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So I am totally watching True Blood and enjoying show!Tara and Anna Paquin and the random slice-of-life stuff (beer gut vamp? pretty much my favorite), but mostly, I am worrying. This show could be awesome for me - I love the books - or it could be terrible. Because they are hardcore selling Bill as the leading man and hi, critical book events hinge on Bill being A GIANT DOUCHE. I'm even worried they might cut spoiler ) because spoiler ) is not normally desirable in your leading man. And that would suck, because that was kind of a big "really, really doesn't think like a human" moment and Sookie needed it.

Next week we get Eric! And he is my favorite! And we might get Pam, Eric's badass childe/right hand, who is hilariously upfront about loving violence and not caring if humans drop dead right and left - Sookie is her friend and she has that fling with Amelia, but outside that, she's not bothered. Eric and Sam and Pam and Sookie, they would totally be my OT4 if there was a way for that not to end in blood and tears and intestines strewn about like garland. Still! I get hot Viking Eric and his giant torch for Sookie!

And hey! They are not shying from the m/m, which means they'll probably keep the Hadley/Sophie-Anne storyline, which is awesome. Sophie-Anne is badass, y'all, I totally wish she was my queen.

Also kind of worries me? That people are going to see vampires, weres, and a "special" human girl with a bunch of reatures in love/infaturated with her and think "Mary Sue"...or really, "Laurell K. Hamilton with a southern accent". And it's really not! Sookie is attractive because her difference makes her more accepting and kind of exotic, but also because of spoiler reason ) and because a telepath is strategically handy. Also, her relationships with some of the guys actually end, sometimes without going further than a little acknowledged UST. And some of those guys actually move on. It's mostly Bill, Eric, and Sam, really, which is not totally excessive. (Totally rooting for Eric!)

I do hope they pick up the pacing a bit. There're like a dozen books and I really want to see Hallow on my television in a couple seasons. OMG, Debbie Pelt. I want to see Debbie Pelt right now, that could be so awesome.
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Again: chronological and mostly unedited, dating from last February to yesterday, if there's a fic I mention that interests, I'll do my best to link you upon request, blah, blah. On to the babble!

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Okay! For those of you who weren't here last time, every little while I do a big post of all my random notes and observations. There's fic notes, fannish ponderings, RL stuff, grammar bitching, I think it, it's here. And normally I sort it by subject, but this go 'round, it's all chronological and mostly unedited. It'll date from last February to yesterday. Oh, and if there's a fic I mention that interests you, I'll do my best to hunt up a link upon request.

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Still in progress, because this is fun.


  • I want Peter and Isaac to paint together, Peter helping Isaac with using his powers sober, the both of them getting progressively more stressed and strung out as November 8 looms ever closer without them finding the damn cheerleader, and then I want them to have a desperate, sweaty, paint-streaked fuck right there on the mushroom cloud on Isaac's floor.

  • I want Mohinder/Claire, after Claire finds out what her father's been doing on those "business trips", where they drink together and bond over their daddy issues and how very much this mutant explosion has fucked up their reasonable lives. Then there's friendship that slowly shifts to dating without either of them really noticing. Also, it'd be awesome if, at some point Claire could save him from amugger and then be charmed by how nonchalantly he accepts being saved by a girl.

  • I also want a gen story. Shocker, I know. But I really want to see Hiro and Matt = BFF. Don't even try to say it wouldn't be awesome.

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This is my new favorite song, btw.

Also, y'all should all be watching Heroes, as it is the best show on TV right now. I've actually liked every single episode, I like just about all of the characters (I even have a tiny crush on Claire's creepy dad, because Brody!), and I really, really want to know what the fuck is going on re: Sylar, the Mystery Cabal, and the apocalypse. Also:


is my new favorite tagline.

