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2015-03-04 11:32 pm
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Mixed Bag!

New Anne Bishop! Really liked it (not as good as the first, better than the second), and I freaking loved Hope. Actually trying not to think about it too much, because it's another year before the next book. I 100% had a private midnight release party, though, where I set an alarm for a quarter to midnight so I could hunt it down ASAP and read it immediately. Ugh, I just love this worldbuilding so fucking much.

I housesat for my dad last week, which afforded me the opportunity to play Saints Row IV. I bought the game of the century or whatever edition for like $8 in January only to realize, after two days of downloading, that hey, this game is not compatible with XP. That game is fucking awesome, except for the number of missions that require me to drive cars or motorcycles. Tanks and aircraft I can totally handle, but the "steer with A & D" mechanic is BULLSHIT. I failed Matt's loyalty mission upwards of eight times before I started clawing at my own face and had to stop, because I COULD NOT keep close enough to Nyteblade. Playing as the bisexual Latina President of the United States is seriously the best, though. And I would play the main Asha quest again just for the dialogue. ♥

I also got to spend the week hanging out with my cat and y'all, I keep forgetting how goddamn weird he is. Like, don't get me wrong, I couldn't have ended up with a cat better suited to me if I had designed him, but seriously. Giant fucking weirdo. He does this thing? Where he steals my elastic hairbands, but only if they're used and smell like my hair. And then he will carry them around and play with them and place them in the center of his food and/or water bowls. On the other hand, he is the chillest cuddler of a cat I've ever had. Most cats, you move more than twice and they are out, they can find a better place to sleep. With Fred, I can move me, I can move him, I can lean the chair back, whatever. He will legitimately lay on me for 6 hours or more. I say 6 hours because that is pretty much the longest I can have a cat on me and not fall asleep, but I have spent 12 hours in the recliner and woken up to find him in the same spot, so.

Just surfacing from a deep dive into Hobbit fandom. Or into Bilbo/Thorin, really. I kind of have a fandom hangover? From a poor dismount?

It's like you acquired a fuckton of delicious chocolate and then after you ate a bunch and it was amazing and you went for more, you found out that actually, you had eaten all the chocolate and all the enticing stuff you were staring at was in reality CAROB.

In other words, that feeling of "why does this story have so many fucking kudos when it is blatantly a poor imitation of the awesome story I read earlier" times a bunch of stories in a row = bitterness and ennui. And stalking keelywolfe and scarletjedi for updates.

Can't wait for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Friday! Also excited for: Battle Creek (first ep free on Vudu), Community (March 17!), and CSI: Cyber, because I have a weirdly deep affection for James Van Der Beek? It's not even mostly Dawson's Creek related (I was definitely a Pacey girl); he just seems so willing to laugh at himself and it's really fucking charming.

I've been watching various episodes of QI and the Big Fat Quiz on youtube and being jealous of British game shows. American game shows do not get to tell that many dirty jokes. Noel Fielding requesting "a blowie from the puppet" to participate remains the best.

Currently looking through old ebook recs for authors I need to check for new books. Mary Calmes has something that looks awesome, but after her last few, I'm trying not to get too excited. Spotted an interesting looking Robin Roseau scifi on Amazon and am torn between "space trade and culture clashes are two of my favorites! ROWNT FOREVER" and lingering "it's a TRAP" feelings from the Madison Wolves series (FUCK that series, SO hard).

Fingers crossed for something good, because I am like...three disappointments away from a long cranky wallow in "shit I have read before that I know won't hurt me".
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2015-02-06 07:01 pm
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Give Me ALL of the Fic

Going through one of my periodic fandom-trauma induced download sprees. RPF fandoms in particular give me angst sometimes, guys. I just get superafraid of logging on and everything being GONE. Because, you know, SOMETIMES IT IS.

So I am currently downloading the shit out of everything/everyone I've ever liked in hockey RPF.

Relatedly, I need so much more Sid/Geno in my life. Just re-read Highway Unicorn and I love it/them SO FUCKING MUCH.
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2014-09-10 10:51 pm
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Flailing at Things

Am I the only one who feels like visiting the AO3 without a specific story/pairing/fandom in mind is a lot like grocery shopping when hungry? Like, you just end up throwing everything in the cart because it sounds good at the time.

