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So, now I'm super into a trope that doesn't seem to even exist on the AO3. It's called Sudden Game Interface and I am jonesing so hard for more of it, in all the fandoms. For example, I would read the FUCK out of Allison Argent wakes up early/mid-season one and discovers the supernatural via accidentally entering combat with Scott (they belong to opposing factions!) instead of making out with him as intended. Alternately, Stiles munchkining everything would also be amazingly good for me.

Anyway, most of the fics I've read have been Naruto or Harry Potter, so y'all are getting recs today. All WiPs, and all gen thus far.

Naruto: Ramen Days by Rathanel - "After dying at the end of the Sand-Sound Invasion, Naruto finds that his life is governed by a strange set of rules that he is still trying to figure out. VideoGame!Naruto"

The fic that got me into this! There's a recruitment mechanic that's pretty amazing (accidental Hyuuga conscription!) and I have to give Rathanel a lot credit for making the discovery of a savepoint heart-rending instead of a way to cheat over certain stations of the canon.

Naruto: The Gamer Files by Maxfic - "Naruto has always had video games to fall back on growing up while the rest of the village pretty much treated him like garbage. What happens when Naruto wakes up to find his life has become one of the video games he loves so much. Naruto/The Gamer crossover."

There are so many stats in this fic, guys, but I love it so much anyway. I get excited every time I see the "A special skill has been created through a special act" thing - Maxfic mixes canon and original skills in a way that feels very organic and realistic.

The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited by michaelsuave - "Harry Potter catches Voldemort's AK to the noggin only to find out that his life is a video game and he forgot to save. So what does he do? Does he return on Hard mode and work for the challenge? Heck No! Harry uses every exploit, grind, or underhanded tactic he can get his hands on. His life may be a video game, but nobody plays Harry Potter; Harry's going to exploit the system."

This is very much a comedy fic and I heart it. There's a cat battle arena featuring the terrifying Mr. Tibbles! I am looking forward to Hogwarts so fucking much, you guys.
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Lomonaaeren is on the AO3, too! So anybody who loves Harry/Draco, but hates PREPARE FOR A BEAUTIFUL ONCOMING STORM OF EPICNESS. Not all of her fics have been ported over - is clocking in at 318 stories while the AO3 is showing 234 - but it's still a couple million words of awesome. Like, literally. As in, when I did a spotlight list of my favorites in 2012, she was clocking in at 218 stories and 3.7 million words posted in under five years. She is an extraordinary machine.

Apparently she joined a while ago? But since ff is the third easiest archive to download from (AO3, then TtH, then ff, because every downloader ever interfaces with ff), I never really had a reason to look for her elsewhere and then I google searched because I was too lazy to pick her profile out of my favorites and bam!

Anyway, I have to quote my previous rec here: "I also find her endlessly fascinating...she writes in only one fandom, and 95% of her fics are the same pairing, yet there's such a breadth to her work. She's written, what, four or five Draco-is-a-Veela stories? But Veela Struck isn't like the Silence trilogy isn't like Jericho Rose isn't like A Year's Temptation. There's a rape recovery story, a story about two survivors bonded in trauma, a steadfast and unrequited devotion becoming new love story, a story about circumstance and inevitability and incompatible obligations. I love that a lot, the way she keeps turning the ideas that interest her over to find new angles instead of giving up on them after a try or two."


Also if you dig Harry/Draco/Snape, enjoy at least half a million words of poly goodness.

Now I'm going to go read some Benevolently Snarky Dark Lord Harry, because it is amazeballs.
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There is nothing like picking an old fandom on the AO3 and playing with the sort by hits option. THE LOVE OF A GOOD WIZARD IS ONLINE AGAIN, YOU GUYS! It is purest fluffy idfic where Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson go back in time to stop the war (through cunning use of HONEYTRAP) and they end up dating Tom Riddle and Minerva McGonagall, RESPECTIVELY, and Pansy is an awesome Slytherin and Harry just entirely fails at stealth all over the place, which actually makes him appear MYSTERIOUS and DAMAGED and ALLURING to protoVoldemort and IT IS DELICIOUS. Also I found a copy of Train to Nowhere and some NEW things, primarily one of the so-popular Harry's-secret-family fics that is a crossover with Hawaii Five-0 (it had better be RIDICULOUS or I will so sad) and a monstrously large Harry/Slytherins threesome mpreg creature fic, because I am feeling nostalgic for my ROOTS.


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Other fandoms have kink memes? But you basically ARE a kink meme.

(I am about to read a Harry-Snape gen fic called Flashback that was written for the Locked in a Cupboard challenge. I AM SO EXCITED. Also, I just poked a little at Catechism - clever premise and it's been recced everywhere - but I need it to get further into the comfort part of the h/c before I can deal with it. Because sometimes there IS no comfort part and I do not LIKE that.)
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Oh, Sacrifices Arc. I still love you best of all.
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Guys, I am now ACTUALLY SAD for my friends not in fandom, because they will never read Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I don't even care about the science! I care about Harry Potter, Dangerously Genre-Savvy ("yay, we completed a quest and got a minion!"), and Hermione Granger, who thinks winning is better than drugs and chose "Do your homework!" as battlecry (and made it genuinely unsettling), and Draco Malfoy, who may be Harry's friend, but still knows that he RUINS EVERYTHING, and Neville Longbottom, CHAOS HUFFLEPUFF.

