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Things I Want Never To Read Again #156: Graphic (HORRIFYING) description of injuries to the inestine/colon/bowel! NO THANK YOU.



There was a violence/sex gone wrong warning on the story, but I am actually okay with most of what that might cover, so I read on, and then there was a loving and tender D/s scene that made much of the fact that this was the first time for this and it was one of Rodney's biggest fantasies and I could FEEL THE ENCROACHING DOOM, but I did not run away quickly enough to spare myself from the beginning of the GONE WRONG portion of events. AAAAAUGH.

Plus, The Apple Tree's surprise WANDLESS-MAGIC+SWEARING-GO-HORRIBLY-WRONG bit with the blood and the infection and the surgery and the AAAUGH.

Plus, that SGA fic with the gut wound and the being trapped with no medical facilities and AAUGH.

Plus, that fic with Joxer and the Spanish Inquisition and the PEAR OF ANGUISH, AAAAUGH, AAAUGH, AAAAAUGH.

Unrelatedly, I am pretty sure I don't love post-Trinity fic for the reasons most people love it? Like, yes, woobiefic is fun and all, but this is the Gateverse; you have a million choices for woobification set-ups.

I am in it for the spite.

You know the formula, Doranda -> shunning/abuse -> epiphany of Rodney's awesome. But SOMETIMES there is a bonus element, that of SCREW YOU GUYS I'M GOING HOME! I am totally a "cut off your nose to spite your face" person deep down in my soul, so I really love it when someone has legit been a douchebag, goes begging for forgiveness, and gets DENIED. Possibly also humiliated and shamed. TAKE THAT, HOSEBAG, MAYBE NEXT TIME DON'T BE SUCH A JUDGE-Y ASSHOLE.


May. 19th, 2010 03:21 am
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How did no one tell me Karen McFadyyon was back on the internet?
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You know the awesome, everybody's-bisexual-and-kinky-as-fuck universe that's home to Ties That Bind, aka, one of my favoritest fics of all time? Close cousin to the General and Dr. Sheppard 'verse?


I mean, obviously, I totally also want some Stargate/GK crossovers, because Brad vs. crazy Stargate aliens would be AMAZING. But the STORY OF MY HEART is Nate totally wanting Brad but ignoring any overtures because goddamn alpha tops always pull this shit with a sub commander and it wasn't even twenty years ago that subs weren't allowed combat postings, he can't afford to fuck this up just because his command happens to contain some kind of Viking sex god. AND THERE'S MISCOMMUNICATION AND UST AND THEN THE SEX AND THE BONDAGE AND THE HOTNESS.
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I'm not even gonna lie: I was so excited when I saw it, I accidentally whooped out loud.
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NEW TIES THAT BIND, YAY. Seriously, this pushes my buttons SO HARD.
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Like, I have been reduced to following her twitter, I'm stalking so hard for updates.

SGA AU, in a world built similar to the one in Xanthe's General & Dr Sheppard 'verse (with permission). Except where parts of G&DS hit my squick in unexpected ways (love the 'verse! HUGE parts of it I have to skip - not even skim, skip), this thing is just pushing my buttons. Extreme masochism that's still safe, sane, and consensual, always! Caning! Promiscuity, kink, and poly are default-viewed in neutral-to-positive ways! Guys, they have KINK COLLEGES; I THINK THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART, HONESTLY (if you couldn't get into/afford a session, you have to take a special basic training course when you join the Marines! I love this worldbuilding so much, y'all).

Ties That Bind (John/Rodney, past Rodney/Sam, various background pairings of het, slash, femslash, and poly) [Series in Progress, but she's only been posting for a week and it's at 78,300 words already]

Also, as she says on the series index page, she needed a villain and she picked Sam, so FYI (but Sam's awesome in her other fics, so it really isn't just bashing).

I am actually re-reading it right now. For the third time. In a week. NEED MORE ASAP; TOTALLY INFATUATED.
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Holy shit, know what I would totally love to read? WILLOW/TEYLA. Tara's serenity PLUS Kennedy's confidence/ass-kicking? How could she resist?
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I mentioned my Stargate Sort-Of Renaissance before. It caught me by surprise because I've spent the last several months gradually accepting that SGA was just not One of My Fandoms anymore; I've been phasing out icons, I've stopped keeping up with WiPs, I can't even remember the last time I looked at [ profile] sga_flashfic. And I forgot something kind of big. I have hundreds of fandoms, a half-dozen Fandoms, and (so far) only three Pivotal fandoms. Inuyasha was my first fandom, Harry Potter was where I began to really identify as a fan, and SGA? Is where I stopped being a lurker. If not for SGA, I wouldn't have an active journal, let alone an active comm. So, you know, thanks, Stargate; to the world, you're a shitty genre show, but you actualfax changed my life.
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...Kind of. I have a bunch of tabs open, but it's like two new stories/30 old ones.

Leah's penguin-fic totes superior to K.McFad's, IMO.


