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2015-03-04 11:32 pm
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Mixed Bag!

New Anne Bishop! Really liked it (not as good as the first, better than the second), and I freaking loved Hope. Actually trying not to think about it too much, because it's another year before the next book. I 100% had a private midnight release party, though, where I set an alarm for a quarter to midnight so I could hunt it down ASAP and read it immediately. Ugh, I just love this worldbuilding so fucking much.

I housesat for my dad last week, which afforded me the opportunity to play Saints Row IV. I bought the game of the century or whatever edition for like $8 in January only to realize, after two days of downloading, that hey, this game is not compatible with XP. That game is fucking awesome, except for the number of missions that require me to drive cars or motorcycles. Tanks and aircraft I can totally handle, but the "steer with A & D" mechanic is BULLSHIT. I failed Matt's loyalty mission upwards of eight times before I started clawing at my own face and had to stop, because I COULD NOT keep close enough to Nyteblade. Playing as the bisexual Latina President of the United States is seriously the best, though. And I would play the main Asha quest again just for the dialogue. ♥

I also got to spend the week hanging out with my cat and y'all, I keep forgetting how goddamn weird he is. Like, don't get me wrong, I couldn't have ended up with a cat better suited to me if I had designed him, but seriously. Giant fucking weirdo. He does this thing? Where he steals my elastic hairbands, but only if they're used and smell like my hair. And then he will carry them around and play with them and place them in the center of his food and/or water bowls. On the other hand, he is the chillest cuddler of a cat I've ever had. Most cats, you move more than twice and they are out, they can find a better place to sleep. With Fred, I can move me, I can move him, I can lean the chair back, whatever. He will legitimately lay on me for 6 hours or more. I say 6 hours because that is pretty much the longest I can have a cat on me and not fall asleep, but I have spent 12 hours in the recliner and woken up to find him in the same spot, so.

Just surfacing from a deep dive into Hobbit fandom. Or into Bilbo/Thorin, really. I kind of have a fandom hangover? From a poor dismount?

It's like you acquired a fuckton of delicious chocolate and then after you ate a bunch and it was amazing and you went for more, you found out that actually, you had eaten all the chocolate and all the enticing stuff you were staring at was in reality CAROB.

In other words, that feeling of "why does this story have so many fucking kudos when it is blatantly a poor imitation of the awesome story I read earlier" times a bunch of stories in a row = bitterness and ennui. And stalking keelywolfe and scarletjedi for updates.

Can't wait for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Friday! Also excited for: Battle Creek (first ep free on Vudu), Community (March 17!), and CSI: Cyber, because I have a weirdly deep affection for James Van Der Beek? It's not even mostly Dawson's Creek related (I was definitely a Pacey girl); he just seems so willing to laugh at himself and it's really fucking charming.

I've been watching various episodes of QI and the Big Fat Quiz on youtube and being jealous of British game shows. American game shows do not get to tell that many dirty jokes. Noel Fielding requesting "a blowie from the puppet" to participate remains the best.

Currently looking through old ebook recs for authors I need to check for new books. Mary Calmes has something that looks awesome, but after her last few, I'm trying not to get too excited. Spotted an interesting looking Robin Roseau scifi on Amazon and am torn between "space trade and culture clashes are two of my favorites! ROWNT FOREVER" and lingering "it's a TRAP" feelings from the Madison Wolves series (FUCK that series, SO hard).

Fingers crossed for something good, because I am like...three disappointments away from a long cranky wallow in "shit I have read before that I know won't hurt me".
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2015-02-26 11:03 pm
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2015-01-28 02:21 am
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I am in the last few days of my Amazon Prime trial (would love to have it - cannot afford it) and I am binge-watching Justified. I watched season one as it was airing but lost track of it after that.

It's weird, in that I would absolutely recommend it, but I wouldn't rewatch or want to own most of it. Each season is such a tight arc that it's hard to separate a single episode out. My preferences run much more toward stand-alones, where you should know the characters and setting, but it doesn't matter if you've seen the whole story so far.

I fucking love Loretta McCready, you guys. I have wanted to watch season two since that Girl in the War vid came out and it definitely did not disappoint. I love her, I love Mags, I love Carol Johnson telling Boyd and Raylan that their history sounds like a love story.