Brought to you by a massive downloading binge that included The Social Network, Homestuck, Haven, Leverage, hockey, Lost Girl, and Oglaf.

I am back to burning through fandom after fandom, btw. My attention span is always fucked up when I'm sad; I'm either obsessive or unable to settle.

I've been trying to channel the butterfly phase positively by working on finally getting my mobi files into a proper archive. It's been a mixed bag. For one thing, I have a bunch of stuff that I've downloaded, but I also have fic from at least three other people's collections and I only know where I got two of those. For another, it is fucking four gig of fic in ~215 fandoms.

I've also been working on the [community profile] thisisalovesong thing and it is...daunting. Fandoms like Andromeda or Avatar or That 70s Show are easy, because there's that one defining fic, but then there are fandoms like Homestuck where I have multiple pairings I love, all with fic I love, and it gets hard.

Just got Hannibal out of brackets (Della19 narrowly defeats emungere and hito). Staring at Naruto in despair, because it has the best tropes, and that is the worst for me (peggy sue vs. sudden game interface? WHO CAN CHOOSE).

Relatedly, michealsuave just updated The Adventures of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited and it is pretty amazing.
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2014-03-30 02:26 pm

Some Patterns Are Weird and Dumb and Irresistable. Also, Rec Me.

So I'm cycling through fandoms really rapidly right now? Thinking about it, I seem to do this in reaction to dissatisfaction with the current big fandom of my life (SGA, Smallville, Teen Wolf, etc.). It's like taking a break from your SO and having a bunch of one night stands.

At one point, I basically did have a one night stand with SG1. I still ship Jack/Daniel so hard, you guys. I spent like four hours making ebooks. So much Biblio. So much whump.

Also, I triplemegaheart the AO3 now and forever, but I forgot how much I enjoyed some single fandom archives. Area 52 lets you filter out all of the first person POV fics! I want that option everywhere, all the time. And they let you filter to specific episode spoilers, which is obviously not widely feasible, but still pretty friggin' great.


I saw Rise of the Guardians while I was housesitting and it was a pretty good movie! So obviously I immediately went looking for porn.

There are two main pairings and one is about an undead amnesiac teenage-appearing frost sprite who's been isolated for three centuries and an evil golden-eyed British-sounding dude who feeds on fear and can control shadows and corrupted dreamsand in a way that can very much mimic tentacles. Also there is a tragic backstory (legendary warrior and general! lost child! corrupted/possessed by the very evil he fought, it's all very "he who fights monsters") and HE LITERALLY ASKS JACK TO RULE THE WORLD WITH HIM (WHAT GOES TOGETHER BETTER THAN COLD AND DARK?) BASED ON THEIR LEGIT CONNECTION OF BEING IGNORED/NEGLECTED/DISTRUSTED BY BASICALLY EVERYONE. The other pairing is the frost sprite and the last surviving Pooka, aka, giant humanoid bunny. So I ship the fuck out of Pitch/Jack (cold and dark!) and my xenokink enjoys Bunny/Jack. A+ small fandom, basically.

And now I'm having a Glee thing again? I just really love Kurt a lot, okay, and so I am currently reading a shit-ton of Kurt/anyone that isn't Blaine, PLEASE REC ME SOMETHING.

I just read like a 150,000 words of Kurt/Sebastian because the anti-Klaine tag is really attractive. I was going to reference the porridge analogy, but it turns out I never unprivated that entry, so it will be reproduced at the bottom of the post! Basically, I am VERY YES on Kurt/Puck and Kurt/Karofsky and okay, sure on Kurt/Adam and Kurt/Sebastian and Kurt/Starchild and LAST RESORT on Kurt/Blaine for several reasons, but one of the big ones is the perennial ship problem of me fangirling the hell out of one character and a lot of people fanning the hell out of the other character.

Appropriate segue is appropriate.