Basically, I want an Atlantis-y "Seal Team 13"-thing*, an epic story with LOGISTICS and ELITE SQUADS OF SPECIALISTS and BONDING THROUGH HARDSHIP and my favorite (in this case, Rodney) is in charge but he doesn't think he can do it, but he will, because he will not ALLOW himself to fail and prove Them right. God, can you imagine how different the show would be if Elizabeth had a team and went through the 'gate every other week to find allies, while our team had a week in-city, during which Rodney was in charge? I would read the shit out of that, y'all.

I want more allergic reactions from people-other-than-Rodney! Alien food/bugs/plants = somebody gets screwed!

The General and Dr. Sheppard 'verse gets me all conflicted. On the one hand, I mostly love it; kink + interesting worldbuilding + characters I love, yay! On the other hand, it occasionally hits my squick in that way that only things that push your buttons can, where it's so much worse because you were enjoying and wham! suprise NO. Also, I like every fic in that 'verse, including the ones by other authors, more than the actual TG&DS, because something about the clash of dynamic/non-dynamic universes really bothers me and I can't articulate why, which means it bothers me and drives me crazy.

*The Tenhawk renaissance, on the other hand, is DEFINITE. You guys, he is for me what JoBros fandom seems to be for many of you: 38% shame, 62% PURE GLEE. ST13 has Xander incorporating his supernatural consulting service so as to protect the identites of the consultants from the government. The series is basically TRAINING-LOGISTICS-BUILD STUFF-KICK ASS-WACKY CROSSOVERS-TEAMBONDING-MILITARY TRAINING-LOGISTICS-KICK ASS, I love it.
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It would, in fact, be the second time someone used that theme. But no, this is a just a new-and-we'll-call-it-improved version of my TBP post.

04/15 - I will be ETAing this pretty much continually tonight, so, heads up.

04/15 (2) - What the hell, I haven't even finished my current junk file, let alone started on my actual recs folder.

04/16 - But wait! There's more!...Some of it from nearly three years ago. I fail so hard.

04/21 - Added: small fandoms, Sentinel, Trek, Torchwood, Heroes.

04/21 (2) - Oh fandom, how have I come to this? Reccing post-snuff Jack/Ianto - only in fucking Torchwood, I swear to god. Oh, you could do it in HL, but I bet no one ever did. Well, unless Kronos was involved, because that was some fucked-up shit. Anyway! Current mood: HORRIFIED.

05/30 - This shit is RIDICULOUS. I am never going to manage to get rid of this post. Stupid rules about themes. Which I'm apparently going to hold myself to even though no one would care.

07/13 - I ship Xander/Buffy so hard, you guys, but the fic is just...not awesome. Well, excepting [ profile] m_mcgregor and [ profile] lwbush. Actually, the only real ships I have for Xander are Xander/Buffy, Xander/Faith, and Xander/Buffy/Faith. Hi there, not-so-secret Xander/slayers kink! Confession: TOS is practically my least favorite of the Treks (is Enterprise anyone's favorite?). DS9 was my first Trek, back when I was wee and watching with my dad, plus, BASHIR, I love him, so slashy and fucked-up and socially retarded. And TNG has my favorite captain. Reboot is the new beloved, obvs (KIIIIIRK).

But I have been having ennui, guys. It's like last week was the week canon punched fandom in the face, what with Panic and That Other Thing, You Know the One, and it's just hard to be super-enthusiastic in the wake of that. I just want to curl in and read comforty epics; well, that and prompt people to wite the bandom h/c fics of my HEART. I am trying to think of a way to finagle Brendon Urie/Travis McCoy/Katy Perry (I already asked for Brendon/Ashlee/Pete with Bronx adorableness). So I thought, hey! I'm unlikely to add tons to the rec folder in the next few days, perfect time to update this bitch. Also, also, three things people do that I motherfucking hate: not cleaning up the html in their links so I go straight to "leave a comment" or "format=light" or whatever, misuse/ignorance of page titles/subject lines, motherfucking hard-coded fonts jesus fucking christ, because 12-pt Comedic Sans MS for 15 pages is torture.

The Evolving List of Stories I Mean to Rec, Someday )


Jan. 8th, 2009 08:39 pm
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First, bonus rec: Rodney Loves Pegasus (the good parts version), SGA, Rodney/Teyla, pegging. It's hot and hilarious and awesome. I heart pegging so much, you guys. As you will see.

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about bandom stories I wish I could read.

  • Brendon is a voice actor for Disney.

  • BTW, everyone should write more pegfic, come on, I want Patrick getting pegged! Or Gerard in a skirt, blowing Frank while Lyn-Z pegs him - it would be a hat trick of MCR things I love!

  • Sometimes all Pete wants is a really dirty selfish blowjob but he can't fuck up Patrick's voice or Patrick'll give him a dead leg.

  • OMG, you guys, the story where Lyn-Z takes Gerard-in-drag out clubbing. I want it so bad.

  • Gerard worries that Umbrella Academy's numbers are more about Gerard Motherfucking Way and less about the comic itself so he publishes an indie comic under another name, being supersecretive about it until Mikey brings one onto the bus and reads it in front of him really pointedly and yeah, he is totally busted.

  • Bob Bryar takes no shit from zombies.

