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2015-03-04 11:32 pm
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Mixed Bag!

New Anne Bishop! Really liked it (not as good as the first, better than the second), and I freaking loved Hope. Actually trying not to think about it too much, because it's another year before the next book. I 100% had a private midnight release party, though, where I set an alarm for a quarter to midnight so I could hunt it down ASAP and read it immediately. Ugh, I just love this worldbuilding so fucking much.

I housesat for my dad last week, which afforded me the opportunity to play Saints Row IV. I bought the game of the century or whatever edition for like $8 in January only to realize, after two days of downloading, that hey, this game is not compatible with XP. That game is fucking awesome, except for the number of missions that require me to drive cars or motorcycles. Tanks and aircraft I can totally handle, but the "steer with A & D" mechanic is BULLSHIT. I failed Matt's loyalty mission upwards of eight times before I started clawing at my own face and had to stop, because I COULD NOT keep close enough to Nyteblade. Playing as the bisexual Latina President of the United States is seriously the best, though. And I would play the main Asha quest again just for the dialogue. ♥

I also got to spend the week hanging out with my cat and y'all, I keep forgetting how goddamn weird he is. Like, don't get me wrong, I couldn't have ended up with a cat better suited to me if I had designed him, but seriously. Giant fucking weirdo. He does this thing? Where he steals my elastic hairbands, but only if they're used and smell like my hair. And then he will carry them around and play with them and place them in the center of his food and/or water bowls. On the other hand, he is the chillest cuddler of a cat I've ever had. Most cats, you move more than twice and they are out, they can find a better place to sleep. With Fred, I can move me, I can move him, I can lean the chair back, whatever. He will legitimately lay on me for 6 hours or more. I say 6 hours because that is pretty much the longest I can have a cat on me and not fall asleep, but I have spent 12 hours in the recliner and woken up to find him in the same spot, so.

Just surfacing from a deep dive into Hobbit fandom. Or into Bilbo/Thorin, really. I kind of have a fandom hangover? From a poor dismount?

It's like you acquired a fuckton of delicious chocolate and then after you ate a bunch and it was amazing and you went for more, you found out that actually, you had eaten all the chocolate and all the enticing stuff you were staring at was in reality CAROB.

In other words, that feeling of "why does this story have so many fucking kudos when it is blatantly a poor imitation of the awesome story I read earlier" times a bunch of stories in a row = bitterness and ennui. And stalking keelywolfe and scarletjedi for updates.

Can't wait for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Friday! Also excited for: Battle Creek (first ep free on Vudu), Community (March 17!), and CSI: Cyber, because I have a weirdly deep affection for James Van Der Beek? It's not even mostly Dawson's Creek related (I was definitely a Pacey girl); he just seems so willing to laugh at himself and it's really fucking charming.

I've been watching various episodes of QI and the Big Fat Quiz on youtube and being jealous of British game shows. American game shows do not get to tell that many dirty jokes. Noel Fielding requesting "a blowie from the puppet" to participate remains the best.

Currently looking through old ebook recs for authors I need to check for new books. Mary Calmes has something that looks awesome, but after her last few, I'm trying not to get too excited. Spotted an interesting looking Robin Roseau scifi on Amazon and am torn between "space trade and culture clashes are two of my favorites! ROWNT FOREVER" and lingering "it's a TRAP" feelings from the Madison Wolves series (FUCK that series, SO hard).

Fingers crossed for something good, because I am like...three disappointments away from a long cranky wallow in "shit I have read before that I know won't hurt me".
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2014-12-19 06:54 pm
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More Books! Also Some TV

  • Burned through most of Jennifer Crusie's works and I want more. Really loved Bet Me, Agnes and the Hitman, Getting Rid of Bradley, and Welcome to Temptation. Liked some of the rest, disliked some, really disliked maybe two? It comes down to really liking her writing style but not always caring for her plots/characters.

  • Relatedly, have been dipping into mysteries/romantic suspense/romance. Guys, I still really like Charlaine Harris's mysteries, but I'm so angry about how she ended the Stackhouse series that I find it genuinely distracting. Made it through most of the Lily Bard series anyway.

  • Gave Julie Garwood's Murder List a quick read-through and it was okay. I very much prefer her historicals (The Bride is basically my favorite forever).