I really enjoyed the Drew Johnson storyline, but it did make it clear to me that while I love every single moment of Raylan and Boyd interacting, I have basically zero interest in Boyd otherwise. I fastforwarded through a fuckton of the Crowder Criminal Empire shit.

Part of that is probably bitterness, because Johnny and company use a lot of screen time I would prefer to spend with the Marshals, because there is never enough Art and Tim and Rachel (especially Tim).

There isn't a lot of fic, but a bunch of it is fucking amazing. I deeply enjoy how, about once a story, someone in the fic will stop and comment about how unfairly beautiful Raylan Givens is. Because fuck yeah, he is.

The amount of zombie/apocafic does put me in mind of astolat talking about Knocking Over the Table, how she basically had to end the world to give her pairing a chance at a happy ending.

I am so sad, thinking about that, that no show will ever be a crime drama for five seasons and then have an apocalypse hit in season six, because that genuinely sounds fucking amazing. Not even specifically Justified, just anything.
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2014-12-19 06:54 pm
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More Books! Also Some TV

  • Burned through most of Jennifer Crusie's works and I want more. Really loved Bet Me, Agnes and the Hitman, Getting Rid of Bradley, and Welcome to Temptation. Liked some of the rest, disliked some, really disliked maybe two? It comes down to really liking her writing style but not always caring for her plots/characters.

  • Relatedly, have been dipping into mysteries/romantic suspense/romance. Guys, I still really like Charlaine Harris's mysteries, but I'm so angry about how she ended the Stackhouse series that I find it genuinely distracting. Made it through most of the Lily Bard series anyway.

  • Gave Julie Garwood's Murder List a quick read-through and it was okay. I very much prefer her historicals (The Bride is basically my favorite forever).

    That train of thought led to me reading Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels for the fifteenth time and I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Jess and Dain are the fucking best. I have some more of her books on the Kindle, but I was spoiled by reading Scoundrels first and haven't ever gotten into most of her other books.

  • Re-read Linda Howard's Blair Mallory duo again. Am I the only one who feels like that was some kind of self-insert/Mary Sue thing? Don't get me wrong, I love them, but first-person POV is very weird for her, and Blair's life definitely has the fantasy feel to it.

    Want to read Open Season again, but can't find my copy, even though I can very clearly picture seeing it on a shelf, which means it definitely made the move to the apartment. Discovered while searching that I have two copies of both Drop Dead Gorgeous and Shades of Twilight.

    Picked up Ice and a couple of others in paperback at the used bookstore. LH is apparently one of those authors that doesn't get shared a lot online? People were offering her more "suspenseful" books like crazy, but not one person had Now You See Her and that is hands-down my favorite of hers. I actually bought that one for Kindle more than a year ago, bought a paperback copy used before that, and before that had it in hardback from a library sale.

  • Picked up a digital copy of my favorite Jayne Ann Krentz, Trust Me. The computer parts definitely feel a little dated, but I love Stark and Desdemona so much. I will adore forever the scene she makes in the hallway about her first orgasm. And the Wainwrights are great.

    Debating whether or not to dive into the Arcane Society novels. They might make a good transition back to sf/f, but there are a fuckton and I feel like I'll get burned out on psychics first.

  • Relatedly, someone please recommend me some urban fantasy where the fantasy part isn't a fucking secret. I am thinking specifically Kate Daniels-style, where the whole world has adapted to make room for magic. I am over secret societies and lone heroes on hidden quests. Do you guys remember how fucking amazing the first few Anita Blake books were, before the sex magic, when it was just a world where you could major in paranormal science and raise zombies for a job, because people needed wills clarified?


    Except I am so, so over vampires. And elves, 90% of the time. I want magic and monsters, not immortal angst.

  • Speaking of magic, Vudu was offering the first episode of The Librarians for free (also the first episodes of Haven, Helix, Bitten, Being Human, Game of Thrones - stuff has come and gone, but it is definitely worth a look). Dean Devlin! Christian Kane! A show that feels very much like Warehouse 13!

    I am very much not sold on the Serpent Brotherhood, their apparent Big Bad - I like Du Lac in the broad strokes, but come on, an Arthurian threat and your Head Evil is named DU LAC? Lamia is just a hot mess of a character for me right now. I don't know if it's the acting/accent or the writing but I find most of her stuff unwatchable.

    IDK, I like the show so far, will watch more.