  • Brendon vs. William, cutthroat Go Fish, stakes: one Jonathan Jacob Walker.

  • Brendon fights with his band and runs Gabe's basement.

  • AAR gets someone to try calf fries.

  • Brendon is surrounded by couples. Who keep asking him for threesomes. And he keeps saying yes, because hey, threesomes! But no one wants to keep him. And then someone does, because I like happy endings.

    It would be awesome, because come on, Jon/Cassie/Brendon, Shane/Regan/Brendon, Spencer/Haley/Brendon, Ryan/Keltie/Brendon, Pete/Ashlee/Brendon, all are smoking hot combinations.

  • I...kind of want to read the story where a fan sends Gabe a snake and his band then finds out that in real life, he is incredibly creeped out by their little unblinking soulless eyes. And the snake gets loose somewhere on the bus. Gabe refuses to be left alone until a successful capture.

    Obviously should end in GSF, because that's pretty much how I want all CS stories to end.

  • A Panic GSF version of Beauty & the Beast, where Brendon is Beauty, Spencer is the Beast, Ryan is Cogsworth, and Jon is Lumiere.

  • Brendon the hairstylist falls in love with the lead actor of the TV series he works on.

  • Novelist Ryan finds his muse in stripper Brendon. Harlequinesque and cheesy and hilarious!

  • Single father Patrick has no time for romance, but business tycoon Pete isn't used to taking no for an answer.

  • Music major Patrick falls for campus activist Andy and woos him with protest songs.

  • Gerard stars in a cabaret. Frank falls in love with her on stage and again with him sitting at the bar.

  • The dance company AU, Pete's the director, Patrick's the choreographer, Ryan, William, and Brendon are principals, Gabe's always challenging people to dance-offs, and Jon's the new guy.

  • More gangbangs always. But I also want morning-after-gangbang where Brendon (...random example) is all sore and his band spoils him because it's their fault but he can't take advantage because what if they feel too guilty and won't do it again?

  • Five drinking games that aren't I Never.

  • Spencer Smith: art thief.
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My three lists are at 40, 38, and 35 right now, so go me. And I've got at least a hundred stories on deck, if I can just figure out where I want to/can use them. Sadly, the awesome BtVS/Avengers crossover will have to wait for another list as I am bound and determined to use it with Superhero.

Current top five from each list:

Proof of Your Existence (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Not Only Human}
Biology Lessons (Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Death}
Shadows of the Future (gen) [Star Wars] {Erase/Rewind}
throw a little sparkle all over it (Frank Iero/Gerard Way) [RPS] {Family}
Sex Pollen Fic, Minus the Sex (Various) [Avengers] {Aftermath}

Strategy (Connor/Wesley, Angel/Wesley) [Angel] {Make Use of the Suffering}
Trying to Communicate (gen) [Torchwood] {Humor}
Taken (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis] {Dominance}
A Cyborg Manifesto (Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Ianto) [Torchwood] {Walking Wounded}
L'Etranger (gen) [Harry Potter] {Character Study}

This Wouldn’t Have Happened in the Analog Era (Ryan/Chad) [High School Musical] {Jealousy}
I Take Thee, Carter: A Tale of Several Weddings and an Apocalypse (Jack/Allison) [Eureka] {Ceremony}
Neither Advice Nor Reason (Various) [RPS] {Change Partners}
Promises Writ in Indelible Ink and the sequel, Mine (John/Rodney) [Stargate Atlantis] {Possessive}
The Vital Question (Steve/Tony) [Avengers] {Mistake}
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Okay, so I mentioned that I thought Simon should totally go to Atlantis by accident and then hook up with Ronon, because 1) hot like BURNING, both of them, and 2) they have complementary angsts. And then [ profile] ana_grrl wrote me comment fic and now [ profile] blueraccoon has written a sequel.


Random Bonus Link: Things I Cannot Change (Firefly/Smallville) [Simon/Lex] Mmmmm, hot genius ex-richboys having sex.
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As I've said, I've set myself to reading things I don't, actually, want to read. Because I find them creepy. But I am making a list.

Oh, and I was thinking, and I think it's the fact that I've never seen necrophilia presented as a serious fetish that makes it not an autosquick; mostly, in my brain, necrophilia = parody.

Anyway. I can't seem to find a threesome I find squicksome on its own grounds. Like, I won't read Lucius/Draco/Snape, but I'm not interested in any of the contained pairs and I don't read Draco/not!Harry the same way I don't read John/not!Rodney. Buffy fandom made me love the illogical threesomes! It is totally not my fault. I...apparently want to read Tony/Abby/McGee? And wow, Tony/Ziva/Gibbs would be awesome, especially post-ep discipline fic for that one with the Korean spy!wife. Oh god, why has no one written that? Or maybe someone has, in which case, I must have it.