It is a genuinely well-written and interesting AU and there's all kinds of thought-provoking material about science and philosophy and ethics and societal evolution, but I cannot lie - I AM IN IT FOR THE AWESOME SHENANIGANS.
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I need some awesome Harry/Hermione fic to read. I am having Thoughts about Hermione the badass revolutionary and Harry the house-husband. But no one writes that fic and that's sad.
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Holy crap, now I'm wondering if people were just waiting for me to get off my ass and open the challenge. Three days in and five minilists posted so far!

I'm currently planning lists for Sorting AUs, time travel in HP fandom, and something with Forging the Sword (Harry's Gryffindor traits were always so much scarier than other peoples'. - possibly my new favorite summary) and Pale Shelter. They are alike? But in ways I cannot properly articulate, other than that they made me stare at the screen going HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHAT. WHAT WHAT WHAT. Possibly it will end up being a list called "Amazeballs", I don't know. Just, ruthless, brilliant, amazing stories.
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Holy crap, I love! Well, I love it when I'm using it in combination with Graffer, at least. And I'm being influenced a lot by being back in HP fandom for real for the first time since I-can't-remember-when.

I'm just spotting things and going "that sounds terrible...I MUST HAVE IT". Like, a Fenrir/Harry duology by the author of Unintentionally Yours, aka, that Harry/Voldemort story where I got to pick between the chapters "Fixing Harry" and "Fixing Harry (Dramatic Version)" and there was so much noncon/dubcon/coercion that I had to start taking notes to keep all the rapists straight (it was GREAT, actually, if you like idfic, WHICH I DO).

Plus I just read 126,000+ words of Fred/George/catboy!Harry with collars and double penetration and magical bonding and it was AWESOME.

But there's a lot of "I remember YOU!" and "WHY WOULD SOMEONE WRITE THAT? ...I must know" and weird crossovers and random pairings and SO MUCH TIME TRAVEL (although some of that's inevitable, what with the Inuyasha fic) and I'm apparently going to be reading a crapload of Harry/Marcus Flint? It's probably not going to end well.
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Well that was a crappy day. But yesterday was amazing!

BECKA IS ALIVE! But no, see, at one point "In Memory I" was my most re-read of ALL fics and then she went on vacation AND WAS NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN, until now! I don't even care that there's not a new chapter! I AM JUST SO HAPPY SHE IS NOT DEAD/PERMANENTLY DISAPPEARED.

Also, 90% of my reading for the last month has been 1) HP fic 2) from 3) that I have downloaded onto my Kindle. SO MUCH TIME TRAVEL. I did not go looking for time travel? But seriously: SHITLOADS.

GO READ THIS: His Own Man. It's possibly my favorite of this batch of time travel fics (there is a bonus of Flitwick: Stealth Genius! that I quite enjoyed). And then there's this creepy number, Ouroboros - the Epilogue like you wouldn't believe. And On the Way to Greatness, a totally badass Slytherin!Harry fic.

Basically I am ransacking some favorites lists and leaping upon time travel, harems, the DA, canon Harry leaps into another dimension, and sorting AUs. Sometimes these combine in strange and unexpected ways (for example, the time travel parody with the harem and one of my favorite Sortings ever: "HE GETS HIS OWN HOUSE.").
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RL is largely a shitshow - still estranged from my brother, my mom's dealing with some at-this-point-chronic health issues for once unrelated to her mental health or drug abuse issues, my dad's yelling at me about my money because my brother totalled his car and has been given Dad's '00 Oldsmobile that was slated to replace my on-its-last-legs '98 and now Dad's stressed and I'm pissed and stressed for related reasons petty and large, and, OF COURSE, work continues to get worse. I'm looking for another job that I would like better (preferably at a bank), but at this point, if I don't get one in the next couple weeks? I'm quitting anyway. I will work at McDonald's. FUCK that place. Most recently, I've been written up for taking a lunch and there being a rush while I was gone, never mind it being dead all morning, there were three cashiers still on duty, and taking an 11-12 lunch in a 6:45-3:45 shift is pretty fucking reasonable. Like, I have put up with a lot of shit? But getting lectured about that three times is kind of the last fucking straw, thanks. Especially with the added bit about how lunches needed to be scheduled not according to the way "we" wanted things, but for the convenience of the customers and the "good of the store". Um. THREE PEOPLE IS PLENTY OF COVERAGE WHEN I HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONE ACTUALLY AT THE REGISTERS ALL MORNING. THERE WASN'T EVEN ENOUGH BUSINESS FOR *TWO* CASHIERS TO STAY UP THERE. SO SORRY MY CLAIRVOYANCE FAILED ME, YOU ASSHOLE.