Fannish feels (mostly unpopular) circa July 2012 )


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2014-02-09 10:04 pm
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I Did Not Think That Was a Thing in 2007

Knotting, that is. Also, for anyone who wishes there was more het knotting, apparently Inuyasha fandom has got your back?

Seriously, I got all nostalgic and started reading some Sess/Kag fic I downloaded like three years ago and bam! And now I'm apparently into it. Yay for a new awkward google search.

But seriously, how awesome is Kagome? SO AWESOME. I just want GIGS of Inuyasha treating her badly and her not taking it and falling for his hot older brother. Canonwise, I ship Inu/Kag, but ficwise, I am 98% Sess/Kag.

Awww, first fandom. It makes me all squishy inside.
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2013-02-01 04:05 pm


There is no sad like "someone recced a whole REC LIST, so excited, I will have all the fic! ...I HAVE READ ALL OF THESE ALREADY" sad.

I am moving next Friday, but I am bingeing on Teen Wolf instead of packing becauase I am sick and everything is disgusting. Like, I am failing at coughing in a really gross way, WORSE THAN LAST TIME I WAS SICK, and last time they made me go outside before the noises made anyone vomit.

I am really bad at meatsuits, guys.
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2012-11-04 08:03 pm
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You're Getting Your Feelings Everywhere Again

I really want the AO3 to have a "download series" option. Because ~20,000 words spread over ten fics is just irritating.

I'm 39 stories into the Teen Wolf list. People need to write more fic so I can finish it. I am fishbowling so hard. Like, I've opened my in-case-of-emergency Teen Wolf longfic (I highly recommend keeping similar on your Kindle, btw) and tapped out four times this weekend. It's so long and the tags are so good, you guys, but the first word is literally "harken" and I cannot even deal with that stylistic choice. That is why it's the in-case-of-emergency fic. It's really, really yes, but at the same time, really, really NO.

Not gonna lie: I spend a significant amount of time after uploading new icons just staring at the expanded icons page and going MY TASTE IS AMAZING AND I WANT A COLLAGE OF THESE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERFUCKERS. Also, I have some very definite patterns in taste. It's kind of weird to be like, huh, I...really prefer close-up shots only after staring at a page where more than half of my 250 icons ARE CLOSE-UP SHOTS. Also enjoy: saturated colors and text only. Do not enjoy: animated icons or icons with many effects - I apparently feel the point should be made through your cropping and/or text, or not at all. Like, I save a lot of icons that don't fall along those lines? But those are apparently not the icons I end up using.

All I want to eat is IHOP, but IHOP is a cool 40 minutes away. Chickasha is a terrible town. Although it does make googling shit easier - there is only one. Anywhere.

Fucking store inventory. It is a once a year shitshow. We are missing $1200+ in jewelry that never leaves its locked case. For real, somebody's got sticky fingers. Also, I work six days next week. The money's good, but oh, chances of me flipping out on someone are high.

Relatedly, nothing makes you feel great about your life-choices like seeing an old news article about migrant workers and their slave-wages and seeing your ACTUAL FUCKING WAGES there. Legitimately, after five years and a "promotion", I make $9.00/hr.

I want season 3 of Lost Girl so baaaad, you guys. They are so good at ladies being friends and having adventures! Bo/Kenzi is my brotp forever, y'all. Like, if I want girls being friends as a major part of the storyline, it's mostly Lost Girl and Cougar Town and maaaybe Big Bang Theory (Penny and Amy? legit my favorite part of the show). Relatedly, I need the new season of Cougar Town.

I feel weird about Avengers fandom, in that I love Tony Stark THE MOST, HE IS MY BELOVED, and I could kind of give a shit about Steve Rogers? Which is not the way most of fandom seems to have come down on the issue. It's not the first fandom where that's happened to me (hi, Star Trek TOS! hi, DS9 and Naruto and HIMYM and and and), but it's still fucking weird. There's also some weirdness because I got deep into Avengers right after the first Iron Man movie and imprinted on a lot of comics stuff and apparently my head-canon is very definite about where comics-verse and movies-verse can blur and where they CANNOT. Basically? Movies-Tony and Extremis = NOOOOOO.