    That train of thought led to me reading Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels for the fifteenth time and I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Jess and Dain are the fucking best. I have some more of her books on the Kindle, but I was spoiled by reading Scoundrels first and haven't ever gotten into most of her other books.

  • Re-read Linda Howard's Blair Mallory duo again. Am I the only one who feels like that was some kind of self-insert/Mary Sue thing? Don't get me wrong, I love them, but first-person POV is very weird for her, and Blair's life definitely has the fantasy feel to it.

    Want to read Open Season again, but can't find my copy, even though I can very clearly picture seeing it on a shelf, which means it definitely made the move to the apartment. Discovered while searching that I have two copies of both Drop Dead Gorgeous and Shades of Twilight.

    Picked up Ice and a couple of others in paperback at the used bookstore. LH is apparently one of those authors that doesn't get shared a lot online? People were offering her more "suspenseful" books like crazy, but not one person had Now You See Her and that is hands-down my favorite of hers. I actually bought that one for Kindle more than a year ago, bought a paperback copy used before that, and before that had it in hardback from a library sale.

  • Picked up a digital copy of my favorite Jayne Ann Krentz, Trust Me. The computer parts definitely feel a little dated, but I love Stark and Desdemona so much. I will adore forever the scene she makes in the hallway about her first orgasm. And the Wainwrights are great.

    Debating whether or not to dive into the Arcane Society novels. They might make a good transition back to sf/f, but there are a fuckton and I feel like I'll get burned out on psychics first.

  • Relatedly, someone please recommend me some urban fantasy where the fantasy part isn't a fucking secret. I am thinking specifically Kate Daniels-style, where the whole world has adapted to make room for magic. I am over secret societies and lone heroes on hidden quests. Do you guys remember how fucking amazing the first few Anita Blake books were, before the sex magic, when it was just a world where you could major in paranormal science and raise zombies for a job, because people needed wills clarified?


    Except I am so, so over vampires. And elves, 90% of the time. I want magic and monsters, not immortal angst.

  • Speaking of magic, Vudu was offering the first episode of The Librarians for free (also the first episodes of Haven, Helix, Bitten, Being Human, Game of Thrones - stuff has come and gone, but it is definitely worth a look). Dean Devlin! Christian Kane! A show that feels very much like Warehouse 13!

    I am very much not sold on the Serpent Brotherhood, their apparent Big Bad - I like Du Lac in the broad strokes, but come on, an Arthurian threat and your Head Evil is named DU LAC? Lamia is just a hot mess of a character for me right now. I don't know if it's the acting/accent or the writing but I find most of her stuff unwatchable.

    IDK, I like the show so far, will watch more.

  • I want more Z Nation (haven't seen the finale yet!), but about 1000% less Citizen Z. He works best as a framing device/deus ex machina, please stop giving him plotlines. You can replace all of his stuff with MORE 10K. He is the best and I love him and I want him to run back into sniper girl and for them to murder the shit out of things together.

    I think this is a show that fucks up a lot, but also does some really interesting stuff? Like, a bunch of the Murphy stuff is dumb, many of the plots of the week are pretty dumb (radioactive zombies! zombie tornado!), but everything that wasn't Murphy in the shooting contest episode, for example, was amazing - grief, PTSD, disregard for human life/death, awesome teenage snipers competing with each other and having a really understated zing of attraction. I'm actually really impressed that they're willing to drop characters as quickly and unexpectedly as they have, that Cassandra's Secret Shame has actually been an ongoing thing, that they are showing a legitimate range of responses to trauma (flashbacks, drug use, emotional numbing, alienation, formation of intense bonds, exclusive focus on a self-assigned "mission").
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2014-12-04 07:15 pm
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Still Reading a Lot

  • How have I not read Elizabeth Moon's Once a Hero before? I actually had a paperback copy of it to match my ebook. It was kind of lovely. I didn't read the last two or first three of the series, because I am kind of burnt out on conspiracies and corruptions, but you guys! Awesome ladies of color fighting space pirates! Some of them awesome older ladies! Maybe skip Once a Hero if you have noncon issues (it's nongraphic and in the past); DEFINITELY skip the sequel if you do (still not very graphic, but there is a fuckton of it in a particular storyline).

  • Bitter because everything I want to read comes out in March. Shelly Laurenston, Anne Bishop, Heidi Cullinan, seriously, EVERYTHING.

  • Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews is fucking awesome, you guys. I put it off for a while because the description was super romance novel-y, but that was a mistake. There will definitely be a romance eventually, but this book was way more focused on "save the family business, catch the murdering narcissistic pyromage", which I am WAY more into. The worldbuilding is amazing, the badass mother and grandmother are amazing, the weird feral-cat weapon of mass destruction that is our (eventual!) romantic lead is amazing. RECOMMENDED.

  • So I have been into Wen Spencer for a long time, and then I peaced out mid-Wolf Who Rules and never finished the series and now I'm thinking it may have just been bad timing, because I gave it another shot and I am fucking in. It may have been fear of an impending love triangle that made me bow out before? But it turns out elves have a whole poly setup that is much more comfortable for me. I should have trusted you, Wen Spencer! I am sorry. Now give me more books, because I have a lot of feelings. Like, a whole fuckton of feelings about the nature documentary sideplot in particular, and about Pittsburgh in general.

    But seriously, that short story about the morning show: I would read a whole fucking book. I would buy the eArc of that book, and tell all my friends, and please please give me that book.

    Also, what the fuck is going to happen to Tommy's forbidden baby? Also, am I crazy or did Stone Clan's resident nutbag do something seriously magical to his lady's baby? Also, I need Tinker to find out about her biosibs immediately. Seriously, WHAT IS UP with all the cliffhanger-y baby drama, I need so many answers/reaction shots.

  • Speaking of Wen Spencer, Eight Million Gods is relevant to several people's interests: Nikki, a writer on the run from the controlling and powerful mother who has institutionalized her repeatedly (she has hypergraphia), finds out that her novel in progress - including the brutal murders - is actually happening. Set in Japan, it does some neat/horrifying stuff with mythology (the part where the mostly-villain burns out a succession of shrine maidens as insufficiently powerful vessels was pretty messed up) and with Nikki's powers/limitations.

  • So I finally read all (well, all but book 10) of the Chronicles of Elantra and they were mostly good - A+ worldbuilding - but oh my god, do not read them in one go. By book 8, I was definitely losing patience with the climactic battle/epiphany scene - seriously, I will read your badass boss battle OR your intense emotional journey, stop mashing them together - and I hit the fucking wall with book 9. Which sucked, because that was potentially amazing, but the familiar + the ritual + the lost children + Kaylin's complete inability to prioritize "massive danger to multiple people if action isn't taken basically immediately" over "that person on the ground over there needs my help!"...I can't even. You needed to do those two at a time AT MOST.

    Also, that is the creepiest fucking love triangle in the world. And somehow the immortal, unaging, sinister slumlord isn't the creepiest option! Because here is the thing with Severn: he is already in love with her at the beginning of the first book. Therefore, he either fell in love with her while CANONICALLY STALKING HER FROM THE SHADOWS FOR YEARS or SOMEHOW EVEN CREEPIER, fell in love with her WHEN SHE WAS THIRTEEN AND HE WAS EIGHTEEN, after being her BIG BROTHER/PSEUDO-PARENT SINCE SHE WAS FIVE. I am going all in for the slumlord, y'all, because what the sparkling fuck.

  • For real, I want that Shelly Laurenston book so bad. I am super into her female characters, especially the nonhuman ones. For example, Blayne* is the perky, cheerful, matchmaking heroine in the series and yet it is completely believeable when she brutally murders a bunch of attempted kidnappers, because her mom got hunted when she was a kid, so her dad made sure she could defend herself! Also, female friendships! Female friendships that are more than convenient author-excuses for talkin' 'bout men! That are actually way more about roller derby and barhopping and dragracing and family and backing each other up!

    *Of Beast Behaving Badly, which I was going to link, but 1) ick, the cover - Blayne's black and 2) eurgh, the description - he does not "shadow her around New York", she talks him into a coaching arrangement, and most importantly, Bo is 100% not "smooth-talking". IN THEIR FIRST INTERACTION, SHE IS CONVINCED HE IS A SERIAL KILLER. Reproduced behind the cut, because it is my favorite: )

    Basically, Bo is like someone combined fandom!Sidney Crosby and the Hulk and it is pretty great for me, but 90% of the rest of the characters hate him, because somehow a laser focus on winning, a super intense commitment to scheduled routines, and the ability to hurl grown men across hockey rinks at whim do not net you a lot of fans. Just, you know, my unending love.

