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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2009-03-09 09:07 pm
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I'm Not Reading What I Want To Read

Because what I want to read is the Sacrifices Arc and I always end up getting lost in that monster for four days, minimum, so really, no. It will be my reward for finishing.

I wanted to read it a couple days ago, because that scene, with Draco, after the Blood Whip? That scene is amazing. I go all SUPERUNBREAKABLEOTP4EVER for that scene, god.

And now I just recced it to somebody, so I want it even more, but I must resist! It's just, oh god, four days left to deadline (and I have...accidentally made a small fandoms list. Because that is how I roll).

In other news, Castle is on tonight and I really enjoyed the pilot when I saw it as part of a market research thing, so yay. Fillion and the daughter rock.

Also, Top Gear is hilarious, why didn't anyone tell me? I just watched two episodes and by about ten minutes into the second (they drive muscle cars from San Fran to Nevada), I was totally infatuated. Hammond is a secret American! I love them all!

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