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He sang:
Our generation passed and died.
The killers bred in us the victims grew in us
Blood like water.
Mothers who married enemies.
We called out, "wheat!"
The echo came back, "war"
We called out, "home!"
The echo came back, "war"
We called out, "Jaffa!"
The echo came back, "war"
From that day on we measured skies with chains.


Now blooms the spring of the locust.
Over the dead nightingales
the night itself weighs and weighs.
The day inches to birth
while the shut and bolted door
of the sea
rejects us.

We scream.
We dream of weeping,
but tears refuse our eyes.
We twist our necks
in zero hurricanes.


But then why won't Eve eat of the fruit?

Why would Eve merely suppress her wishes,
regulate her steps?
Subdue her thirst?
Why would Eve be so compelled
to keep Adam moving around in the Garden of Eden
all their lives?

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