns out green text with a transparent background just instantly made my eyes feel better.

Now I'm going to go watch Anslo Garrick pt 1 for the umpteenth time, because the Braxton episode mostly felt like a pale imitation and now I have a craving.

Goddammit, y'all, I need so much Red/Liz fic. SO MUCH. Also, Hardison & Aram being bros. It would be fucking beautiful.