  • I dipped back into some YA (nothing I hadn't read before) and watched some stuff and guys, I spend a lot of time just baffled by some of these high school experiences. Are school nurses really a common thing? I did three different school districts and they were never a thing.

    And seriously, are most people getting sex ed? We never even got the basic health lecture about changing bodies or whatever that I keep seeing in stuff. I have LITERALLY never gotten a sex talk from ANYBODY. There was a "why are my boobs different sizes" conversation with my mom when I was seven or eight that she found hilarious and I found spectacularly unhelpful (my mom doesn't really have boobs), and an excruciating but thankfully brief explanation on menstruation from my dad's girlfriend in probably sixth grade, and that was IT.

    My sex education has all come from you, Internet. And not the cool helpful version of you that includes Scarleteen. The porn you.

    For everyone wincing at the screen right now, let me make it worse. I was definitely one of the better-informed girls at my school, because I did have the Internet, and privacy. Oh, and romance novels. There was a lot of unsafe sex at my high school, y'all, and at least some of it was not intended to be that way.
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2014-10-23 10:15 pm
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Ebook Feels

Reading so much m/m, omg. How to Raise an Honest Rabbit and Blackbird Knitting by Amy Lane I didn't particularly care for. Her Behind the Curtain was better.

Anne Tenino's Poster Boy was good, as was her short from the Haunted Blender anthology, Horny. I totally hope she pulls a Whitetail Rock and turns that 'verse into a whole thing, btw. The mythology was great.

Read the latest Mary Calmes and was disappointed, but it wasn't the hot mess that Floodgates was. Turns out Sinnerman falls firmly middle of the pack for the Warder series, in terms of quality. Reread Timing, After the Sunset, Cherish Your Name, and Acrobat to remind myself that I really do love her.

Oh! The latest Lyn Gala is fucking amazing and I highly recommend it. Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities. Cannot wait for the next one. It is so fucking good for my xenokink heart, you guys, ROWNT ARE THE BEST. ONDRY'S POV IS THE BEST. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK IS THE BEST.

Heidi Cullinan's latest, Tough Love, was pretty good; I didn't like it as much as the preceding book, but a lot of that is probably my casino/logistics feels. I did have to check out for a big chunk of the big emotional unburdening scene because explicit needleplay makes me yeesh.

Kendall McKenna's newest addition to the Strength of the Wolf series was really good for big chunks (new guys comes in and cleans house is a weirdly big trope with me, I'm discovering), but felt like it got a bit muddled toward the end.

FINALLY read Xanthe's Ricochet and enjoyed it overall (didn't have to skip big chunks like I did Coming Home!), but the spoiler billionaire played weirdly for me. Would absolutely buy another book in the series, although not the direct sequel about the widowed sub events seemed to set up. That, I would skip.

Read MJ O'Shea's Loveblood and it was superweird, in that it was an a/b/o fic with fade-to-black yet still alluded to knotting? I am not sure how that reads if you're not familiar with the trope. I am also not sure what the hell was up with the pacing in that book. There was a fuckload of pining, but the obstacles got cleared up real fast once the alpha had one conversation with his parents about a fact he'd known apparently for months. Also there's a whole orientation swap that never really gets explored/explained. Would not recommend.

Currently deep in a pile of Megan Derr. Sad forever that Midsummer Baker and The Jewels of Bangkok aren't full-length novels, because I heart them deeply. I like Stone Rose a lot; Poison made me crazy. The villain literally tells someone her motive and he spends like two chapters going NO, that CAN'T be what she meant! I couldn't even with that. Also, do not read that shit out of order because a big chunk is devoted to a couple from previous books. The Bastard Prince was pretty good for the most part; I called most twists ahead of time, but that may just be my extensive soap opera background. I really liked Of Last Resort - seriously, you guys, she gives such good worldbuilding - but not In Despair. Torn on whether or not to read With Pride. The King's Harem was good, although I wish we'd gotten more Fahima, because I love her.

Still love Dance with the Devil - and that 'verse - the most.

ETA: Expanded/error corrected now that I'm not on my phone.
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2014-10-10 06:35 pm
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So, Kindle Unlimited

You know, Amazon's second stab at ebook libraries. Personally, I'm finding it a fuck of a lot more useful than the Lending Library.

