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DOOM: By Pairing! - The Index (Mark Two)

Aww, once there was a time I fit all of this into only five posts! That time is gone.

I find sorting things rather soothing, so: I have posted 100 (ETA: 128) rec lists. This index contains 98 (ETA: 128, except on LJ; posts got too big, again, so Slash - F-K, R, & S fandoms will no longer update there).

Anyway. All the fic's sorted into type of pairing (het/slash/whatever) first, then by fandom (crossovers are their own fandom), then by specific pairing/grouping. Makes it really easy to check if I've already recced something, which I love. Although, heads up: I don't mark canon character/OC relationships (with one exception), I don't mark canon relationships unless I feel they have a significant role in the story, and I assume you understand that if it's marked threesome/foursome/moresome fic, there may be sexual contact between all listed characters, including siblings, and in any poly there might be equal participation in a relationship sexually but not romantically, and vice versa (even though, as a rule, I prefer a happy-stable-threeway endgame).

* - One or more characters is and always has been a different gender than in canon.
** - Sex with a sentient object as a participant, not just as setting/enabler. Fandom, I love you.
*** - Particular favorite.

Gen (Fandoms A-M)
Gen (Fandoms N-X)
Slash (Fandoms #-E)
Slash (Fandoms F-K)
Slash (Fandoms L-Q)
Slash (R Fandoms)
Slash (S Fandoms)
Slash (Fandoms T-Z)
Other (Threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes)
Other (Mixed multiples - stories that contain significant relationships from more than one of the above categories and/or stories that defy categorization, like the sentient object tentacle sex)

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Oh, definitely. [: I skimmed through the whole thing before deciding to read some Glee fic, and I'm just still making a few incoherent noises, yes, but also really glad to have some new reading material. So thank you! :D
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