  • I want more Z Nation (haven't seen the finale yet!), but about 1000% less Citizen Z. He works best as a framing device/deus ex machina, please stop giving him plotlines. You can replace all of his stuff with MORE 10K. He is the best and I love him and I want him to run back into sniper girl and for them to murder the shit out of things together.

    I think this is a show that fucks up a lot, but also does some really interesting stuff? Like, a bunch of the Murphy stuff is dumb, many of the plots of the week are pretty dumb (radioactive zombies! zombie tornado!), but everything that wasn't Murphy in the shooting contest episode, for example, was amazing - grief, PTSD, disregard for human life/death, awesome teenage snipers competing with each other and having a really understated zing of attraction. I'm actually really impressed that they're willing to drop characters as quickly and unexpectedly as they have, that Cassandra's Secret Shame has actually been an ongoing thing, that they are showing a legitimate range of responses to trauma (flashbacks, drug use, emotional numbing, alienation, formation of intense bonds, exclusive focus on a self-assigned "mission").
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2012-11-04 08:03 pm
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You're Getting Your Feelings Everywhere Again

I really want the AO3 to have a "download series" option. Because ~20,000 words spread over ten fics is just irritating.

I'm 39 stories into the Teen Wolf list. People need to write more fic so I can finish it. I am fishbowling so hard. Like, I've opened my in-case-of-emergency Teen Wolf longfic (I highly recommend keeping similar on your Kindle, btw) and tapped out four times this weekend. It's so long and the tags are so good, you guys, but the first word is literally "harken" and I cannot even deal with that stylistic choice. That is why it's the in-case-of-emergency fic. It's really, really yes, but at the same time, really, really NO.

Not gonna lie: I spend a significant amount of time after uploading new icons just staring at the expanded icons page and going MY TASTE IS AMAZING AND I WANT A COLLAGE OF THESE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERFUCKERS. Also, I have some very definite patterns in taste. It's kind of weird to be like, huh, I...really prefer close-up shots only after staring at a page where more than half of my 250 icons ARE CLOSE-UP SHOTS. Also enjoy: saturated colors and text only. Do not enjoy: animated icons or icons with many effects - I apparently feel the point should be made through your cropping and/or text, or not at all. Like, I save a lot of icons that don't fall along those lines? But those are apparently not the icons I end up using.

All I want to eat is IHOP, but IHOP is a cool 40 minutes away. Chickasha is a terrible town. Although it does make googling shit easier - there is only one. Anywhere.

Fucking store inventory. It is a once a year shitshow. We are missing $1200+ in jewelry that never leaves its locked case. For real, somebody's got sticky fingers. Also, I work six days next week. The money's good, but oh, chances of me flipping out on someone are high.

Relatedly, nothing makes you feel great about your life-choices like seeing an old news article about migrant workers and their slave-wages and seeing your ACTUAL FUCKING WAGES there. Legitimately, after five years and a "promotion", I make $9.00/hr.

I want season 3 of Lost Girl so baaaad, you guys. They are so good at ladies being friends and having adventures! Bo/Kenzi is my brotp forever, y'all. Like, if I want girls being friends as a major part of the storyline, it's mostly Lost Girl and Cougar Town and maaaybe Big Bang Theory (Penny and Amy? legit my favorite part of the show). Relatedly, I need the new season of Cougar Town.

I feel weird about Avengers fandom, in that I love Tony Stark THE MOST, HE IS MY BELOVED, and I could kind of give a shit about Steve Rogers? Which is not the way most of fandom seems to have come down on the issue. It's not the first fandom where that's happened to me (hi, Star Trek TOS! hi, DS9 and Naruto and HIMYM and and and), but it's still fucking weird. There's also some weirdness because I got deep into Avengers right after the first Iron Man movie and imprinted on a lot of comics stuff and apparently my head-canon is very definite about where comics-verse and movies-verse can blur and where they CANNOT. Basically? Movies-Tony and Extremis = NOOOOOO.

Only semi-relatedly, I really want movies-Asgard to end up in Oklahoma somehow because 1) that is fucking hilarious and 2) they might actually film some stuff in Oklahoma, which excites me because a) Oklahoma is actually really fucking pretty and does not really get credit for it and b) I could totally drive to see that.
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2012-06-01 12:32 am
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So, Grey's Anatomy



I feel like I very much need a soulbond AU verse of some sort for this show, because there was Derek for Meredith and Denny for Izzie and now OWEN FOR CRISTINA and there is just very much a theme of bam, you, for me, for always. I'm not gonna lie, I spent something like twenty minutes mentally mapping out the dynamics of a BDSM-verse (I am still undecided); that remains pretty much my brain's version of a love letter.