[ profile] fox1013 mentioned that someone should write "Five Cheerleaders Hiro and Peter Accidentally Saved" and like I said, I am now in urgent need of Hiro and Peter roadtripping across America, saving cheerleaders and driving Isaac crazy bugging him for a name, a location, something, because if they keep just lurking around high schools they're going to end up on some kind of watchlist. And then Isaac feels like a pervert because he keeps trying to paint Claire's boobs. Not because she's a nubile young girl, it's just that then he might be able to read the name of her school. Isaac has to paint Claire's chest to save the world. He can't help enjoying it.

Also, I could get behind some Nathan/Simone sex wherein Nathan has mad Peter issues. Or just some Peter/Nathan. I am easy. And I want Niki/not!Niki; I have no idea how to swing it logistically, I just want it. Plus, not!Niki should totally fuck Mohinder's girlfriend the plant, knowing she's a plant. Possibly up against a wall with Mohinder nearby, so the plant has to be completely silent, because if Mohinder catches them he'll never let him close to him again and her bosses will kill her. Which not!Niki purrs into her ear.

Anyway. I feel chatty, but not really on any particular topic, so if somebody doesn't suggest something for me to ramble about, you're getting my WISHLIST, all the fics I dream of reading. So like the last two paragraphs, but longer. So much longer.

New Show

May. 26th, 2006 09:44 pm
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So, on my flist, [ profile] fox1013 mentioned this show, The Jake Effect, and omg, people, I cannot resist a show with Leslie Grossman (Mary Cherry!), Nikki Cox, and Greg Grunberg. So I torrented the first three episodes and I love it. I mean, it fails in some places and the third ep kind of sucked, but I really enjoyed the first one. So I uploaded it.

The Jake Effect, 1x01

Oh, and since once I start uploading, I find it hard to stop, I'll be editing this post with links. Links to what, I'm not sure. Probably the second ep of The Jake Effect, almost definitely some of The Inside, and possibly Little Britain.

And if anyone wants some Bones, Angel, The Evidence, NCIS, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, or Heist, I've got most of those series on here. Plus random eps of Invader Zim, CSI: NY, Grey's Anatomy, and House.

ETA: The Jake Effect, 1x02. And I've got The Inside pilot and some season one House (the pilot, Poison, and Detox) up here. Plus, I'm currently uploading Three Stories, which is one of my favorite episodes ever. Oh, and the reason these links are from three different sites is that I was trying to find one I liked as much as sendspace, since they capped their uploads at 300 MB.

ETA2: Okay, so I've uploaded Three Stories and episodes one, five, seven, nine, ten, eleven, and thirteen of The Inside. And wow, it's a little bizarre that all my favorite eps of that show are odd-numbered. But people, that show is awesome. It was created by Tim Minear and stars as the incredibly fucked-up Special Agent Rebecca Locke the girl who later became Rachel Gibson on Alias. Plus it's got Peter Coyote as the creepily Svegali-esque Virgil Webb and Adam Baldwin (Jayne!) as Special Agent Danny Love.

There are only thirteen episodes, because Fox sucks, but those thirteen episodes have cannibalism, child killers, and the obligatory hallucination episode. Plus it's got Firefly nods and Amber Benson as a guest star.

If anybody's interested, I can upload more of The Inside, or what season two House I've got handy. Or both. Nothing makes me happier than people liking what I love.
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What the fuck, NCIS? Do you enjoy ripping my heart out my throat? Is this fun for you?

You kill Kate and now this? You best undo this right quick, bitches.
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(Spoilers liek woah, FYI.)

OMG, people, for serious, this show. I don't care that a lot of the time it's cheesy and predictable and totally a soap opera; it is also full of awesomeness. Often because of those very things.

Oh my god, Alex, I have never loved you more. Sitting there in the Chief's office, talking about how it doesn't matter if you like them or agree with them, they're your team, and then, with Izzie, and the picking her up off the hospital bed and holding her while she cried, and then following her like that - people, Alex may be my favorite. That's new.