I don't think I'd pay $9.99 a month every month, but I HIGHLY recommend at least giving the free trial a whirl, especially if you like queer and/or indie ebooks. I've picked up a bunch of stuff - since I don't have wireless access, I've been using the apartment complex's computer to download the allowed 10 books to USB, return them, and download 10 more, repeat as needed. When your Kindle syncs, all books not currently checked out will be removed from your device.

I read a few articles about how the authors are getting paid and it looks like some people get paid as soon as the book is downloaded, but a lot don't receive payment unless the book has synced past 10%?

Recommendation time! I would definitely suggest getting all four anthologies Megan Derr has made available, since they're normally on the higher end (for m/m - the f/f book is right on average). If you have an interest in Robin Roseau (TRAP!), I would grab them on a trial basis, because, as I've ranted before, there is EXTREMELY shady stuff re: consent. I won't lie; I'm still acquiring her books, because MAYBE THIS TIME. I like the writing! It's just that inevitably, the relationship dynamic will take a turn that enrages me (FREE MICHAELA).

Go the Fuck to Sleep is available! I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You was fucking adorable. I grabbed a bunch of meta-fantasy, like NPCs, The Dark Lord's Handbook, Off to Be the Wizard, and Critical Failures (all as yet unread).

Evan Currie, aka Tenhawk, has a lot of books on offer. I'd recommend Steam Legion in particular. Seal Team 13 made me sad, but that's probably because I'm emotionally attached to the fanfic version, which has Xander and logistics and ALL the crossovers (Darien from Invisible Man, Sara from The Craft, Sam from Supernatural, Dade from Hackers, Jake from Jake 2.0, and others all on a special monsterhunting squad? MY BELOVED FOREVER).

Handily, if you search an author name instead of going to their author page, the filter options on the left will let you isolate Kindle Unlimited eligible books, if any qualify.

ETA: Also, there is just a fuckload of porn. So if you crave some centaur gangbangs or gay Krampus action or forbidden triceratops love, but don't want it showing up in your Kindle items forever, Kindle Unlimited is THERE FOR YOU.
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2014-03-06 09:04 pm
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It's a Het Rec This Time, Guys!

And profic, even.

I have fallen kind of madly in love with Shelly Laurenston's Pride series, y'all. THE WORLDBUILDING IS SO GOOD FOR ME. I poked at her Magnus Pack series, which predates and is loosely connected, but I had to tap out of that. The Pride series, though? I will be exchanging actual dollars for book 9 at the end of the month.

It would have been super easy for me to write them off as more terrible werewolf romance novels and that would have been a very sad mistake. Are they the best things I've ever read? No. But even the short story where a dude kidnaps a girl and they fall in love isn't rapey! He respects and adores her and she makes all the moves and it is great. That's, like, the unicorn of romance novels.

THERE ARE MULTIPLE BOOKS ABOUT BADASS FEMALE EX-MARINES. The scariest person in this whole generation of characters? Dee Ann Smith. Second place I can't decide, but the people in the running are three ladies and one guy.

Also, it's not just wolves, it's all kinds of shifters! THE HEROINE IN BOOK 9 IS A HONEY BADGER SHIFTER. SHE WILL RIP OFF YOUR FACE, SHE DON'T GIVE A FUCK. I LOVE HER. My favorite hero is Bo Novikov, whose dad was a polar bear and mom was a lion. His fiancee (herself a wolfdog, which is a famously unstable mix in-verse) insists on calling him a bearcat. There are jackals and grizzlies and tigers and African wild dogs and I am really hoping for a hyena hero(ine), because even as extremely minor characters those are some creepy motherfuckers.

There are main characters of color! And not just a couple - it's about half and half, at least on the ladies' side. YMMV on that, though, because species is treated as a much bigger issue than race. Personally, I kind of loved that we were halfway through Jess's book before I realized she was black, because it made sense. She and Smitty had known each other since they were kids. Of course he wouldn't think stuff about "that gorgeous black woman", he was just thinking "hot damn, Jessie Ann grew up nice". Blayne was targeted for a hate crime because she was a wolf/wild dog mix, not because she was black. (Blayne and the wild dogs are the best, btw.)

