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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2015-04-22 09:18 am
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I Feel Like an Awkward Baby Deer

Am now poking suspiciously at tumblr.

I did just post a bunch of photos of the gorgeous redbuds in my dad's front yard. If you have never seen a blooming redbud tree, you should definitely take a look! People talk up cherry trees a lot, but to me, nothing beats a redbud.

I am going to attempt Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon on Saturday! So I am stockpiling books. The problem with that is not reading the books nownowNOW. I've got a pile of Heidi Cullinan and Terry Pratchett and Wen Spencer and Jennifer Crusie to start me off, but we shall see what my craving's for on the day.

I will be posting updates on that - and apparently some minichallenges? - on Consume All the Things, which is also where I'm sequestering the stuff I'm doing for the 500 episodes and 100 movies memes.

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