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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2014-02-23 12:50 am
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So Much C&Ping...

But the comm is now sitting at 1150! Come on, when you realize you're that close to 1000, that becomes your next goal in life. OVERWHELMINGLY m/m (870-ish, with m/m/m making up a further 30 or so), but I'm going with ~240 f/f not being bad at all.

Also, I'm reading Sean Michael and regretting a lot of life-choices lately and this may have been reflected in my posting choices. He is my pro-fic version of terrible-Xander-crossovers girl, y'all. I wish I could quit them, but then there's something that's almost amazing and I'm right back in again. I maybe read Trust and was seduced by the friendship before fucking dynamic. This lead to several terrible books (and a couple okay ones! v. exciting and unexpected) and a new round of poking at Bent, which I have never summoned up the courage to read, because it could be great, or it could be ALL OF THE CONSENT ISSUES, it honestly seems like a toss-up.

I need to do a massive amount of tagging, but shhh, we're not thinking about that now, because that way lies despair and madness and the weird makes-you-think-you're-hallucinating loop at skip=720.

Now I sleep the sleep of the victorious!