Anyway, the first book (actually two short stories) - not great. Book two, Jess and Smitty - pretty good, but it gets kind of weird for me at the end. Book three, Sissy Mae and Mitch - I love every redneck bit of it. Sissy has a fucked up relationship with her mother that's actually really well explained and the book itself is just really funny. It's the first book in the series I read and I find it a pretty good starting point.
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2014-02-23 12:50 am
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So Much C&Ping...

But the comm is now sitting at 1150! Come on, when you realize you're that close to 1000, that becomes your next goal in life. OVERWHELMINGLY m/m (870-ish, with m/m/m making up a further 30 or so), but I'm going with ~240 f/f not being bad at all.

Also, I'm reading Sean Michael and regretting a lot of life-choices lately and this may have been reflected in my posting choices. He is my pro-fic version of terrible-Xander-crossovers girl, y'all. I wish I could quit them, but then there's something that's almost amazing and I'm right back in again. I maybe read Trust and was seduced by the friendship before fucking dynamic. This lead to several terrible books (and a couple okay ones! v. exciting and unexpected) and a new round of poking at Bent, which I have never summoned up the courage to read, because it could be great, or it could be ALL OF THE CONSENT ISSUES, it honestly seems like a toss-up.

I need to do a massive amount of tagging, but shhh, we're not thinking about that now, because that way lies despair and madness and the weird makes-you-think-you're-hallucinating loop at skip=720.

Now I sleep the sleep of the victorious!
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2014-02-16 12:22 am
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Comm Update

To anyone that has readtherainbow on their reading list, sorry 'bout that?

To any other members, I just did a significant update.


I am super bitter, as you may have noticed. Keeps-to-herself werefox falls in love with toppy werewolf alpha chick could have been fucking fantastic, you guys. Then you find out that werewolves traditionally hunt werefoxes for sport and that's why Michaela is an orphan and that is still only a 2.5 on this shit's scale of EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE IS A PUNISHMENT, MICHAELA REDFUR.

I had to tap out on book three. There are six or seven.
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2013-09-08 01:04 pm
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Here, Have Some Book Recs!

So you want to read some queer profic! I salute your hypothetical enthusiasm, but know this: THE REGRETS, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU.

Explanation/babble. )

Straight to the recs. )

Too Stupid to Live quote )

*AMANUENSIS WROTE A BOOK, Y'ALL. I literally shouted holy fuck when I read the author bio. I honestly can't remember who's fannishly out under their professional pseuds, so I'm leery to name names, but there are three or four just off my flist. It's like seeing a familiar author pop up in your new fandom, except superweird.
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2013-06-27 08:40 am
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(no subject)

Sending community invites to everyone who answered the ebook polls. See last post as to why.
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2013-05-04 07:42 pm
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...I Don't Know How I Feel About This Development

So. I'm in a cast now. For a STRAINED WRIST. Like, it was getting worse, not better, even wearing a brace, but still, this seems a little extreme. I was legit the only one in my family NEVER TO BE IN ONE OF THESE STUPID THINGS. I am a little cranky about my lost perfect record.

Cast = can't lift feed = can't work at Atwoods. So I am off until the end of the month at least. On the one hand, money may become a bit of an issue. I've got two weeks paid vacation I can take, plus my birthday is a paid holiday, plus any birthday money (basically? if it had to happen, SO GLAD it happened in May), but still. I can borrow from my dad if it gets desperate, I would just rather not if I can help it.

On the other hand, IT IS FOUR GLORIOUS WEEKS OFF FROM WORK. Admittedly, four weeks that will encompass barely any computer time, because the cast is on my right wrist and I can only manage to contort it to fit a mouse for about an hour before my shoulder starts killing me.

So! I don't usually do this, and I want to stress that zero obligation or guilt is intended, but I am going to be pretty fucking bored in a couple weeks, so if anyone wanted to send me a book or two*, I would love them forever.

*Yes, the name on the wishlist is Katherine, yes, it's still me. A couple weeks ago I found a Kindle in an antique store (I don't know either!) for 25 bucks, so obviously I had to get it. It went on a second account because my actual account has working-kindle Metis, broken-kindles Pallas and Seshet, and my kindle for PC and someone told me they cap you at five.

