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Okay, so for those just tuning in, I've been working on a big female characters rec project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang and today is the day I unlock it for all to see! 160 recs in 74 fandoms, all about the ladies: you can go here for the index post or just start reading my recs at the comm [community profile] notwellbehaved.
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1) Ariadne pegging the hell out of Eames.

2) Pegging, period.

3) Dream-based genderplay. Do you know how sad it made me to see that inception_kink's genderplay tag was overwhelmingly for always-a-girl!Arthur? Not to be down on always-a-girl or anything, but y'all, REALLY. IF I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST-DRIVE A FLESH-AND-BLOOD, ACTUALLY ATTACHED DICK, I WOULD BE ALL OVER IT.

Like, I want loads of Eames legitmately enjoying himself as a lady - not even as called for by a job! the mark just needs to meet a stranger and be distracted and Eames decides he's going to rock it as a girl because he feels like heels that day - or sometimes he has private time with the PASIV and enjoys himself as '30s starlet or an 19th century ingenue (loves the corset, hates the petticoats, and the one time he tried a hoop skirt he broke his ankle and shot himself in mortification). Or the time he decided to try dreaming himself as an entirely gender-neutral person. Oh, and also loads of Ariadne test-driving a cock, with and without partners, and eventually decides it's nice sometimes, but screw accuracy, losing the breasts just makes her feel off-balance - and a million bonus points if someone hooks into her dream and she's all their futanari fantasies come true.
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Ariadne/Eames genderplay = somehow the hottest Inception fic I've read yet.

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Went to lunch with my mom and my brother and it ended with my brother storming out of the restaraunt and me bursting into tears and it was awesome, guys, really. 1) I am thisclose to being done with that kid's crap; the best I get from him is "amused tolerance" and he only calls when he wants something and it's just really hurtful at this point. 2) I am way too accustomed to driving while weeping.

Took a six hour nap because I still felt sad. Just woke up.

In between, I somehow fell back into reading Naruto fic. Well, "somehow" being saw a rec for Inception fic by [ profile] thehoyden, saw new Naruto fic on her works index, decided to re-read her other Naruto fic, decided to read ALL the Naruto fic apparently. Any recs? I'm especially partial to Naruto/Gaara and Kakashi/Iruka, but I'll also read Naruto/Sasuke and Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke.
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Reading Mythbusters fucking machines porn while listening to this song.

Robots need love, too
They want to be loved by you,
They want to be loved by you...
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So I'm currently borrowing my aunt's Kindle and I think I need an ebook reader of my very own. Car repairs mean I won't have the money for at least a month, but does anyone have any recs? Anti-recs?* Links to awesome sites with lots of fanfic ebooks?**

*I will not be getting a Kindle, because a) I hate Amazon and b) I pretty much hate the Kindle; why can't I skip to the last chapter? Why does it not tell me anywhere I can find how to follow the stupid quick links? Why does the user manual give me sort options that do not appear on the screen at any point?

**I know you can use fanfic downloaders and convertor programs and make ebooks, but I am laaazy. Everything I've put on the Kindle comes from this Ebook Library or Ralst's page here.
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I've got four lists sketched out (as in, I just need to put the stories in some kind of order, add warnings, and come up with titles) and they should be going up on [community profile] list50 in the next few days. Gen list, prompts list, small fandoms list, and a fem-centric list.

Couldn't figure out a place to put this, so: Storytelling (Zoe/Wash) [Firefly]. Awesome transfic.
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NCIS werewolf AU with transGibbs (Gibbs/Dinozzo): Worthy.

This isn't a rec, as I haven't read it and don't particularly plan to (Gibbs is one of those characters I have trouble imagining as significantly other than in canon), but it is a genderbending shapeshifter AU that's nearly 13000 words. I am sure someone is/would be all YAY! I did skim a little bit to check what they meant by genderbending and it seems fairly well-written? ETA: Actual reader verdict: so-so.
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I want to read an unequal open relationship, where one partner is allowed to see other people and the other partner very much isn't, because Person A is jealous and Person B just isn't, and there is no value judgment attached to that. People are different and that's okay! People who are different can be in a relationship without having to compromise or agree on everything! They can have two sets of rules without it being unfair! Sometimes, two sets of rules is the MOST FAIR YOU CAN BE.