Also, I very much want spoilers for next season IMMEDIATELY, because it totally felt like Someone Particular was going to die after all the "we're so happy" stuff back at Seattle Grace and I cannot even deal with that.
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2012-05-03 09:01 pm
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Guys, I'm Getting Sucked Back In

Like, I watched a few minutes of an episode of Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago and now I'm buying old seasons and trying to figure out where to start. I got season five so I could watch the Callie/Arizona from the start - btw, can I just say how awesome I find it that there're now canon lesbian marrieds on a show that had a very heavy femslash fandom from the start? - but do I have to watch all of it? Seeing George alive, knowing he dies, just makes me sad. Also, please tell me someone is hiding a shitton of Mark Sloane/Jackson Avery fic. I WILL EVEN TAKE MARK/JACKSON/LEXIE, I JUST FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT MARK AND HIS BOYTOY, WHO HE ORDERS AROUND AND SLIPS GIANT WADS OF CASH BEFORE SENDING HIM ON HIS WAY. Also, Meredith/Cristina is still my OTP. I do not care about their husbands, I just want them to be in the same city together at the end of this.
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2012-03-12 10:33 pm
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1) Wow, Kei's Gift has way more racism than I remembered - "Prij/Darshian" racism, but really "white people/brown people" racism. Somerville engages with it? But I was not super-comfortable with the "brown people are magically gifted, socially cooperative, and peaceful, while white people are ungifted and superstitious, xenophobic, and warmongering" thing*, especially when several of the more magically gifted characters were described as "childlike". There are only a handful of "good" white people and they are almost uniformly dead or exiled at the end of the book. There were also some unfortunate implications about homosexuality (the only such relationships we see involve at least one and in most cases both/all partner(s) being infertile).**

*I would feel way better about it if there had been more shades of gray, but seriously every bad action by a Darshian is traced back to trauma/bad feelings caused by Prijian warmongering.

**Full disclaimer: by the last third or so, I was skipping entire chapters at a time, SO GLAD I DID NOT PAY FULL PRICE FOR THIS.

2) I feel very ugh today physically and also mentally. I'm dizzy/nauseated/headachey and I don't want to read anything or do anything.

3) I did power through the two easiest lists I had on deck, because I am running out of time: Fix These Words in Your Heart: Astolat and Fix These Words in Your Heart: Lomonaaeren, my 15 favorite fics by each author.

4) I killed like 20 minutes (finger-)combing my hair for the first time in probably a week. I keep it clubbed back basically all of the time so it gets snarled but doesn't look awful - every time I comb or brush I lose hair like crazy. Mane 'n Tail's Detangler is fucking amazing. It detangles and conditions, and the 32 oz bottle from work was only $6.99 (before my discount). The conditioned feeling lasts through a couple shampoos, too. Seriously, it is 7 hours later and I can still run my fingers through my hair. That never fucking happens.

5) I am really enjoying GCB so far, y'all. I don't like Carlene, but I really like how happy Rip and Carlene's marriage is. Also, how much do I love Blake and Cricket's relationship? THIIIIIIIS MUCH. Like, I spent a good chunk of the last episode thinking "does she know?" and "it'd be great if that was just their thing", AND THEN. I was not expecting that kind of storyline and it makes me happy. Also, I want some Amanda/Heather. Also also, I love Cricket's faaaace, the things she can do with her eyes kill me.

6) I don't usually mess with torrents anymore, but I have refound That One SFF Book Torrent. One problem: I don't have a torrent program on this computer. Recs?
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2011-12-05 05:50 pm
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Catching Up on CSI While My Body Tries to Kill Me

Nick Stokes is such my beloved, you guys. I want all the amazing Nick-whumping stories; why aren't there more of them? THERE IS SO MUCH CANON WHUMPAGE TO WORK WITH. Oh, he is still so pretty. And nice and good at his job and basically, almost all of my CSI hearts are for Nick Stokes, with, like, three left over for early-seasons Danny Messer and one for the Vegas lab rats collectively. Thousands of hearts for Nick!