Also, book-filter people, the comm I talked about will no longer spam you if you want to check it out. It is locked to members-only for obvious reasons.
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2012-05-28 01:02 am
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(no subject)

I am at that point where I have all of the books and want to read NONE of them. Like, I kind of want to read Bent, but a) I just tried two other Sean Michael books and was very Not Impressed and b) from the summary/sample, it dances very much on the line between yay, kink! and ALL OF THE CONSENT ISSUES and I am just not in the mood for it if it tips over. I kind of want to read Magic Mansion, but I just read Turbulence and it made me angry with Jordan Castillo Price (I thought I was getting the first short story in a series when it's actually the first four chapters of a novel - the author's note says she envisions it unfolding like a television series, but the "pilot" didn't have enough of an internal arc for that concept to fly with me). I kind of want to read Dance with Me, but it's the last Heidi Cullinan that I want to read for itself as well as its author and I feel like I need to hoard it. Ditto Ethan Day's A Token in Time.

BY THE WAY, YOU GUYS, THERE ARE THESE AUTHORS I AM EXCITED ABOUT. Heidi Cullinan and Ethan Day and LB Gregg and Kari Gregg (probably not related) and Anne Tenino and Christine Price and Jez Morrow and Kaje Harper and Jay Lygon and probably some other people, these are just the ones off the top of my head. Just because you aren't getting the ebooks posts doesn't mean you should miss out on awesome.
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2012-05-15 07:31 pm
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(no subject)

I desperately want an electronic version of Sirens and Other Demon Lovers just so I can shove it at y'all and shout READ IT. The Eye of the Storm is the fucking best, you guys, I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT IS FULL OF POLY AND ISSUES OF IDENTITY AND THE FAMILIES YOU CHOOSE AND BASICALLY: RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS.

Also The Faerie Cony-Catcher and The House of Nine Doors are pretty great, but mostly, KELLEY ESKRIDGE, I HEART YOU.
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2012-04-24 04:02 pm
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Added more books to my last post. Want to buy more. Intellectually I understand that I have WEEKS of reading material already, but emotionally I want to have ALL OF THE READING POSSIBILITIES EVER.

I keep putting off reading the books I'm most excited about because I'm so accustomed to being disappointed by m/m novels. They sound so good and then they often turn out to be awful. Like (I swear I won't harp on this forver) Venom's Bond, where it sounds like awesome hurt/comfort with xenokink and cultural misunderstandings and then it's RAPE, with a Stockholm-y rape chaser! Or even the Warders series, where the Dylan/Malic books are awesome and then both of the others I've read are terrible (Heart in Hand has too much book for so few pages and His Hearth suffers from too much exposition and weak characterisation).

I want to read Latakia and 18% Grey and Sinnerman and Long Lonely Howl and All's Fair in Love & Advertising and Abercrombie Zombie and Lord of the White Hell and The Gunfighter & the Gear-Head and Cut & Run and Becoming Elite, but I would SO MUCH rather anticipate them than read them and hate them. Which is why I have so many unread books, in case anyone was wondering.
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2012-04-09 03:55 am
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Okay, so I only found a copy of an ebook that was pulled from distribution, not, like, discovered a planet.


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2012-04-05 01:31 pm
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2012-03-25 10:03 pm
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Stop Making Me Sad, Ebooks!

Like, fantastic concepts and then terrible, terrible executions, all the time.

For instance, I just read one (ETA: ha, I automatically typed "a fic" there) where a guy gets attacked by a gun-wielding ex, argues with his demon-killing current boyfriend, goes to a conference at a creepy hotel, gets sucked into a hell-dimension, injured, nursed back to health, claimed by a terrifying demon who turns out to be his transformed boyfriend, almost gets murdered, makes a deal with a demon, betrays the boyfriend as part of a cunning plan, rescues everybody, and kind of proposes. Also he works through his issues about emotional reservation and independence. Also there's a flashback to how their relationship started.


The writing wasn't that bad, but the pacing made me want to punch EVERYTHING.
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2012-03-12 10:33 pm
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1) Wow, Kei's Gift has way more racism than I remembered - "Prij/Darshian" racism, but really "white people/brown people" racism. Somerville engages with it? But I was not super-comfortable with the "brown people are magically gifted, socially cooperative, and peaceful, while white people are ungifted and superstitious, xenophobic, and warmongering" thing*, especially when several of the more magically gifted characters were described as "childlike". There are only a handful of "good" white people and they are almost uniformly dead or exiled at the end of the book. There were also some unfortunate implications about homosexuality (the only such relationships we see involve at least one and in most cases both/all partner(s) being infertile).**

*I would feel way better about it if there had been more shades of gray, but seriously every bad action by a Darshian is traced back to trauma/bad feelings caused by Prijian warmongering.