That sounded ranty? But mostly it was relevatory; I hadn't realized that was a thing I thought about until I saw the exchange in No Finish Line (“You’re still allowed to see other people, though,” Adam says into Kris’ shoulder. “Yeah, well,” Kris says, “you still aren’t.”) and went HEY I WISH THAT WAS A THING.

Like, it kind of shows up in a lot of mostly-slash-minor-het fic, where Kris or RDJ or Peter or Watson or whoever is married and also dating a guy and that's okay because his wife just isn't jealous! She's down with his bisexuality! And dude, I enjoy that trope WAY more than most other ways fandom has of "dealing" with the wife (and also I enjoy the poly for itself - see icon), but I really want less "she gives him permission" and more "this is the relationship we have negotiated - you can do this but not that, I can do that but not this".
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The BDSM 'verse, for those of you going WTF?, was originally created by Xanthe in The General and Dr. Sheppard (which I have some personal issues with), Coming Home (parts of which I ADORE, parts of which I have to scroll past very quickly, again because of personal stuff), and Hiding in Plain Sight (LOVE IT IN A VERY ID, VERY UNASHAMED WAY). In the 'verse, (nearly) everyone is bisexual and kinky as fuck, as in, they openly identify as dom or sub. There are heterosexuals, switches, and nondynamics, but they are very much in the minority. IT IS A SHARED 'VERSE, and gave rise Keira Marcos's Ties That Bind, aka, my very favoritest SGA fic AND one of my very favoritest kink fics (KINK COLLEGES! MID-SCENE HEALTH CHECKS! MAJOR CHARACTERS INVOLVED IN HET, FEMSLASH, SLASH, AND POLY, AND EVERY TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP IS TREATED EQUALLY RESPECTFULLY! OH, MY HEART! ♥♥♥). Keira's 'verse is slightly different, but it's on the same family tree, okay? Well, there are a lot of OTHER stories on that tree (the one where Rodney's a hooker! I LOVE THAT ONE) and every time I see one, I get very excited (I just found an ANGSTY NCIS ONE; HOPES ARE HIGH, Y'ALL).

Anyway, A++, DO RECOMMEND.

2. I am looking forward to August in perhaps an inappropriate way, because I have decided to make a tradition of last year's "amnesty month", aka, "fuck it, LINK DUMP TIME". (I am so close to actually making a post called Fuck It and filling it with 312 links, you guys don't even know, I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER *BEING* IN PRIMEVAL FANDOM AND YET HERE I AM, CODING LINKS FOR LIKE FOUR DIFFERENT PAIRINGS. Also making me flail in confusion: fairy tales, Jurassic Park, Liar Game, and Labyrinth (I HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN THAT SINCE I WAS SIX, WHY WAS I READING FIC?). I am like that telenovela-ish Bing commercial: "LOS LIIINKS!").


3. I am having Big Bang Regrets, where I want to finish because yay for complements and a wider audience (progress, btw, is now at JESUS CHRIST IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!), yet I also don't want to finish? Because some of my favorite stories about ladies are a guy's POV on a lady/group of ladies, or het fics that are only 50-65% About the Lady (like, I am wavering about the Compelled 'verse, y'know, the "Illyria is awesome and decides to take over the multiverse" story, because the main POVs are Illyria, Buffy, and Wesley, and what if that's Too Much Dude?, even though it's a story primarily about women kicking ass?), and those are apparently not things I should be reccing for this? Basically, the rules of the challenge are kind of making me feel like some Bechdel fic does, like artificially erasing an entire gender from the conversation isn't any more awesome just because this time it's happening to the half with penises. I mean, lady-centric fic, YAY, but "lady in the spotlight" doesn't have to mean men are entirely absent from the stage. IDK, it's one of those things where it's a lot easier to strike that 75& balance writing than it is reccing, and also a lot easier if you do more femslash/gen and less het/threesomes, but I am reccing, and I do want to rec gen and femslash and het and threesomes*, and so I am cranky.

*Secret goal: more fem-centric poly always.
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Friending memes kind of make me sad, because I very, very rarely feel like I can participate in them? Like, I was all YAY FEMALE CHARACTER FRIENDING MEME and then I went but I talk about male characters a lot more than I talk about female characters, even though I love female characters and frequently rec fic about them. Or the friending memes about a single fandom, where I have to check myself because I will probably only be actively in that fandom a few weeks/months. Basically, I get excited about making friends and then feel like I would be making them under false pretences.