Even though it happened off-screen, George visiting Burke was one of my favorite things tonight. And I'm pretty sure I would pay money for a story where Burke dates George and Cristina because 1) Burke/George would be ridiculously cute and I would ship them entirely if I didn't so love Burke/Cristina, and 2) Cristina trying to be a better girlfriend than George is awesome now, when she's competing with a platonic relationship - imagine what would happen if she no longer had the naked-girlfriend trump card.

I was sad when Denny died even though a blind man could have seen it coming, because I liked Denny and I liked Denny/Izzie and it's kind of horrible that she fucked over her medical career for love and made peace with it and was all engaged, with no regrets, and now she's fucked professionally, grieving for the man she agreed to marry, and kind of responsible for his death (and will be even more responsible if Han's patient dies waiting for another heart).

I love how last night they had Izzie commit one of the most ethically sketchy acts I have ever seen on television in my life and then tonight they had Meredith and Derek fuck in an exam room, and it's the latter that made me flail and actually yell at my television "Oh my god, NO, DON'T DO IT!" because it was so utterly skeevy, what with the way they're both with other people, who are waiting for them at PROM. Also, how much do I adore the way Callie was glaring at Derek after she tied Meredith's dress? I desperately want to know how much of that is her affection and/or lack thereof for Meredith and Derek as individuals and how much is her drawing parallels between her and Meredith, and Derek and George (coming as it did after the scene where she talked about hating being so into George).

The thing that killed me? Cristina taking Burke's hand and holding it still. Oh my god, Cristina, so much love right then. It made up for the freezing up in the operating room.

Christ, I want to torrent both (all three?) parts and watch it again.

Seriously? I love this show.
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So. I was watching TV tonight, channel-switching, as I do, and. Um.

Possibly I'm going to be watching The Unit now.

It was hurt/comfort fic, right there on my screen! There was illness, and then injury, and then persecution, and perceived betrayal, and defiance (with pop culture references!) in the face of treacherous mind games, and a daring escape from a drill gone horribly out of control!

(Also, HOMG, Ryan = Sumner!)

Oh. And I watched some of NCIS, but more of Gilmore Girls, because I like downloading NCIS so I can replay bits. Both were yay (especially Ziva and the Director dressing Abby (where's that f/f/f?), Paris calling the hospital, Rory calling Mitchum, and Gibbs and Abby in the elevator), except for the bit at the end of GG where Anna Nardini went crazy just as things were looking up. And I saw enough of House to think Foreman = dick, Wilson = fucked-up so deeply, and prophet-boy = adorable. Also, I continue to enjoy references to Chase's stint in seminary.

And I am now torrenting last night's HIMYM and MAMMOTH, OMG, SFC ORIGINAL PICTURES, I HAVE MISSED YOU.
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And you guys go completely off the rails again. AMC, why do you hurt me like this? What have I done that so displeased you?

Come on now. Stop making Kendall crazy. OK, I take that back, that's not what I mean, Kendall being crazy is often hugely entertaining. Stop making Kendall crazy and dumb. What is wrong with you? This is Erica Kane's daughter! She should be able to see emotional manipulation like Madden's from a mile away! He is not that good.

Yes, her freaking out about everybody telling her what to do is completely and scarily in character. Her being willing to bend the law to breaking to do what's best for someone she loves is, too. But her letting Madden go all Svengali on her isn't. Bitches.

Although you guys get so many points for what you're doing with Ryan and Erica. Him figuring out her murder plot, and then her confiding in him...So much love. Because, fine, I'll cop, Ryan/Erica is my if-Jack-died OTP (only if, though, because Jackson/Erica = OTP times eleventy-million).

Also, Erica, Ryan, Dixie, and Zack teaming up to destroy Madden utterly = WIN. If you actually make them all work together, the awesomeness might kill me.

Or, y'know, you could just make Kendall sane again, and then her vengeance would know no bounds. And neither would the awesomeness.
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Okay, this is crap, y'all.