**Full disclaimer: by the last third or so, I was skipping entire chapters at a time, SO GLAD I DID NOT PAY FULL PRICE FOR THIS.

2) I feel very ugh today physically and also mentally. I'm dizzy/nauseated/headachey and I don't want to read anything or do anything.

3) I did power through the two easiest lists I had on deck, because I am running out of time: Fix These Words in Your Heart: Astolat and Fix These Words in Your Heart: Lomonaaeren, my 15 favorite fics by each author.

4) I killed like 20 minutes (finger-)combing my hair for the first time in probably a week. I keep it clubbed back basically all of the time so it gets snarled but doesn't look awful - every time I comb or brush I lose hair like crazy. Mane 'n Tail's Detangler is fucking amazing. It detangles and conditions, and the 32 oz bottle from work was only $6.99 (before my discount). The conditioned feeling lasts through a couple shampoos, too. Seriously, it is 7 hours later and I can still run my fingers through my hair. That never fucking happens.

5) I am really enjoying GCB so far, y'all. I don't like Carlene, but I really like how happy Rip and Carlene's marriage is. Also, how much do I love Blake and Cricket's relationship? THIIIIIIIS MUCH. Like, I spent a good chunk of the last episode thinking "does she know?" and "it'd be great if that was just their thing", AND THEN. I was not expecting that kind of storyline and it makes me happy. Also, I want some Amanda/Heather. Also also, I love Cricket's faaaace, the things she can do with her eyes kill me.

6) I don't usually mess with torrents anymore, but I have refound That One SFF Book Torrent. One problem: I don't have a torrent program on this computer. Recs?
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2012-03-10 09:11 am
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Kei's Gift

So in my current origfic obsession, I decided to re-read Kei's Gift only to find it's no longer free to read. You have to buy it from Smashwords. On the bright side, today is the last day of Smashwords' ebooks sale so I'm getting it for 75% off.

Basically, if you want to read Kei's Gift by Ann Somerville, BUY IT TODAY. I'm apparently a minority in that I didn't love it, but the captive/captor, warring-nations thing isn't really my groove, either. But it is totally worth the $1.25 sale price just for the awesome part where Arman nurses Kei back to health.
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2012-03-02 05:32 am

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1) PC Hodgell's latest novel threw in an accidental lesbian marriage and it is great in every possible way, plus I have decided that the Kencyr and the Kendar both are just batshit crazy from trauma (mostly Knorth-related) and also that try as I might to take it seriously, I mostly find the religious bitterness kind of hilarious. They are monotheists who hate their god more than anything. There is for real a City of a Thousand Gods on this world and they have been there and they have seen "gods" and decided, to a one, that bitches ain't shit. Jame killed one for the lulz and then brought him back, 'cause she could. Like, usually when people get disaffected with their religion, they find a new one, or decide there is no god, or that they did something to deserve this catastrophe. The Kencyrath are just like, NO, WE KNOW HE'S REAL, HE JUST FUCKING ABANDONED US LIKE HE SUDDENLY REMEMBERED HIS SECOND FAMILY IN JERSEY. WE FUCKING HATE HIM. To the point where a bunch of them hate Shanir, because they're too close to god and god is a ruiner. They seriously have genocidal madmen they don't hate this much (and genocidal madmen that they do - Kencyr are destructive sons of bitches).

2) I drove 50 miles to Whole Foods Sunday night to get some of this amazing alfredo sauce and they were out and I was looking at the website today and that sauce is made in Anadarko, aka, where my dad works, and is sold AT A GROCERY STORE HERE IN TOWN. ARE YOU KIDDING.

PS, it is Scaffetta's Alfredo Sauce and you can apparently also get it at Whole Foods in Louisiana and Texas. IF YOU CAN, YOU SHOULD TRY IT. I DON'T EVEN LIKE MOST ALFREDO SAUCE, BUT THIS STUFF IS FUCKING DELICIOUS.