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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2009-10-14 09:12 pm
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I Can't Stop Reading This

Like, I have been reduced to following her twitter, I'm stalking so hard for updates.

SGA AU, in a world built similar to the one in Xanthe's General & Dr Sheppard 'verse (with permission). Except where parts of G&DS hit my squick in unexpected ways (love the 'verse! HUGE parts of it I have to skip - not even skim, skip), this thing is just pushing my buttons. Extreme masochism that's still safe, sane, and consensual, always! Caning! Promiscuity, kink, and poly are default-viewed in neutral-to-positive ways! Guys, they have KINK COLLEGES; I THINK THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART, HONESTLY (if you couldn't get into/afford a session, you have to take a special basic training course when you join the Marines! I love this worldbuilding so much, y'all).

Ties That Bind (John/Rodney, past Rodney/Sam, various background pairings of het, slash, femslash, and poly) [Series in Progress, but she's only been posting for a week and it's at 78,300 words already]

Also, as she says on the series index page, she needed a villain and she picked Sam, so FYI (but Sam's awesome in her other fics, so it really isn't just bashing).

I am actually re-reading it right now. For the third time. In a week. NEED MORE ASAP; TOTALLY INFATUATED.

[personal profile] asdi 2009-10-15 02:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Instead of doing something useful today I spent a whole day reading a fic which is WIP and from a fandom I know absolutely nothing about. And now I'm going back to re-read it because it's just that perfect. So I just wanted to say thank you :)