This exercise is surprisingly interesting. I now yearn for pairings/groupings I never contemplated. Like Tony/Jen. And Tony/Gibbs/Jen. Because after Gibbs fucks off to Mexico, Tony and Jen work together more and then they have friend- and/or commiseration-sex and get all close and then Gibbs comes back and is Displeased, because Gibbs is a possessive bastard and then 1) Gibbs stews for a while before Tony and Jen take pity and include him for hot and playful threesome sex or 2) Tony and/or Jen suggests Scenario 1, their lover is jealous because this was supposed to be a relationship based on more than a common bastard, there is Angst on the part of the lovers and Angst on the part of Gibbs (his return has made the people he loves miserable!), and then there is some drinking and the jealous lover seeks solace in Gibbs' arms, jealousy all 'round, misunderstandings, more sex and alcohol, some confessions, and finally, happy athletic threesome sex or 3) Gibbs decides to make Amends for running off by slowly and diabolically seducing the pair into his bed, as a pair, and then there is much porn or 4) Gibbs goes all masterful and convinces the two to join him for scorching threesome bondage-sex and then just...keeps them. And apparently I'm not getting off this fantasy-story tangent and should just give up and what I planned to say. Ah, well.

I think I could maybe go for some Zack/Hodgins/Angela. Hodgins' crush on Angela seems obvious enough, and if you combine that with Zack living with him and Zack's obvious affection and respect for Angela, I'm sure many nifty things could happen. Like, Zack and Angela date, or Zack and Angela have a nonromantic sexual affair, whatever, and Hodgins realizes he is, in fact, jealous of both of them. This makes him hostile, which confuses Zack and angers Angela. Eventually it erupts into a confrontation in the lab in which Hodgins grabs Zack and kisses him in front of God, Angela, and everybody. Angela finds boykissing hot and is saucily delighted. Threeway dating, possibly the kept boy thing crops up (story of my HEART, why will no one write it?), happy ending with sex for all! Very good sex, because I bet Angela's wicked in the sack and mmmm, Zack and his incredibly long fingers and his perfectionism.

And I would not say no to Brennan/Booth/Angela. What with Brennan/Angela being my favorite, and Brennan/Booth being the show's favorite, and Angela canonically digging Booth.

Lalala, what else. Oooh, Firefly, with the practically-canonical bizarre threesome of Simon/River/Kaylee, which is always fun. As is Jayne/Simon/Mal, which I adore. But you know what I want to see. More Simon/Zoe/Wash. And mmmmm, Simon/Inara/Mal, which I've never seen and am now keenly interested in, because those would be some interesting dynamics, with Mal's jealousy and Simon's uptightness and Inara's determination to remain emotionally uninvolved. Oh, she could seduce them both, planning on leaving them paired together because she can't keep Mal dangling after her, temptation and torment both, and then finding herself completely unable to untangle herself, because Simon loves hard, harder than is sane or rational or proper, and it's impossible to walk away from that depth or fierceness of feeling, and Mal, when has she ever been able to resist Mal as much as she means to? And it's infinitely harder now, when instead of calling her a whore, he just gives her these slow grins like he sees right through Companion Serra, and she eventually has to throw up half-baffled hands in resignation and content herself with two gorgeous steady lovers and a life and family unlike anything she ever planned.

And now is when I again long for Buffy Summers threesomes. I want more Buffy/Willow/Xander, and Buffy/Wesley/Angel, and Buffy/Wesley/Faith (especially in the Wishverse!), and Buffy/Ethan/Giles, and Buffy/Xander/Faith (OT3! shut up, wins at life!), and Buffy/Darla/Angel (just once! I want to read it once! preferably with angry pregnant Darla because oh, the shenanigans my mind is hinting at), and Buffy/Xander/Spike (Buffy-never-died AU, or there's the horribly angsty Buffy-uses-them-both-for-sex story, where they find out about each other and there's hostility and shame, but she manipulates them into simultaneously bedding her and gradually the men grow closer and end up forcing Buffy into an epiphany and then there is a long road to a more healthy relationship and dammit, no one's ever gonna do that one). And then there's the Buffy/Xander/Dawn where, a couple-few years post-Chosen, a mysterious Something happens to Xander in Africa and he ends up with near-total amnesia and the only personal information he retains are a few scattered memories of Dawn. He's sent to Rome to convalesce and finds himself attached quite firmly to Dawn, but also oddly drawn to her vibrant older sister. Blah blah, angst, magical shenanigans, eventually, threesome, and Xander later regains his memory but remains quite happy with his new situation - he always has had a weakness for Summers women. Oh, and I've read one Xander/Willow/Cordy fic and am quite convinced there should be more.

I believe I've bitched before about the lack of post-enzyme Rodney/Ronon/Teyla? I mean there's Sweat, but I want more, and bigger, because I'm interested. And speaking of things I've seen only once, I wouldn't be averse to more Teyla/Elizabeth/Rodney. Or hell, Teyla/Elizabeth/Ronon. And then I have this whole post I keep meaning to type up about girl!Rodney having sex with Cadman and Ronon, maybe separately, maybe both at once. Oh! Rodney/Cadman/Vala! Oh, man, that would amuse me endlessly; someone should totally do that. Hmmm, Teyla/Elizabeth/Kate as just a regular tension relief kind of thing. Or hee, Teyla/Elizabeth/Zelenka as told by an outside observer would win.