But I like Russell! And Brody. Not gonna lie, I would read the shit out of some Nick/Morgan. I am still all kinds of over Sara - the serial killer case felt like the dozenth such ep I've seen with her. I've always liked Catherine, but she's kind of bitter now, and it mostly just makes me want her to run away from here and be happy somewhere out of Vegas. Brass, pretty much the same. Ooh, I like the sheriff! Whatever her name is.

I like this season waaay better than last season, overall.

Ugh, bronchitis is horrible. This meatsuit is defective and I would like to trade it in for another model, please. Or possibly a robo-chassis.
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2010-10-19 09:17 pm


I am actually going to attempt it this year, which means I get to nom things!

Current (hopefully final - I can't take more brackets) nominations are:

The Inside (tv): Rebecca Locke! I just love her a lot, you guys. She is badass and competent and totally, totally crazy. Also, y'know, Rachel Nichols; I heart her (P2 just lost out to Kick Ass in the brackets).

Kick Ass (movie): Hit Girl is amazing (she totally thinks Batman is a pussy) and I'm pretty sure Mindy Macready/Sam Puckett is the best crossover OTP I have ever had.


P C Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath: Jame/Bane was my kinky OTP before I knew what kink or OTPs were. Violence! Bloodplay! Incest! IT COULD BE RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS. Also, there's amnesia and apocalypses and philosophy and thieves and assassins and fealty and magic and it's all about a totally badass lady who's more comfortable fucking you up than talking about "feelings" (she fucks around with the existence of a god just to see if she can! I LOVE HER).

Painkiller Jane: The show is kind of terrible, but it has the bones of an awesome universe and then there is JANE. Jane is like Claire Petrelli, Max Guevara, and Sara Pezzini had a baby and she is AWESOME.

Wen Spencer - Ukiah Oregon series: Ukiah! But also Atticus! Atticus/Ru! Canonical OTP! And you know what's also canon? ALIEN SEX DRUGS MADE THEM DO IT. ROUGHLY. Oh yeah, and also, THEY FIGHT CRIME.

Man, I need to check for clean electronic copies of these books. EXPECT THEM TO APPEAR ON THE BOOK FILTER SHORTLY. They may not be pretty versions, but THEY WILL BE THERE.
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2010-06-27 09:17 pm

Linear Is For Losers

I keep thinking about things I want to say and then thinking "I don't have enough to make a whole post" and screw that, so.

Does anybody watch Saving Grace? Because I would actually like to see it (shows are never set in Oklahoma!), but I have a problem: Holly Hunter is too white to be playing someone called Grace Hanadarko. I live near Anadarko and it gives me cognitive dissonance to hear the name/see a blonde. Does the character at least have some kind of Caddo heritage? Or did they just co-opt the name? Also, I am a little leary of their handling of the Murrah bombing, which is apparently an ongoing plotpoint.

I have a total kink for stories where everybody knows the canon's big secret (declassification of the Stargate Program, Sentinels-are-known AUs, etc.). The glimpses of a powerful, organized, and public Slayers and Watchers Council are a big part of why I love I Am What I Am so much. Unsung heroes getting fame and recognition = WOULD LIKE MORE FOREVER, PLEASE.

This is me.

I'm working on a mix. It's going to be called Go Into Your Emo-Corner: The Overidentification Mix and full of songs that I can't put on playlists because if they catch me in the wrong mood, they cause uncontrollable weeping or leave me screaming along because IT IS A SONG THAT SPEAKS TO MY SOUL. OR, Y'KNOW, MY EMO. WHICHEVER. Also, "get into your emo-corner!" is a line from a Transformers fic about Starscream emailing a domestic abuse center and it makes me laugh and laugh. Because domestic abuse isn't funny, but Starscream giving himself etchings because Megatron doesn't love him anymore and lets Soundwave badtouch him with tentacles is HILARIOUS.

Spoiler for Prince of Persia movie )

So [community profile] ladiesbigbang is going to be a one-off for me. Finding 150 stories that are a) awesome and b) at least 75% lady-focused is hard when I can't predict what fandoms I'm going to be into during the creation period. Like, if I could manage to revisit HP or bandom for more than a couple days at a time, this would be much easier, but fannish ennui is not really something you can arrange to suit a schedule. Working from backlog, I should be able to swing this round (I will be personally disappointed if I can't manage more than 150 just from backlog), but another round? Extremely unlikely.