Back in the day, I shipped Ryan/Kendall. Greenlee was his friend, was falling for him, married him, I didn't care. Ryan/Kendall was my couple of choice. And then Kendall went all self-destructive and I grew to like Greenlee/Ryan. And then I fell in love with Zach/Kendall. Then Greenlee left town, and I was sad, but I still had Zach/Kendall. It was enough.

Then oh, bitches. Zach went all attempted-puppetmaster and Kendall left him, and now they seem to be setting up a Di/Tad/Dixie/Zach quadrangle. Which I am not best pleased by. But what's worse, is the fact that they appear to also be setting up a Kendall/Ryan/Julia triangle. They are attempting to resell me on Ryan/Kendall. Even though they just had this big, cathartic confrontation about where they went wrong and why it couldn't work between them.

I am not a yo-yo! Stop attempting to trifle with my shiply affections!
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I am being haunted by the stench of stroganoff.

Also, I'm losing track of which notebook is for what. I have like four stenos rattling around here and I use them all for different things. Just think...only about half of what goes into the pseudo-diary steno makes it here. And then there are my text files of random observation. I could be spamming y'all so much.

Oh! This is the one with Mark! The ratbastard best friend!

Dammit, I'm going to have to eat the damn stroganoff just so I don't have to smell it anymore.

That was the best ever! No, best ever!

First the ratbastard sleeps with McDreamy's wife and then follows him across the country to hit on McDreamy's ex-mistress! And McDreamy punches him in the face! Out of nowhere! We don't even see him 'til bam! Fist to the face!

This is made even more awesome because (according to TV canon) surgeons are neurotic about punching people (it could seriously screw up their hands and they live by their hands), so while you or I might punch somebody because they pissed us off, or provoked us, or looked at us funny while we were drunk, a punch from a surgeon is like an expression of the Ultimate Primal Man-Rage.

Chief! I love you, Chief. "Well, alright then." And I kind of love that Shephard was petty enough to make Addison explain.

Dirty Mistress (version male) has a point. The disparity is interesting. And is not at all helping me not-'ship married man/slutty mistress.

Ha! McSteamy.

I like the patients of the week. Dying-guy more than lion-boy, but I like them both.

"Surly and hardcore" = totally Cristina.

I love this show.

Not, y'know, as much as I love NCIS, but I'm totally buying the Season 2 DVDs.

YES! Fucking yes! This is the best medical soap ever. Ahahahaha, quadrangle.

Wow. That's just...It was like she didn't even hear him. George was standing right in front of her, telling her he had something important to talk to her about, and she blew past him like he didn't even register.

Oh, wow. The parallels between the dirty mistresses just get awesomer and awesomer.

I love Burke. I love Burke, and I love the way Burke loves Cristina.

And okay, I would not be averse to a George/Izzie/Alex threesome, either. George needs some love, people! Or, failing love, some sweaty fun-sex. Or the fun drunk-sex. Or the hot, hot hate-sex. More naked!George, people. That is all I ask.

Oh, god, Meredith, don't do that, don't do McSteamy.

Show, I hate you. You should not have made the ratbastard charming. Although possibly if I 'shipped Addison/McSteamy, I could guiltlessly 'ship Meredith/McDreamy.

OH MY GOD. Meredith, if you use George and then toss him aside, I'm pretty sure I'll hate you forever. Don't do it. I like you and all, but George is my favorite, and if this show piles the trauma of him getting you, his dream girl, his #1 crush, and then losing you, on top of the thing with getting syphilis from Alex via the slutty nurse, I'm going to be so pissed off.
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You know what's awesome? St. Valentine's Day is really just a big thing because the Roman Catholic Church is prudish. See, there was a pagan holiday in Italy around this time that was also a celebration of love. Except this holiday was much more about the debauchery. There was a whole thing where teenagers especially would form temporary "marriages" that were more about getting some socially-sanctioned ass than they were about love. So the Church made a big thing of St. Valentine's Day, and made it a holiday focused on courtly (non-physical) love.

Anyway. I have many new uploads.