Only semi-relatedly, I really want movies-Asgard to end up in Oklahoma somehow because 1) that is fucking hilarious and 2) they might actually film some stuff in Oklahoma, which excites me because a) Oklahoma is actually really fucking pretty and does not really get credit for it and b) I could totally drive to see that.
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2012-07-05 05:35 pm
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The Light at the End of the Tunnel? That Is a TRAIN, My Friends

You know how you can be reading a series and enjoying it and then you start looking at the summaries or tags for some of the future stories and it feels like the Jaws theme should start playing?

That "ugh, please don't...crap...please?'re totally going NOT WANT, WHY WOULD YOU, ARGH" thing.

For reals, 2/3 of the way through, more than 800,000 words in, and it's going to go Suddenly, Threesome! And that is legit one of my least favorite Suddenlys (Suddenly, Kidfic! = surprisingly good in a lot of cases) because except in the case of Neal Caffrey and the Burkes, I really don't like poly ships that include an established long-term couple and the Other One. There's a lot of awkwardness and potential inequality built into that configuration and most fic does not really deal with that well/at all.

Also, the author has talked way too much about two of the threesome participants' bond as (step)brothers for me to dig this.

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2012-06-26 11:04 pm
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There is nothing like picking an old fandom on the AO3 and playing with the sort by hits option. THE LOVE OF A GOOD WIZARD IS ONLINE AGAIN, YOU GUYS! It is purest fluffy idfic where Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson go back in time to stop the war (through cunning use of HONEYTRAP) and they end up dating Tom Riddle and Minerva McGonagall, RESPECTIVELY, and Pansy is an awesome Slytherin and Harry just entirely fails at stealth all over the place, which actually makes him appear MYSTERIOUS and DAMAGED and ALLURING to protoVoldemort and IT IS DELICIOUS. Also I found a copy of Train to Nowhere and some NEW things, primarily one of the so-popular Harry's-secret-family fics that is a crossover with Hawaii Five-0 (it had better be RIDICULOUS or I will so sad) and a monstrously large Harry/Slytherins threesome mpreg creature fic, because I am feeling nostalgic for my ROOTS.


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2012-06-05 04:35 pm
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(no subject)

I cannot even express how much I hate WHATEVER this is with the AO3 subscription emails. I AM FOLLOWING TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR THESE BUNDLES TO BE USEFUL. I am subscribed 183 users and three stories, to be exact. Do you know how many fandoms that is? 'Cause I don't! LOTS. I like having each update in a separate email, so I know what to go back to when I cycle into SGA or X-Men or whatever again. I can't just save a hundred emails titled "Subscription Update". I'll never find anything again.
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2012-06-01 12:32 am
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So, Grey's Anatomy



I feel like I very much need a soulbond AU verse of some sort for this show, because there was Derek for Meredith and Denny for Izzie and now OWEN FOR CRISTINA and there is just very much a theme of bam, you, for me, for always. I'm not gonna lie, I spent something like twenty minutes mentally mapping out the dynamics of a BDSM-verse (I am still undecided); that remains pretty much my brain's version of a love letter.

Also, I very much want spoilers for next season IMMEDIATELY, because it totally felt like Someone Particular was going to die after all the "we're so happy" stuff back at Seattle Grace and I cannot even deal with that.
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2011-09-16 08:21 pm
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(no subject)

Sometimes the only thing I want to post is an open letter to fandom, and all it says is, I am here, and I am in love. Sometimes I am too happy for anything more articulate than that and sometimes I am too busy kicking myself upwards to feel more than that, but that's the one thing that doesn't change. I'm frustrated by you; I want nothing more than to immerse myself in you; I cannot engage with you even if I want to (and sometimes I don't); I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. When I'm happy you make me happier. When I'm sad you're the driftwood I cling to in between crying jags. You distract me when I wake up shaking from nightmares. You comfort me when I literally can't make it through two days at work without hearing something homophobic/racist/misogynist. You make me stay up far too late, because I can't bear to leave even to sleep. You make me smile and enjoy my dinner alone, because an all-you-can-eat buffet, a Kindle, and two hours to kill absolutely beat a date. You turn me on. You make me pity everyone I know who will never have this community or see this archive or read this story or understand this entire language of love we've built together.
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2011-08-02 02:11 am
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This Message Brought To You By: Suits, Dragon Age, Homestuck, Revolutionary Girl Utena

I kind of miss the days when I loved something and then discovered the fandom was awesome, too. Now I am very much looking at stuff, going "I bet there's a fandom for that", watching/reading/playing stuff, and then triumphantly reading the fic.