And oh, how I used to long for Meredith/Izzie/George. Or George/Izzie/Alex. Now, though, I turn my yearning toward Burke/Cristina/George, because all three of them WIN. Come on, you know you want it. Because 1) Burke could totally date two interns and get away with it, 2) George is adorable, deserves mad amounts of sex, and has a giant (and totally requited) man-crush on Burke, and 3) competitive!Cristina is hot like burning - Cristina turns everything into a competition - any threesome involving Cristina automatically doubles its hot-like-burning quotient. I mean, I like Callie and all, but it'd be kind of awesome if she went crazy on George and Burke comforted him and there were Feelings and George immediately chose the avoidance/denial route and Burke was wounded and Cristina tried to fix it and weaseled out of George why he needed some time and being simultaneously pleased at having such an awesome boyfriend that he turned George gay and pissed because hey! her boyfriend! Then Burke gets it out of her and admits that he, too, has the Feelings, but he loves Cristina and is committed to her, and George is right, maybe they should just take some time... And then Cristina brings George home and is very matter-of-fact about how at least George isn't another girl, as she's not fucked-up enough to be either the Addison or the Meredith in this situation and also, she's the best girlfriend ever and she hopes Burke realizes that this means she gets to win every argument, ever, right on down as to whether people who run recreationally are, in fact, deficient. So there.

And finally, I want a post-HBP fic that starts Harry/Luna and ends Harry/Luna/Draco. I want it set before the defeat of Voldemort; I want it to be a goodly distance from the end of HBP; I want Draco to be miserable, confused, horribly disadvantaged, and with a massive crush on Harry; and I want Luna to convince Harry to give Draco a chance to prove himself. There would be lust and distrust and anger, confusion and grudging acceptance and growing attachment, angst and love and thrilling heroics. It would be awesome, bitches, and I shall leave you to contemplate that.

Okay, I lie, but only because I just realized I also want Harry/Luna/Ron. And possibly Harry/Luna/Neville. I'm already an established fan of Harry/Ginny/Luna and I've got some Harry/Luna/Hermione queued up to read tomorrow. Basically? Luna wins at threesomes and hey, maybe I could go for some Ginny/Luna/Neville...

Anyway! Some H/G/L for you:
Count the Way
A Progression of Third Wheels
Cravings and Compulsions
Severus Snape and the Dubious Duty
True Moon and The Opposite of an Eclipse

ETA: Took me two day to realize hey, I never did finish typing that. So, you may have briefly seen the incomplete version on the 18th. Anyway. Have some music! The B for Brontosaurus website, with four songs for free download. Who Will Sail My Ship Ashore? has always struck me a threesome-y song, and I am currently infatuated with Soda Pop Rock.

Also? On that H/L/Hr story? Author ended it with a reset and prophecy of doom. Bitch freaking move.
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Random fan stuff. Covers both the two weeks I spent re-immersing myself in Harry Potter and the four or so days right after I finished downloading all five seasons of Angel, where I was maybe briefly insane.

Stupid Fits of Enthusiasm )
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Eh, y'all know how I enjoy blathering. Been collecting junk thoughts into a text file the past three or four days, and now I share the contents of said file:

Musings )
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And how cool is it that I totally spelled that right on the first try? Shut up, you know you're in awe of my mad vocab skillz. Mad skillz, I say.

Anyway. I joined four comms and friended another 52 today. And many of those 52 are comms for threesomes, foursomes, etc.

So, I share with you today, threesome recs in oh-so-many fandoms: Munificence! )
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Go here! Go here now, bitches!

If I had self-control, I would have waited until today and read these all in one go and had the best Valentine's ever, but I don't, so I didn't. And so now I shall scream about my favorites and you should all go read them. And, y'know, the others, but mostly these.

It's the (in)famous stripper!AU! Finally complete! With sequels (Learning Curve, Exponential Curves)!

Initial Product Offering. I kind of heart college student!Clark muchly, and the whole thing is basically a big ball of awesomeness. Especially the accidentally-coming-when-Lex-calls (not that way, you filthy whores).

Inertia! It's Hikaru no Go fic! You don't understand! I read the very first American edition of Shonen Jump and I kept up with it through Jessica's subscription and then, later, Tommy's subscription (I miss high school; people pandered to my whims back then...). So I have a secret weakness (for slash especially) for Naruto and Shaman King and Hikaru no Go. And this is slash! And it's heartbreakingly gorgeous! And you all should have already read it, it's that good.

See, I read the first little snippet of this and fell immediately in love with the title ("The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology"? How could I not?). And now it's wonderfully larger and it's got House in all his stalkery goodness (I will never forget the recap that described him as "Grumpy McStalkercane") and it's got obliviously slutty Wilson and it's got the ducklings! I love the ducklings! And I love this fic.

You know how much I loved the Hikaru no Go and House fics? Add that love and square it, my friends. (Trigonometric) Proofs is Macdonald Hall fic. And it is beautiful and wonderful and my heart explodes with love for it.

But nothing, nothing, matches my love for this story. IT'S THE SEQUEL TO HINDSIGHT! SHUT UP, THE CAPSLOCK IS COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED! GO, BITCHES, GO!