I am terrible at answering comments and I'm sorry! I read them all and appreciate them and try to respond just might be getting that reply notification a few days/weeks after you've forgotten about the original post. There's a whole thing in my brain about how replies should be substantive and so I wibble around trying to meet an imaginary standard and it's, like I said, a whole Thing.

I am kind of burnt out on profic? Everything feels the saaaaaame.

Next year, fuck it, I will go to another state to attend a fandom con. The last couple scifi "fandom" cons have just not really done it for me. This last one was especially poorly run - panelists openly admitted to having no idea what the topic meant, panels had zero description anywhere so there was a lot of guesswork, panels ran completely off the rails ("Great Bubbas in Science Fiction" turned into "Trials and Tribulations of Running a Small Independent Press"...within the first ten minutes). The arguments for attending Oklahoma cons were always cost and the chance to meet people I could have regular meatspace interaction with and since the second's never worked out, I might as well say fuck it to the first and just start saving now.

I remain totally sad that more people don't watch/love Rollerball.It is a totally shitty movie with one of the most CATHARTIC ENDINGS OF ALL TIME. Like, Chris Klein and his character are basically incidental to the point of it, which is that if you push the common people too far, they will FUCK YOUR SHIT UP AND SET IT ON FIRE.

And thank you fandom, I am now totally likely to accidentally use the word "amazeballs" at work.

If I have to pretend to smile while one more jackass says "Don't mark that [bill], I just made it this morning! Hur, hur, hur!", I will CUT SOMEBODY. Also, if we check it, and your bill is counterfeit, we will not "take it up with the bank, 'cause that's where [you] got it!" We will take it up with the cops, because we are not detectives or investigators of any sort; we are a store, not the Secret Service.
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2010-03-24 10:25 am
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(no subject)

So I was thinking about a criminal!Raylon (the marshal from Justified) AU and then I realized that "Raylon" + "life of crime" basically = Ben Wade from 3:10 to Yuma.

Also, I would totally like some Ray/Tim fic, please.

But mostly, I want it to be next week already, because there is a DUEL (what if he draws faster than you?/then I die; that's how this works.) SERIOUSLY?

Like, I can't figure out if I'm supposed to find the show this hilarious, but I REALLY DO.
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2010-03-17 10:09 am
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I don't even know why, but this show is HILARIOUS. Grown men drinking moonshine and asking after each other's daddies and talking 'bout murder.

I giggled through basically every Raylon&Boyd scene, y'all.
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2009-10-16 11:31 pm
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(no subject)

I am actually really enjoying NCIS: LA! And I'd heard how slashy it was, but how did no one mention how AWESOME Kenzie is? She is unexpectedly my favorite! Although I keep getting distracted by that discoloration in her right eye. Is that a congenital thing I didn't notice at first or an injury, does anybody know? I just keep thinking she got punched or something.
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2009-10-05 09:50 pm
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(no subject)

Damn internet won't stay connected for more than a minute at a stretch, so you're not getting the Covenants pimping post I planned.

Instead, know three things:

1. I have never appreciated good mods more than I do now, after looking at all those big bangs.

2. Against all odds, I am actually looking forward to the Ginny Big Bang! Lots of femslash! One, possibly two, Harry/Ginny/Luna fics!

3. Ryan Reynolds does a mean Traylor Howard.

ETA: Of course it's working fine, now that it's after midnight.
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2009-10-02 09:48 pm

I Will Go Down With This Ship

So I am reading some favorite-cliche stories (X goes back in time to save the ones they love!) and, confession: I ship Wesley/Illyria desperately. It was honestly the only storyline I gave a damn about in those final episodes, and the biggest reason I regretted the cancellation, because rumor had it they were actually going to go there. I cannot watch the "would you like me to lie to you now" scene without weeping, I ship it so hard. Her gaspy "my love, oh! my love" is so clearly an epiphany and it KILLS ME DEAD. Unf.

Joss Whedon is kind of an amazing bastard at getting me to fall in love with his characters' relationships.

So, the various ships (of many fandoms) that I LOVE, in no particular order )
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2009-08-31 04:03 am

They Had Me At "H2IK"

Just finished marathoning all six episodes of Defying Gravity and I'm digging it. Interesting canon ships! Mysterious conspiracy! Femslashy best friends! Smart, competent, hot people! Also, YAY FOR SPACE EXPLORERS.