Saturday, I gave up on finishing Dragon Age before diving into the fic. That is a weird fandom, you guys. If you go by the normal Mary Sue rules, you don't get to read anything, so I dumped them, and I am so very lost. I just read Loghain/f!Cousland (btw, take note of the last names of the various origins or you will be so very confused) and it started out pretty good? And then I kept wanting to yell at the author to shut up about Loghain and give me more of the (crazy, bloodthirsty, steals-everything-she-can-carry-and/or-bring-a-wagon-back-for) OFC. IDK, y'all, IDK.
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2011-07-14 12:17 pm
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Last Day of Vacation

So now I'm reading Twilight fic, because I'm always going to want another "The peaceable kingdom". I'm basically just reading stuff of the TV Tropes rec page and most of it is hilariously anti-canon, which is the way I LIKE my Twilight fic. ETA: It's official, I kind of want Leah to set all these bastards on fire. Maybe the books aren't as creepy in this case? Because I'm getting a lot of "Leah can't have kids so she's broken and WILL NEVER HAVE LOVE and will also be a heinous bitch forever" and, um, FUCK YOU. Also, fuck imprinting.

Victorious fandom is making me sad, because there's no Jade/Tori to be found. It's all Cat/Jade and Tori/Cat and, y'all, Cat is like a teen, human, supernaive Trance Gemini (before the color swap) and I cannot deal with that character in a romantic or sexual context. Like, I managed a Trance/Harper fic once on the strength of my xenokink (prehensile tail!), but Cat does not have that going for her.

I am thinking about my big bang. Do I want to do forty or fifty stories and stick to a theme or do I want to go balls-out and shoot for the 150+ like last time? Honestly, the latter sounds kind of exhausting, but I have this thing about outperforming and the smug/glee might actually make it worth it.
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2011-07-12 08:02 pm
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New Fandom, Again

So I read enough Homestuck today to find stuff like
totally fucking hilarious, but not enough to have ANY fucking idea what is going on with the trolls and the time travel and everyone-dies-but-not-really-but-MAYBE-REALLY nonsense.

I AM SO CONFUSED, BUT I CAN'T STOP READING, THE FIC IS FULL OF SHENANIGANS AND WEIRD POLY ALIENS (like, I've got redrom/blackrom figured out? and flushed romance is the almost like human love one and I think ashen romance is the three people mediation thing, so pale romance is best friends and caliginous romance is archenemies, RIGHT?) AND XENOSEX AND SUPERPOWERS AND RAMPANT GEEKERY AND HONESTLY GUYS, JOHN IS KIND OF A DINK BUT I LOVE HIM (CON AIR IS AMAZING, HE SPEAKS TRUUUUE).
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2011-02-11 09:41 am
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I Don't Quite Know How It Happened?

I've been hardcore into That '70s Show fandom the last week or so? Like, the Jackie/Hyde = OTP4EVER, "yay, surprise pregnancy!" kind of hardcore, which I haven't been for any het ship since 2004 with Inuyasha/Kagome. Like, at first I thought the shipper rage was hilarious and a little irritating, but now I think it's hilarious and TOTALLY JUSTIFIED, CANON, YOU BASTARD, WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT WAS THAT.

I am so confused and yet also infatuated.
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2010-11-10 04:00 pm
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(no subject)

Holy crap, I wish I had a better memory, or at least a better sense of "LIFE-CHANGING EVENT! WRITE THIS SHIT DOWN."

I am once again trying to map my fannish timeline, if you're wondering.