And if you're reading this, you better just be coming back from reading More Than, else I shun you forever and aye. SHUN! Shun like the Amish shun punk rock!

Now that that's taken care of...

I read this random conversation and was very sad when that story did not appear. And then I saw One Life to Ascend To and the joy knew no bounds. It is wondrousness and loveliness and all y'all should read it now, especially if you have anything like my unholy love for the soap opera.

And then today, Visiting Hours. It is monstrous long, and I did manage to resist reading any part of this series until VH was complete (go, delayed gratification!), so now I'm off to do that. But I already know it's going to be awesome. Because it's Pru's version of Clark and Lex's canon son.

So. Happy ficcing. And Happy Valentine's Day.

ETA: OMG, you don't know how much trouble I went to so as to link to that conversation. I had to go through like 80 lj entries. I'd bookmarked, because, hey, soap operas, but then MSN went crazy and...whole big thing.

Also, couple things I meant to mention?

I feel I should get some kind of medal for all the uploading and sharing I have done today. I have spread joy wherever I have gone to-day.


And I like pastry. All pastry. Just for being pastry.
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There's meta and musing and...I wish I could think of another m-word to go here. Anyway.

Oh, um. Small disclaimer: some of these actually will be elaborated on later.

Sometimes I Think I'm Clever )
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This is the part where I confess that mine is a fickle heart.

I tend to come into fandoms sideways.

I started out in Inuyasha, because I was hooked on the show and found fanfiction when I went trolling for spoilers (it'd gone to an extended hiatus on a cliffhanger). Then I found HP fandom in the wait for the fifth book and things snowballed from there.

I have poor self-control; I found it impossible to resist reading stories by authors I loved, even if those stories happened to take place in fandoms of which I had no prior knowledge. This has, in fact, become an occasionally embarrassing habit with me. A habit, in fact, that has led me down the primrose path to popslash, bandslash, actorslash, historical RPS, and such media fandoms as The X-Files, Jeeves & Wooster, Once a Thief, The Professionals, and The Sentinel.

And Stargate SG-1.

When I began reading SG-1 fic (Jack/Daniel, of course), I had no idea what the characters even looked like. I actually decided to watch the show because surely these people were kidding about all the pouting (btw, yeah, totally were not).

Imagine my surprise when I realized I had seen the show before. Seen it, and mocked it.

Why do I even bother to mock anything anymore? I mock and then I unwillingly love. It's a pattern. A damnable, damnable pattern. Fanfiction. Slash. Buffy fandom. Popslash. SG-1.

So. I fell in love, with the show and the fandom. I read obsessively, watched the weekly marathons on Sci-Fi, had a this-close-to-OTP (I am a pairing slut, so this was big for me)...

Then I heard about this spin-off.

I watched the premiere of Stargate: Atlantis live and fell in love with it, too. I loved Elizabeth and her freckles, and John and his insouciance, and Rodney and his...everything. I even loved the strange new villain, the Wraith (you know, the goth-catfish space vampires).

But it was a little love. I watched the show every week and I checked out the fanfic a little. This was back in the early days of the fandom, when hardly anyone was there, and the slash was almost exclusively Sheppard/Ford. I couldn't really get into the pairing, so I went back to my Jack/Daniel (and, of course, my innumerable other pairings in other fandoms, but that's not what we're talking about now).

A few months later, I had renewed love for SGA, and went back to looking for fic...And oh my good and holy lord, had things changed.

You guys know what happened. The Great Fannish Convergence happened, where eleventy-billion authors and artists and vidders all fell in love with the show at the same time, and then they all fell in love with each other and the way that they loved the show. SGA became, as thefourthvine put it, the black hole of fandom.

And the black hole had a new favorite pairing.


And anyone could have told you I'd be all over that. I love me some geek-love. Wesley, Hermione, Seth, Abby, Daniel.

So yeah, the love grew. And then I found the really good fics, like Intersections and the Geeks'n'Goons series, and the love kinda began to experience exponential growth.

Cut to now.

I yearned for some SG-1 fic, and I read this story. Jack and Daniel ride off into the sunset together; I should be happy, right?

I wasn't happy. Because they were riding off to Atlantis.

I don't want any member of SG-1 near Atlantis. I want to protect the Atlanteans from the SGC, and everyone else who wasn't there for that first year. I want Weir and Sheppard and McKay running the show, and if Jack, Daniel, or Sam showed up, that dynamic would change.

I realized I wanted to smack Jack around for so blithely taking Weir's command and Sheppard's power.

So I have to say this: SG-1. I love you. You are beautiful and vast, and your fans are both geeky and gleeful, which translates into some fine, fine fiction. You embrace who you are (a genre show) and where you come from, and that makes you endearing (yes, we're cliched! but we have fun with it!).

But I'm totally leaving you for your hot younger sister-show. Atlantis is prettier (mostly) and she has a better sense of humor; she is quirky and adorable and her characters are not epic, archetypal heroes, but misfits who seem to save the day by accident, bitching the whole way. I love her like I have never loved before, and I felt I had to confess this.

