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Fun Way to Make Yourself Crazy!

(Absolutely the appropriate word)

You know that thing, where you have the internet and accidentally read some stuff and start self-diagnosing weird and unusual conditions? And then there's the next part, where you have to talk yourself down, because you don't have nose cancer or whatever, it's just WebMD or Wikipedia making you paranoid?


Like, when I was 19 and diagnosed as major depressive and started on medication, I ended up going to the doctor and telling her that the antidepressant was making me crazy in unfun new ways and I was pretty sure I was actually bipolar. So she ran me through some questions and yes, bipolar.

And a couple years ago I read this comedy article about fictional characters with undiagnosed mental illnesses and had a huge "UM..." moment and figured out I probably had schizoid personality disorder. Which I brought up when I started back on my meds and the therapist at my intake was like "yeah, it's on your chart from 2006...did they not mention that?".

Most recently there was that Criminal Minds episode with the girl with polycystic ovary syndrome and my doctor and I talked and the conclusion is I need to get an ultrasound, stat.

So. You know. Now there's this article on sensory processing disorder that's sounding REAL familiar and I basically feel like I need to never read anything about real life ever again.

(But seriously, my whole family has a weird and intense thing with food and textures. And lots of motion sickness/sleep disorders. And stress migraines/photophobia. And there's a creepy posture chart where the apparently fucked up version looks a lot like my x-rays.

You have no idea how much I DON'T want to have a family sit-down about who has been diagnosed with what and what that means for the Family Medical History. At least five of us are on psych meds for reasons we Do Not Talk About.)
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Wow, way not to be on top of things, medical professionals! You've got quite the track record.