I mean, some people can track their first foray into fandom back to the day, but I didn't get pimped in by a friend. I went looking for spoilers and found fic completely by accident. Then I spent an indeterminate while as a monofannish het-OTPing feral fan before I even found (in March or April of 2003 - I joined 05/03, but I remember it took me a while to figure out how potentially awesome Author Alerts were). There was a forum? And the Dog-Eat-Dog Archive, which I can't even find referenced anywhere anymore.

And all this went down four computers and three email addresses ago, so CLUES ARE SCARCE.

And it's not a big deal, I guess, it's just. Fandom, you know, this giant amazing ball of crazy where I'm my most honest, my most engaged and passionate and joyful. It deserves an anniversary, okay.
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2010-11-10 12:37 am


So I have a long-standing thing with dreams, okay, where my dream will be a (relatively speaking) coherent narrative but I will swap sex/gender/identity (sometimes I'm a girl, sometimes I'm a boy, sometimes I'm a girl with a dick, whatever). And in RL, I'm cis-female.

Thus, my problem with Inception fandom - the reason I have read, but not really embraced - is that the dreams are cons but VERY RARELY are they also treated like dreams, excepting cases involving a) death and torture, b) existentialism, or c) BOTH.

It might be skeevy to say, but if I could manipulate the laws and appearance of my physical world? There are three things I would do. THE FIRST THING...okay, the first thing would be tentacle sex, shut up, it is the combination of several major kinks for me. THE SECOND THING I WOULD DO WAS TEST-DRIVE A DICK.

And here's where I get lazy and just c&p my kind of rambly note-to-self from a couple weeks ago. )

Like, this fandom's great and all, but it's kind of focused on CRIMINALS IN LOVE when I would like it to be CRIMINALS IN LOVE WITH SHAPESHIFTING AND GENDERPLAY/GENDERQUEERNESS. I want A MILLION WORDS about the art of forgery - training; who can do it, who can't, and why; that time with the two layers and the gaslighting plot; the kind of horrible story where Eames has to stay the best because more jobs means more time on the PASIV and only in dreams can he present his most accurate self at any given moment, but too much dreaming alone and without a goal and he's end up just another breathing corpse in Yusuf's basement; the one where they try to teach Ariadne to forge and she's terrible at it, but Saito's a natural, because he's one of the most controlled and self-aware people you'll ever meet (Ariadne been socially conditioned not to think too hard about her own body and her forgeries' proportions shift every time she stops concentrating enough to do anything).

ALSO, there's a throwaway line in a fic about the PASIV not being invented for military use like in every fucking other fic out there, but instead it was invented for DREAMFUCKING and I think that is GENIUS. Because see, there are those fics where it starts military, goes criminal, and ends in horrible forced prostituition, but it would be totally ace if it started as pron/prostitution, went military, then criminal, then recreational again. BASICALLY I WANT EAMES TO HAVE GOTTEN HIS START IN DREAM-PORN AND THEN HAVE DECIDED TO ROCK A LIFE OF CRIME. WITH OPTIONAL MIDPOINT OF HILARIOUSLY CONSULTING FOR THE MILITARY FROM HIS VAST EXPERIENCE OF DUPING AND SEDUCING OLD RICH DUDES.
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2010-11-09 06:01 pm

Inappropriate Rage Is Inappropriate

So I'm reading a Devil Wears Prada fic set in a Merry Gentry/Anita Blake fusion 'verse and I have to keep stopping to grit my teeth because THAT WORLDBUILDING IS INCORRECT. It's not even the hand-wavey collision-of-three-worlds stuff, it's stuff like using "fey" and "sidhe" interchangeably, which, no. Like, I am ALL KINDS of excited to read descended-from-sex-deities Andy, but IDK how I feel about reading fic where I'm more familiar with canon than the author. IT IS NOT A SITUATION I HAVE ENCOUNTERED MUCH. But I'm going to be really weirded out if my personal canon-versus-fanon stumbling block is a LKH fandom.

Just saying.
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2010-09-28 11:26 am
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Updated Big Bangs, Baby!. It now lists 198 big bangs and a handful of mini-bangs. What the hell, seriously.