Oh, and there are some familiar faces: Ron Livingston from Band of Brothers, Laura Harris from Women's Murder Club, Christina Cox from Blood Ties, Andrew Airlie from Reaper...

Spoilery stuff. )

Fic for this show is going to be hilarious, y'all. The entire crew is impotent; they all wear these chemical castration patches called HALOs. People are either going to have to write chaste romance or come up with a way to get rid of the patches. I would TOTALLY read some Jen/Zoe where they thought the friendship had just gotten really close and then the HALOs come off and there's a holy shit, we are totally dating! I think you're HOT moment.

My shipping for this show is already totally weird. Jen/Zoe is my FAVE, guys. Followed by Donner/Ajay long-long-distance romance ("You, me, this ship - we are a three-way." = !!!). And Wass should totally be dating Paula and Nadia; Wass/Nadia/Paula or Wass/Nadia, Wass/Paula, either way, I'd read it. I kind of like Ted/Eve and Evram/Claire. Although I would totally also read Donner/Evram and Donner/Zoe (Donner/Zoe/Jen! they call him STD behind his back!) and Rollie/Anjay and Donner/Ted friends with benefits and maybe some Evram/Wass or Zoe/Wass, IDK, I'm kind of randomly fond of Wass.
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2009-08-04 05:05 pm
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But They Did Something Interesting!

Mediocre-to-okay media things that have surprised me recently:

5ive Girls - Weird religious horror movie with lesbian schoolgirls = cheesy fun, right? But even though the main villain is very explicitly a Christian demon (Legion, aka the one Jesus banished), one of the girls isn't Christian and makes a protection circle by calling on her Goddess and it totally works. Surprising!

The Listener - Comparisons of telepathy to rape even though the telepath is the hero! And there's even a whole argument about how even though he, Toby, is a good person, that doesn't mean her argument is invalid. Also there is a thing about Toby's third foster home dad who never touched him, just thought about it every night, and how it was before Toby learned to block people out and "it was just a matter of time" and also Toby getting taken over by someone else's nightmare when he gets flashes of a girl's rape.

Death Angel - Romance novel where the hero is a sociopath (assassin, very little emotion, no personal connections other than business, no attachments to possessions) who's kind of interested in the heroine, but still honestly debating whether or not to just kill her (girl he kind of admires/sticking it to a guy who irritates him vs. 2 million dollars). There's some change when he watches her die in an accident he caused, but the big change in his thinking really only comes after he sees her alive again and perfectly okay and it seems to be equally composed of "she's a miracle" and "holy shit there's life after death what does this mean for me?". And he ends the book still absolutely willing to not just kill to protect her, but willing to commit cold-blooded, pre-emptive murder to protect her.
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2009-07-25 08:53 pm

Sometimes Being Late to the Party Is AWESOME

Because, okay, small fandoms, I love them, but they make me so sad, guys. So much awesome! But so few people who seem to realize it. (Fastlaaaaane, but I have said that before. Two Guys and a Girl! Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion, guys, come on!) If you come late, though, there might be enough fic to make you momentarily forget the sheer waste of it all; it's an awesome trick, until it ends. But!

I rented Generation Kill and I am, predictably, totally in love. Like, in love enough that I am debating over whether I can make a full list or if I should just throw together a prompt list and make up the difference with backlog. Or, hey, rent Band of Brothers and do a whole military docudrama theme. Whatever, I cannot plan rationally right now, there is zombie fic to be had. So I shall leave you with this:

Trombley: I didn't get to shoot no one, Sergeant.
Person: Awh, Trombley. Did your recruiting officer tell you you'd get to shoot people?
Trombley: Fuck yeah he did.
Person: See, Trombley asked about shooting people. I asked about pussy. Guy told me I get to go to Thailand and get all kinds of strange. What'd you ask about, Brad? Brad probably saw that TV commercial, the one with the knight who fucks up the dragon that turns into the Marine. 'Ooh-ooh, dress blues with a sword!' Haha! Fuckin' dress blues commercial, man. That got so many fucking guys. NOW look at us: Trombley hasn't killed anybody, I am a half a world away from good Thai pussy, and Colbert is out here rollin' around fuck-butt Iraq, hunting for dragons in a MOPP suit that smells like four days of piss and ball-sweat. You shoulda rolled into battle with a sword, Brad. That would have fuckin' rocked.