I Did It For Love )
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This is just to track what I've got uploaded. I'll be editing it as the info changes.

Enjoy )
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The Director's haircut remains unflattering in the extreme.

I love Gibbs' song and dance about the new female director having it in for him.

I also love Tony slacking off because he already found something. It's cute, and the fact that this has become a running thing amuses me.

NCIS has rocking bit players. Mrs. Wayne was awesome.

Random fact? Stargate SG-1 and NCIS are both popular with their respective branches of the military. The Air Force Chief of Staff played himself in a two-part SG-1 ep, and and the real-life Director cameoed on NCIS.

Oh god, don't be priests.

They went with priests. This can only end badly. You know what? If I knew that exorcisms worked, I'd be a whole lot learier about doing something so sacriligeous as masquerading as a priest.

Zelda! It's Aunt Zelda, from Sabrina.

Dude, what's with the gadget? That's new. Where did they get that? Did they build it? Did they get it from some contact? I...this feels like it should be the seed of a crossover.

If a window mysteriously opens, I'm not going near it. Especially not twice. You know what? Anything starts moving mysteriously, I'ma keep my distance. Because I am not dumb.

OMG! Decapitation by window! That's not something that can happen accidentally. At least not with a window that small. And he couldn't have done it himself, either. Dude, if I'm a malevolent spirit, I'm totally never going with a window-death. It's too bizarre. If I'm a mysterious force of shadowy evil, I don't want people looking for answers about my actions. I don't even want them to have questions. Because questions are what get mysterious forces of shadowy evil vanquished.

I heart Dean and his lame retort ("...You're dark."). Reminds me of Alyssa. Except she would have gone with the classic "...Your mom's dark.". And hey, he's pretty good at looking guileless. And also at looking pretty.

Holy shit! He's going to stab out her eyes!

Wow. Dean is a lot more morally flexible than Sam, with the willingness to kill people. Or. Hmm. Not. Actually. You could make the case that he's a lot less morally flexible. For him, evil's evil and needs to be ended. But Sam draws these lines between human and nonhuman evil.

Oh my god! The thing, the mom-killing thing, it's hunting psychic babies! Oh my god!

What! Sam's telekinetic now! What! Also, wow, they've killed Jensen Ackles twice so far, and we're only about halfway through the first season.

Aw. Sam admits their dad didn't screw up with them.

Aww. Awww. Dean, you're my favorite. "As long as I'm around, nothing's gonna happen to you." And then he's all worried and hiding it. Love. Lovelovelove for bravelittlesoldier!Dean.
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OH MY GOD. Oh my god.

This was the best episode of Grey's Anatomy ever.

Jesus Christ. I was all condescending about this girl who was talking about how long six days seemed and now. Oh my god.

I mean, we know they're probably not going to kill Meredith, 'cause she's the titular character, but everybody else in there.

Jesus. Jesusjesusjesus.

The episode started and I was completely with George on the "Bailey! Bailey's back! Life is worth living again!" thing. And I was laughing at the banter between Burke and Shephard, and then I was happy about the scene with George and the Chief outside Bailey's room. And normally I'd be a lot wordier in my love, but.

I heart the surgical teams. The two who stayed with Shephard and the three (four?) who stayed for Burke. That is so far beyond the call of duty that they should get medals or bevies of virgins or something.

And I have anti-love for Milton, the cowardly, callous son of a bitch. He is beyond despicable. Shut up, he gets no sympathy. If he wanted to make a break for it, whatever, he has kids. He could have said something to Burke, or the bomb squad, or anyone but the girl with her hand on the fucking bomb. Or, if he was going to be that much of a coward, if he was going to leave her alone in there, he at least could have had the grace, the fucking humanity, to do so without terrifying her with tales of what happens to people who get blown up. He especially could have left out the part about, what was it, oh, yeah...The part about how they could become pink mist if the bomb detonated.


I love Burke and Meredith and Cristina, though, for staying in that room.

God, I can't wait for next week.