And also I want someone to write Faye Smallwood/Festina Ramos, because it is CANON and AMAZING and FESTINA SAVES THE UNIVERSE AND NEEDS MORE KISSES FROM GORGEOUS BI/POLY WOMEN WHO WANT TO MARRY HER. TL;DR on the scifi genre. )
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Things I Want Never To Read Again #156: Graphic (HORRIFYING) description of injuries to the inestine/colon/bowel! NO THANK YOU.



There was a violence/sex gone wrong warning on the story, but I am actually okay with most of what that might cover, so I read on, and then there was a loving and tender D/s scene that made much of the fact that this was the first time for this and it was one of Rodney's biggest fantasies and I could FEEL THE ENCROACHING DOOM, but I did not run away quickly enough to spare myself from the beginning of the GONE WRONG portion of events. AAAAAUGH.

Plus, The Apple Tree's surprise WANDLESS-MAGIC+SWEARING-GO-HORRIBLY-WRONG bit with the blood and the infection and the surgery and the AAAUGH.

Plus, that SGA fic with the gut wound and the being trapped with no medical facilities and AAUGH.

Plus, that fic with Joxer and the Spanish Inquisition and the PEAR OF ANGUISH, AAAAUGH, AAAUGH, AAAAAUGH.

Unrelatedly, I am pretty sure I don't love post-Trinity fic for the reasons most people love it? Like, yes, woobiefic is fun and all, but this is the Gateverse; you have a million choices for woobification set-ups.

I am in it for the spite.

You know the formula, Doranda -> shunning/abuse -> epiphany of Rodney's awesome. But SOMETIMES there is a bonus element, that of SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOING HOME! I am totally a "cut off your nose to spite your face" person deep down in my soul, so I really love it when someone has legit been a douchebag, goes begging for forgiveness, and gets DENIED. Possibly also humiliated and shamed. TAKE THAT, HOSEBAG, MAYBE NEXT TIME DON'T BE SUCH A JUDGE-Y ASSHOLE.
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Forgot to mention that I finished Monster Baby (Love Is Crazy Remix), 50 stories from 21 fandoms about nonhuman lovers (including vampires, werewolves, faeries, gods, AIs, aliens, robots, angels, demons, dragons, Veela, Slayers, Time Lords, and Shadow Men).
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I have the next two days off, which WOULD be awesome, except I am currently rocking the I DON'T WANNA, I HATE EVERYTHING mindset. Blargh.


ETA: Also, FYI, I will be mostly offline Thu - Mon. Housesitting for my mom, who has no computer, let alone Internet, and I have 2 desktops, 0 laptops/mobile devices of any kind.
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...I kind of want to award this story a special Fail Prize? Because I enjoy the characters and I am going to keep reading, but I cannot ever rec it?

SOMEHOW she managed to make SPARK-SEX between two functionally-genderless-but-identified-as-masculine ALIEN ROBOTS really, jarringly full of het stereotypes/cliches! Like, there is missionary position + one partner penetrates and is dominant while the other receives and is submissive* + PREGNANCY FOR THE RECEIVING PARTNER. Also, so far one out of two pregnant robots has a SITCOM-LEVEL STEREOTYPICAL PREGNANCY**, even though he is a robot and HAS NO HORMONES.

(Also, I am totally onboard with "pregnant doesn't mean invalid", but you know what? Pregnant does mean that "it's dangerous terrain and there's a risk of radiation sickness, please stay here" is an AWESOME IDEA, not your husband OPPRESSING YOU.)

* There is seriously, in every encounter I've read, a moment of "dominant partner worries about crushing the smaller/more delicate mech beneath him" and I am just like, THEN WHY IS HE NOT ON TOP. Why are they even lying down to bang chests, wouldn't straddling make more sense?

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So the recent kerfuffle about owning your awesome got me to thinking about the disclaimers we put forth on a daily basis, and particularly the disclaimers I put forth when I talk about some fanfiction.