But, as I never have been and never will be a monogamous fangirl, I will totally still have the occasional hot fling with you.

Damn me for a fickle whore.
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Elizabeth/Teyla/Rodney? An "um, YES" for me, apparently. Just read A Pair of Boots and christ but I want more of that.

Also, there should be more Rodney/Ronon/Teyla enzyme-porn.

And more post-Duet Rodney/Carson/Cadman, because come on! Canon awkward-threesome-thing!

And there should be John/Rodney/Cadman, because I also just read Rodney and Cadman Go Down and OMG, hot.

What can I say? I am a fan of the polyamory.
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OMFG, SGA Newsletter is my favoritest EVER.

SO many awesome things that I would have missed out on. I mean, yes, it's always handy, but today I went back a few entries and OMG, basingstoke did a sequel to No, Really and then springwoof finished Later On and basically, BEST EVER.

Okay, SGA Newsletter and sga_flashfic tie for best comms ever.

Because I just read a fic amnestied in for the Harlequin challenge that had John and Rodney have a one-night stand at a hotel the night before Rodney's father's funeral and then they find out that they're SEKRITLY BROTHERS and then they continue to have sex. Because yes, it's wrong and they're going to hell, but it's also really dirtywronghot. Plus, incest is a cultural taboo mostly because of inbreeding, and it's not like they can get each other pregnant.

And then, at the end, Rodney thinks one of the best things ever: "He was brilliant, and he was about to head the science team for the first intergalactic expedition ever, and he had a sensational-looking boyfriend and a brother with whom he was extraordinarily close. The fact that they happened to be the same person was just really efficient.". Because yes, totally Rodney.
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I don' well with change. Which, well, I knew, but god, I didn't realize how freakish I could get about it. People keep changing their lj layouts and it weirds. Me. Out.

It's like someone up and changing their face. I have no other way to visually identify who these people are and it's weird.


Y'all should check out the Porn Battle. I've got a pile of entries in my to-be-read queue.

Queue is a funny word. You don't find many five-letter words with a repeating sequence.

I busted out with "parse" earlier. Because Dena gave me the excuse, and I like to be pretentious like that. Yeah, yeah, I'm an ass.

I miss human contact. I need friends in my own damn zip code.

Oh, guess what fic I rediscovered yesterday? The Lure. It's OMG so bad. And I've totally read it like three times.

It's just...okay, you know those movies? Where they're horrible, but they have little horrible bits in them that are awesome because you secretly, in your twelve-year-old girl heart of hearts, can totally see it?

Yeah, it's kind of like that. I put up with the weird characterization, uneven action, bizarre rape, and unlikely sub-on-sub action because my secret twelve-year-old loves Van in a collar. Because Van? Totally a sub.

I'll own it: I like the BDSM fic. Dude, Nancy is one of my top ten favorite authors, and her biggest fic is the Romanology thing. Which I reread part of this weekend and jesus do I want more of the Medical Investigation Romanology. Because that is an awful place to leave it. Miles was all "Stephen! Betrayed my trust!", but it totally wasn't like that, except it kinda was, and Stephen just all post-coital and unconscious and has no idea how much it's freaking Miles out that the sex was not only not-painful, but actually enjoyable, and oh, the repercussions.

And huh, it's weird that that story didn't trip my squick like Bitch did. But it feels different. It feels like Miles is more confused than anything, while Danny felt despairing.

Oh, desolate. I'm sorry, that has nothing to do with anything, but I fucking love that word. Every time I see an author use it, I want to swoon. Ohh, Biblio, in that one story, Keeping Silence or whatever. Gets me every damn time, that whole "Jack was reaping the whirlwind and hating himself for it...Daniel was desolate..." part.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. So, I like the BDSM fic. And that has perhaps shaded the way I read a little. Because some people? I cannot read them topping with any kind of seriousness. I'm not talking physical topping, necessarily, just, you know, being the dominant partner in the relationship. Because there's usually a dominant partner.

Van? Pushy bottom. Chase? Canon bottom. Simon? Not a top. Unless he's in a situation he knows, taking care of his sister, being a doctor, he's just not...forceful at all. Emma? Yeah, no.

Whereas, I don't care how skilled a writer you are, you are not going to sell me Gibbs as a bottom. Teyla? Also not a bottom. Jarod? Again, top.

I many pairings. I'm redoing my secondary folders, because of some rather glaring omissions (half my various threesome fics were missing from the SGA folder!). And I'm working on the pairing folder first. I am...less than half done. And I'm up to 212 couples, 44 threesomes, 5 foursomes, and 2 moresomes. Plus, 9 wank fics.

I want more threesome fic. Threesomes are nice. And wow, BtVS accounts for 11 of my threesomes, with SGA accounting for an additional 7. And SGA has two of my foursomes, and BtVS, one.

Mmmm, The Key's Watcher series. I love Tara Keezer. And I'd really love if she brought Ethan to the Anita-verse. But that's probably unlikely. Even though it'd be awesome. And we know Ethan was looking for Giles. Or, omg, we know the Anita-verse!Giles got vamped. What if Anita-verse!Ethan is his sire? And wanted a pair of matched Gileses?