ETA: Both surgical teams were four people. I rewatched it while I ate. And hey! Thing I missed last time? When Cristina's blocking the bomb-squad minion from the OR, the thing Meredith says is: "Oh, no, no, she will hurt him." I love Cristina. And Meredith. I love this show.
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Am I crazy, or is Booth's boss the same guy who played Admiral Chegwidden on JAG? Hey! I can check that! Awesome!

Dude, I totally called that that was an ear. Roundish piece of cartilage? Ear.

Angela's lived in at least six countries.

OMG, she's married? What?

Aw, when she's questioned about her job, one of the first things she thinks of is that Brennan needs her.

I wanna see Two Guys and a Girl again. Sorry, that's not the non sequitur it seems. The "security expert" or whatever played - Ashley? - the cold, angry doctor that slept with Berg and Pete.

I find the very premise of Final Destination ludicrous and I'm horrified that there is one sequel, let alone two. Viewing public, I despair of you, I really do.



Brennan has a number memorized that gets her immediate access to somebody with scary government powers! The power to turn Pickering quiet and shell-shocked in under thirty seconds, for one.

"I'm to remain here until someone comes to destroy my notes." If Hodgins gets wind of this, he will never shut up.

Also, I kind of heart Zack's weird logical response-thing. He accepts that he's emotionally retarded, so he has a list of people to double-check important judgement calls with. I was going to mention that earlier, since I dig chronology, but I got distracted.

The tiny child actor rocks, btw. He's on for two minutes and I'm all "omg, tiny child, don't cry! you're safe now!".

And it sounds callous, but if you have to be kidnapped and maimed, it's best you lose a finger from the left hand. Unless you're left-handed, but that's a statistical improbability. Not, y'know, a remote probability, but it's only one in ten. Which, random fact, is the number of pregnancies wherein one twin spontaneously absorbs the other.

Yep. One in ten pregnancies with fraternal twins ends in cannibal fetus.

I have no idea what song this is that they're playing on CSI, but I desperately want it. "My body is your body/I won't tell anybody/If you want to use my body/Go for it." Some guy singing, sounds familiar, but really, I have no idea.

You have to be pretty whacked to snipe somebody with a bow and arrow.

What is with Danny? He was a musician, he had the thing with the Tanglewood Boys, and wasn't there something about baseball? It's interesting, is what I'm saying. Getting backstory on these people is weird. You learn bunches for the lead CSI, but for everybody else, the info is strange and scattered.

I wanna know more about musician!Danny.

I heart the gangly coroner. Sid, I think his name is.

Okay, the little snigger's cute. It shouldn't be, but it is.

You know who I always think of when I think "snigger"? Muttley. You know, that grey dog who sniggered all the time. From the...Hana-Barbera cartoons? I think I remember him being in Yogi Bear and the Spruce Goose, and that was Hana-Barbera.

You know, I'd like to live abroad some day, but I'd have to live in an English-speaking country. ...Travel commercial.

If this is a mosaic of all Carlo's girls, it's going to be awesome.

Dammit. Now I want threesome fic with Mac, Danny, and that new CSI-girl. Because she and Danny popped up at Mac's secret gig. They could be his groupies! Shut up. I like the threesomes. There should be more of them.

Oh, come on! Spell check claims that gangly isn't a word. I hate this spell check. It's dumb.


Aha! It's We Are Scientists' "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt". You can listen to it here.

Oh, George

Jan. 29th, 2006 10:58 pm
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Oh, George, you're my favorite.

"I'm a union guy...Gimme that sign."


Christ but Alex is a brownnoser. And Cristina is going to stab the Ditz in the neck. She's like the Anti-Bailey.

My love for George cannot be textually rendered. Sticking to his guns but so, so - not apologetic - self-effacing? - about it.

I hate the new resident. She's an idiot. That is not how you present options to next-of-kin. Those were two courses of treatment of wildly differing risk yet she presented them as if they were equal, as if the only factor to consider was the patient's state of mind, not whether or not the patient would even survive surgery. Hate. Hatehatehate for the Anti-Bailey.