Look, I don't like badfic; almost no one does. But there's a whole range between badfic and "goodfic" that gets tangled up in embarrassment and "I know it's terrible, but...", and that's idfic/drawerfic. Winged hermaphroditic super-abused superpowered Harry falls in love with his middle-aged professor (who likes to call him "little one" in a vaguely fetish-y way), is forced by Voldemort to have sex with that professor, erases the guy's memory of his "shame", and then turns up pregnant. And there's angst and misunderstanding and then they inevitably have the baby and the happy-ever-after. That is not a story with scads of literary merit. It's not the story I'm going to rec to all my friends, or use to pimp someone into the fandom/pairing. It's not the best thing I've ever read. But guys, I MOTHERFUCKING LOVE that story (and yes, it is totally an actual story). It is DELICIOUS. And so is the Xander-centric time travel gangrape mpreg fivesome story I've read 30 times and can quote from memory. So is the Hermione pwns everyone and takes over the country and has a harem fic that I've never read, yet would dearly like to.

Because "good" stories often have to temporize, to maintain reality and your suspension of disbelief and the dynamics of the canon. But idfic says fuck that, let's turn this shit up to ELEVEN and SEE WHERE IT GOES. That's amazing! I love that! Fanfic is, at its purest, an expression of love, and just because it's usually held to some standard of objective good doesn't mean it always should be.

So, you know, dear writers of idfic: Don't be ashamed. Take them out of the drawers and set them free. I guarantee someone out there is going to MOTHERFUCKING LOVE them.
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  • So, that filthy Royal Pains story of my heart I mentioned but never really expanded on? Femdom, Divya/Evan?

    Weirdly for me, I'm not even picturing bondage or s&m, more humiliation and orgasm denial and seriously, Evan kneeling while Divya stands behind him, fists her hand in his hair and pulls his head to the side, and whispers in his ear about what a filthy slut he is? HOT. Plus, furtive secret relationship + Divya is of course flawless at pretending nothing's happened, so sometimes Evan wonders if he's losing his mind AND THEN there's that exhibitionism thing I talked about before. Also, the line "So all those insults, that was you HITTING on me?" is HILARIOUS to me.

  • Kurt Hummel vid to Garbage's Cherry Lips. It NEEDS to exist.

  • So I have read the girl!Kirk/Spock and Kirk/girl!Spock and I think even girl!Kirk/girl!Spock. BUT WHERE is my girl!Kirk/girl!Spock/boy!Uhura? IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I DON'T EVEN CARE IF THEY'VE JUST BEEN RANDOMLY GENDERSWAPPED ON A MISSION; I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT I MOSTLY JUST WANT TO READ THAT PORN.

  • Speaking of things that NEED TO EXIST, SOMEWHERE, where's my massive HP AU where Remus turned Snape into a werewolf that night and there are shenanigans and angst and bonding and RL/SS or maybe RL/SS/SB? Guys, I have a total werewolfy-mating-bond kink anyway, you throw in teenage idiot wizards, hatesex, and poly, and IT IS LIKE MY FIC-KRYPTONITE.

  • I also need to read multitudes of fic about Sam Puckett: Badass. She is totally little-black-dress material! Bam, suddenly Special Agent Veronica Mars gets a new partner; Veronica stepped on a few toes and Sam's kicked a few too many asses and they're each other's last chance! Bam, the Scoobies hear rumors about a girl kicking demon ass and go looking for their latest baby Slayer and discover Sam needed no supernatural upgrade! Bam, HIT GIRL'S FIRST CRUSH IS JUST THIS TINY WEBSHOW CHICK AND DAVE THINKS IT'S HILARIOUS...UNTIL HE SEES SAM IN A FIGHT; THEN HE THINKS THEY ARE TOTALLY MFEO, and also that, for his own safety, Marty's getting knocked unconscious if he even looks like he's going to make a joke about teenage lesbians.

  • This was totally going to be a post about the things in fandom that are making me squee/rage right now, but that is totally going to have to happen another time. I need to go look for Hit Girl fic right now.
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So I was thinking about a criminal!Raylon (the marshal from Justified) AU and then I realized that "Raylon" + "life of crime" basically = Ben Wade from 3:10 to Yuma.

Also, I would totally like some Ray/Tim fic, please.

But mostly, I want it to be next week already, because there is a DUEL (what if he draws faster than you?/then I die; that's how this works.) SERIOUSLY?