This is why people write fanfic-fanfiction. Because they get dumb little ideas like this.

But hey! I haven't sorted any of my GSF fic yet! Possibly I will have to start a fivesome folder, because right now those'd go in the moresome folder, and since the two stories in there are giant, sprawling orgies, the GSFs would feel kinda out of place.

Seriously. Giant. Sprawling. Orgies.

They are awesome.

Here: Giant, sprawling orgy - Atlantis style and giant, sprawling, BDSM orgy - Care-bear style.

Dude, so not kidding. That last is why yuletide ROCKS.

And on that note...good night.
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Okay, the thing is, I am a girl ruled by whims. I am strange and whimsical.

Often the whims could be termed cravings. For food, drink, music, fic, episodes of a random television show I may or may not have ever seen before.

Like right now, I want honeydew. Or something with a lot of melted cheese. Possibly both (but not together, 'cause eew). And water. The water from home, because the water from here tastes different, and don't get me started on bottled water.

And I am unsatisfied by Coheed and Cambria. I have an inarticulate longing for other music. But again, inarticulate.

I want to read...something Harlequinesque and improbable. Angsty and melodramatic and with a happy ending.

Or Wesley fic. I want to read Protocol. Which is, actually, Harlequinesque and improbable. But I could also go for Wesley fic that's like, Jesus, Remembering Amnesia, which's Wesley, all broken and jagged and self-destructive and devil-may-care and black-humoured and...dutiful.

Mmm, Xander fic. More Journeyverse. Or something by Wordsmith. Or the Mad Poetess.

Oh, alandrem. Taking us back to the realm of Harlequinesque. I miss alandrem. I hope she's not dead.

Don't laugh. I have actually had an author die mid-story.

In Memory I. Which reminds me of the Vanyel books. What with the slash and the horrible, rampant abuse-by-the-author of the protagonist.

Jesus, Kindli. I can never remember the damn title of that story, but it... For one thing, I found it my first trawl through the bottom!draco emporium. Like I've said before, I have pretty damn good luck finding the good stories first. It's got blackmail and BDSM and compromise and it actually does a pretty good job conveying the squinching uncomfortableness at the beginning.

Fuck, Fidelius. That one just...fuck. He was so fucking brave.

And through this whole fic ramble, almost every story I've named has come to my brain followed by an SGA equivalent.

Because Stargate Atlantis is my happy place. No matter what I've a whim for, I can read SGA and have it satisfy. Because there is seriously nothing I can't find here. No matter how bizarre.

These people embrace the crack!fic. And the serious fic. And they turn things that should be crack!fic into things that are serious fic. Like the story about virgin!priest!John. Basically the whole story was a sex scene. But people talked just as much about how fucking tragic it all was as about how hot it was. Because there was this kind of feel to it, of this might as well be hung for a sheep attitude. It was kamikaze porn.

And then there was the story with the lesbian, flying, talking ponies. Which was, frankly, straight crack.

So, I shall now share the various SGA stories.

Fidelius = Nemesis. Which, yes, lacks the absolutely horrifying thing with the hand. But it has McKay and his defiant, tortured bravery. Or, or, Charting the Motion of Planets, with him willing, desperate, to die rather than give up secrets that'd hurt the people he loves.

Without Rhyme or Reason (the Kindli one, which I just looked up, because of course it's saved on my computer) = Mercy. With the bondage and fisting and the end.

In Memory I = Hospitality. It's all so very fucked up. Rape and murder and torture and suicide and betrayal. Yeah, it's actually a lot like In Memory. Except this gives you four hundred different endings of escalating horrificness, and In Memory's a WiP.

Present Time (the alandrem story) = Care in the Holding. Possibly they are not entirely similar, but my favorite part of Present Time (one of my favorite parts, it's a really fucking awesome story) is the bit with the fight in the police station and that kind of links to Rodney in the gym with the drunk Marines and malicious Bates in my head. Also, how did I forget how fucking purple that story is? Not the prose, the background.

Okay, fine, there's no equivalent to the Journeyverse. But Wordsmith's Reconstruction = shalott's Transcendental and MP's Part of This Complete Breakfast = hmm, Rave Atlantis? or Feeding Frenzy, which contains both the humor and the sluttiness.

And Protocol = The Spare. And also the Hostage Major. And also The Convenient Husband. And also...what? They had a Harlequin challenge. Although I admit that none of them really incorporate the post-apocalypticness or the hookeriness of Protocol.

And finally, Remembering Amnesia = okay, there are several, and I can't find damn well any of them. There's the one where John and Rodney go back to Earth and have an affair and say it can never happen again and then it doesn't. Or the one where Rodney's on Earth and John's dead. Or the absolutely fucked up sentient!Atlantis one. This is crap, people. My not being able to find the stories, not the stories themselves, which rock.

Anyway. Just to round things out, an actual link.

The Scientific Method

There's an accidental orgy. And I think that's all I need to say about that, because if that doesn't get you reading, you are dead to me (or Alyssa). Although I now realize I know of at least two other accidental orgy stories in SGA. See! I told you this fandom has everything.