OMG, it was thisclose to being a nurse/doctor bar brawl in Joe's.

Dude. Dude. I was all "No, brain! You are reading these clues wrong! This will not go where you are thinking it will, this is not a soap opera!". And then they totally went for the Sekrit Child of Teenage Folly. Proving that, yeah, yeah, this is a soap opera.

You know, I don't are if Cristina was wrong; her objections seem valid. And am I wrong in assuming that, a) the Ditz may have wanted to consult with another doctor at some point, especially taking into consideration the fact that she's only a resident, and b) that a flesh-eating disease of the leg is perhaps a bit out of the specialty of a cardiothoracic surgeon?

Damn you, show, McDreamy's married. You're not supposed to make me 'ship him and his mistress.

Okay, bitches, more OT3 fic like yesterday. Izzie and Meredith crawl into bed with George 'cause they had bad days. And he asks after them and then Meredith shuts off the light and out George pops with "Anybody want to have sex?" and they giggle. And so now I yearn for OT3 fic. Fulfill the yearning? Anybody? I'd love you forever?

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I love the Gibbs/Abby dynamic. And Abby's impression of Gibbs ("We were about to do trust falls and some of those guys in administration have wandering hands. Just give me their names and I'll break 'em for you, Abs. I know, Gibbs, and that's why I love you.") made my heart explode with the love.

OMG, abused husband! Abused Marine husband. I don't think they've done abused husband before.

I love my show. It surprises you.

There are a billion crime shows these days. It's getting easier and easier to figure out where things are going. But not with NCIS!

They do crazy things. Plague. Recurring terrorist/double-agent/triple-agent. Twin spree killers. Meat puzzle.

Team-love! "I don't care how hard you whack me, boss, I'm not going anywhere." "Nor am I." Oh, Tony and Ziva. Refusing to leave Gibbs alone with the giant van-bomb. I heart you.

I kinda want Tony/Ziva/Gibbs. And, y'know, more Tony/Abby/Gibbs. I just read the whatsit, Applied Psychology series and damn do I want more of that.

Awww. Marine/Spy!Wife OTP!

Oh, hey. You know what other Tony/Abby/Gibbs fic I read recently? An Exercise in Restraint. Yay for the Porn Battle! Although. Hm. "Other" may not strictly be accurate. It might be part of the AP series. Same author, anyway.

Doesn't matter, read it anyway. 's a porn snippet; backstory is not essential.
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I'm wasting away, dammit.

I'm so hungry. I want chicken. Or a cheeseburger. Ooh, Burger King. A Tendercrisp, plain, with onion rings and a frozen Coke. And then some fries. Because Burger King has the best fast-food fries.

Oh god, could I ever go for some Okie fries. Potatoes sliced and fried, and then covered in shredded cheese, bacon, and onions, and served with ranch. Mmmm, Okie fries from Jake's; Jake's has the best ranch ever. There's little pieces of onion or something in it and it's wonderful.

Or I could eat some Quizno's.

I miss real food, though. Food that's not all processed. Some spaghetti with turkey meatballs and shredded Parmesan. Homemade chicken tacos. Lori's chicken-and-rice. A nice rare steak, with some pasta.

Wish I had a kitchen.

You know, I talk about food a lot. That's because I love food.

People, I am a hedonist. Food is a sensual pleasure. So I enjoy my food. I develop intense sense memories of food; I crave remembered tastes.

So, instead of talking about, say, the weather, I talk about food.

Okay, so really, this entry was to give some links to some more uploads I did. Here y'all go:

NCIS 1x04 - The Immortals
Navy gamer dies mysteriously. Wearing a sword he shouldn't even have.

NCIS 1x20 - Missing
Serial killer targeting Marines. It's the one with the bees!

NCIS 2x04 - Lt. Jane Doe
Has a killer from Ducky's past returned? Or is it a copycat?