Like, I can't figure out if I'm supposed to find the show this hilarious, but I REALLY DO.
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So, that Three Weeks For Dreamwidth thing. I won't be crossposting this journal for the duration of that, but hell, I only crosspost about 70% now. No, but I really want to post some content for it, which in my world means LISTS.

This is slightly complicated by a) I just finished madly posting everything I could scrape together for the minis challenge and b) I'm not exactly in fannish discovery mode; it basically feels like I've read all the good Avatar fics (there were 76 of them, if you were wondering) and I'm not really IN any other fandoms right now? If by "in" you mean "searching for new authors/stories" and not just "reading stories as they come floating across my personal corner of the internet" (by the latter definition, I am "in" fully up to 247 fandoms, so).

But! I can basically devour a fandom whole in a very short amount of time if I have a goal (see: GK, Avatar, Glee, Reboot, That Thing That Time With Smallville...). Anybody want to pimp me something amazing?

I'm also flirting with some remixes and character lists, and looking over that old prospective lists post for ideas.

So far: )
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...At this point, I should possibly be making that a tag.

ANYWAY. Let's talk about Avatar! Not the Cameron mess, the one with ZUKO, aka, my newest beloved.

  • I ship Zuko/EVERYONE EXCEPT KATARA. I don't really like her! Like, I don't want her to DIAF or anything, but I also don't want to read about anyone being in love with her. Except maybe Toph, because Toph is BADASS and AMAZING and once you've gone Toph/Iroh, you don't have a bunch of lines left.

    But the Zutara is everywhere and I thumbs down mightily.

  • RELATEDLY, where is all the polyfic, guys? There is the Bodyguard AU, and then a handful of threesomes fics. That is ridiculous! ZUKO + PUPPYPILES = YES, PLEASE.

  • Oh my god, I think I understand the crazy Slytherin defenders now! Because I am spending a lot of time sulking about people hating the Fire Nation and therefore everyone who ever has, or ever will, live there. Like, hating the Firelords, okay, even hating the soldiers, okay, but there is no such thing as a whole COUNTRY of evil!

    Hi, Embers, you have RUINED me.

  • Can I just say how awesome this fandom's ladies are? Toph and Mai and Ty Lee and Yue and even Azula. THEY GET SHIT DONE. Love them!

  • Zuko should get ALL THE LOVE, because his life has been a bag of crap. His father and sister are psychopaths! His mother disappeared into the night! He got punched in the face WITH FIRE for arguing! And then banished, and given an impossible task, and he DIDN'T GIVE UP. I looooove heeem. I mean, yes, basically everyone on this show has an angsty backstory, but he gets the backstory + everything he tries for basically years just goes wrong + he has to face that what he's been fighting for for so long - his country and his family and his destiny - has to be sacrificed to save the world and that his family deserves it...HUGS AND CUDDLES, STAT, IT IS AN EMERGENCY OF THE HEART.
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Sooo, I am almost done with Love Song - well, the fic deathmatches, anyway, but the coding part should be cake - and OMG, you guys, it is hurting my soul. Bandom had a bracket of eight, I finally had to go with If Music Be the Food of Love as having cemented my love for Brendon Urie for ALWAYS.

I am down to:

Glee: What Would Patti LuPone Do? vs. Jew Talking To Me? vs. Had a Good Plan, Too Bad It Didn't Go Right

Sports RPF: Sports Make You Health vs. what I've got (you've got to give it to your mama)

Southland: Son Is on a Midnight Run vs. Eyes Like a Highrise

Star Trek Reboot: Home vs. Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit vs. So Wise We Grow vs. Illogical (√π233/hy7)

Stargate Atlantis: Ties That Bind vs. Retrograde vs. Transcendental

Stargate SG-1: The Only Winning Move vs. First Prime
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Kiiiiiiiiiiiirk, ILU. Like, Spock fangirls, I totally can see it, but rilly, for me, it is all about Kirk's manpain and cockiness and absolutely unashamed sexuality and his stupid faaaaaaaace, OMG.

I do not have TIME for this, okay, BUT THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS. And my heart wants a million stories about Kirk saving the universe and getting punched in the face and also Spock and/or Uhura topping the hell out of him.