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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2009-03-01 08:47 pm
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So Many Cookies

At work yesterday, a Girl Scout troop came and set up to sell cookies. I bought eight boxes: one for Dad and seven ALL FOR ME. It started out five, but they stayed there, TAUNTING me with their delicious, delicious cookies that are only for sale once a year and. Well. I am weak.

Anyway! I kind of deserve cookies! I posted two minilists last night, Monster Baby, all about inhuman lovers, and Let's Save Some Lives!, an MCR-centric list that ended up mostly Frank/Gerard, but also has some good Bob/Gerard and an AMAZING Frank/Gerard/Lyn-Z high school AU.

Speaking of Lyn-Z! I started watching this season of America's Best Dance Crew yesterday and there's this one chick in Beat Freaks (who are INSANE, I love them, I am so so torn between them and Quest Crew, because QC has Hok and Dom from SYTYCD and are also hilarious and amazing) who looks a lot like her! And her name is apparently also Lindsey? Every time I see her close shots I am distracted wondering if she's the dancer in Helena, since she made a ref in the first episode to the BF members being in music videos.

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