NCIS 2x10 - Chained
Tony goes undercover, chained to a fugitive.

NCIS 2x13 - The Meat Puzzle
Ducky solves the meat puzzle! For those of you not up on the show, the "meat puzzle" refers to the remains of three men found in a barrel of alcohol, sliced up like a jigsaw puzzle. I love this show.

NCIS 2x17 - An Eye for an Eye
Petty officer is mailed a pair of eyes.

NCIS 2x22 - SWAK
Tony is, I kid you not, struck down by the pneumonic plague. He gets the Black Death.

NCIS 2x23 - Twilight
Ari's back. And Gibbs was right about him all along.

NCIS 3x08 - Under Covers
Tony and Ziva masquerade as married Canadian assassins.

NCIS 3x09 - Frame-Up
Tony's framed for murder. With a pair of disembodied legs.

And, just to change things up a little:

Little Britain 1x01
Awesome British comedy, faux-documentary style.

Bones 1x01 - Pilot
'Nother crime show, with an awesome supporting cast.
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Uploaded some NCIS episodes to sendspace.

NCIS 1x01 - Yankee White
The pilot-pilot, where we meet Kate.

NCIS 1x02 - Hung Out to Dry
Jump gone wrong. Kate's first crime.

NCIS 1x13 - One Shot, One Kill
Somebody's killing Marine recruiters.

NCIS 1x19 - Dead Man Talking
NCIS Special Agent Chris Pacci is murdered.

Laura, download all of these and let me know if you want more. 'Cause I've got tons.
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My own personal inventory.

Because yes, I am a dork like that.

ETA: These are what I've currently got uploaded.

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Dude, did they say "rawhead"? Like, Rawhead and Bloody Bones?

Frightened children! It's totally Rawhead and Bloody Bones! Or one of his ilk.

There's a word you don't often get to use.

Oh, the angsty Wincest this will spawn...

Or, huh, maybe not. Die-hard optimism does not lend itself to angst-sex.


You know what'd be awesome like an awesome thing? If she was in that tent waiting to be healed of a deadly STD.

"Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?" Because I keep back the night, bitch.

Dude, "Don't Fear the Reaper". Hello, irony. You're looking large and hulking this evening.

Okay, saw a trailer for Firewall. I've just go to say: if people I love are kidnapped as leverage against me, the kidnappers better hope they picked the right loved ones.

Richard, Grandma, Alyssa, I'm doing whatever they want. Anybody else, it's a case-by-case basis. Because I'd mostly be leveraged by guilt, and my guilt only goes so far. Richard/Grandma/Alyssa = love. Everybody else = various ratios of love/guilt.

Destroy the cross, jackasses! Destruction of the focus = destruction of the spell.

I want the sequel to I Am What I Am.

Okay, who didn't call that it was Sue Ann.

I totally want to spend the next few days randomly proclaiming "I am the king of me!".

'm watching Love Monkey now, btw. I've a fondness for Tom Cavanagh. He has a charming mien and delivery.

I like this song, Wayne's song.

Feckless is a rocking word.

I feel this show would be the perfect Scrubs-chaser.
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Dude, cognitive dissonance like woah.

On AMC, there's this guy who's supposed to be some kind of executive producer or something. And Erica says she's seen some of his executive decisions in action and he's all "Who do you think got Kelly to audition for Reg?".

Aagh, stop it. Kelly was big because she was Hayley on AMC. Therefore you can't mention Kelly Ripa, TV personality, on AMC. It's weird, don't do it.

I like carefree JR.

Dude, Janet is totally running around town, kidnapping people and locking them in a box.

I love Zach. I love Zach/Kendall. I hope they end that relationship with him dead. For at least five years. No! It's because I do love him that I want him dead.

I don't want him to be more of the same for Kendall. I don't want him to be another guy that leaves her, or another guy that betrays her trust. I want him to stay a good guy; I want him to keep his promises. So, one of them has to die. And don't pretend it'd be Kendall; she's a Kane.