I'm also in a very INTERACTION = BAD phase, complete with paranoia, so that's been. Fun. I've only even lurked on either journal site two or three times since before Thanksgiving. I've mostly just plundering with Graffer and Calibre. I hate and love it so much. Long, amazing stories, in tons of fandoms! Horrible, horrible stories in my favorite fandoms. And I am basically bereft of my usual tools to figure out which is which. There is no "Top Ten". I have no familiar, trusted sources of recs. I'm kind of wandering around flailing for things from people's favorite stories lists and getting about an even number of hits and misses.

I am back in HP fandom once again, reading almost exclusively het right now. Lots of Harry/harem (lots of it bad) and apparently Harry/Hermione/Luna is a whole thing in some circles there, much like Harry/Ginny/Luna is in some parts of LJ. Thoughts of Pudding = good (although very much Hermione\Harry/Luna instead of a true OT3). Partially Kissed Hero = don't read it. Some of it's interesting as a thought-exercise? But it's very much an Author Tract, with more info-dump than I've ever seen, and it can get pretty fucking problematic (I had an example, but it's rage-inducing enough that I'll skip it).
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I have been making a lot of tiny private posts lately, because there's stuff I want to say, but I only think of it when I'm too tired/busy reading fic/whatever to even bother capitalising shit. So! Have some thoughts:

  • I want a million stories about the logistics of superheroing (where "logistics" is anything from "all those nifty gadgets + secret identities = patents???" to "cop's-eye-view of the goddamn Batman, aka, every defense attorney's wet dream come true").


  • The combination of this icon and this pairing has now made me really want some Lily/girl!Remus. IT WOULD BE LOVELY. Instead of the Marauders, Remus has Lily to suss out his secret and be fiercely protective and there's never any trick sixth year and what with being in love with a girl, Lily never picks a douchebag bully over Snape (you know his pride would totally take it as less a rejection than as a "if I liked dudes, MAYBE!")and BASICALLY EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER IF REMUS HAS NO PENIS.

  • Sometimes you just have to look at your own squicks and laugh because dude, slashing within the Batfamily skeeves me more than actualfax incest, what is that.

  • For some reason I am convinced that while Sherlock and Patrick Jane would hate each other, Sherlock and Shawn Spencer would find each other FASCINATING.

  • Weird little tic of mine: I need girl!Dean to be named Deanna, not Dena or Diana, because Deanna is the feminine of Dean. As in, my RL Aunt Deanna is named for my Grandpa Dean. There are just certain things that are basic knowledge to you and you can't stand when someone gets it wrong (for values of "wrong") and this is one of those things for me. Also, common-law marriage and the security features of US currency. Both of which were gotten WRONG WRONG WRONG on TV shows recently. Dear Psych: There are only twelve states where common-law marriage is still legal. CALIFORNIA IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

  • I want a story about Sarah and Kyle, but mostly Sarah, called "always a widow, never a bride" because she was a kid, a kid who fell in love with a handsome soldier and then he died before she ever had a chance to grow out of that first flush of crazy-epic-in-love and grow into loving him; she went straight from the honeymoon to funeral, basically. Kyle died and all her possibilites went with him; she was never going to have more than the child he left her, the child who would become the savior of all mankind and how do you deal with that at eighteen? Alone and pregnant and knowing that this kid is all you'll ever have and this, having him and raising him and letting him go (because it's John Connor saves the world, not John Connor succeeds Sarah Connor in saving the world, and you'd never leave him alone with that if you had a choice, but don't think too hard about how it happens because you've miles to go yet, and no luxury to pace yourself to a finish line - this has to be a sprint that lasts for decades if he's going to make it), this is all that you'll be remembered for. There is nothing you do, nothing you are, that is important to the world except for this separate person kicking in your belly, just egg becomes embryo becomes child becomes humanity's last hope, and you just a vessel, like Mary, your whole life's work waiting in you since birth and completed at nineteen when they hand you that squalling red thing you're going to die for, some day.

  • Oh my GOD, how much do I want Inception fic involving a trans character whose appearance in the dreamspace just organically represents their gender identity instead of their physical reality? Not a forgery, just an actual representation of self. Or, oh, oh! A fic about how Eames is the best at what he does partially because he's genderqueer - most people can forge themselves into different appearances, but sexswap/genderswap (I would totally use sexswap, but who says a forgery is only skindeep? Maybe it is closer to genderswap.) reads as a much bigger "change" to the dreamworld and often ends in death-by-projection, while Eames feels that whatever body he's wearing is as true as the one he was born wearing.

  • XANDER HARRIS/SLAYERS = OTP FOREVEEEEEER, OH MY GOD. Like, it feels a little weird that my one true doesn't even involve specific people, but it's just, my Xander's a mostly-straight dude who met a cute girl when he was a teenager and ended up devoting himself to a whole group of hot female superheroes, as friend and lover and protector and support staff and Watcher, and now they're part of his identity, his girls, whether he's in love with Buffy or marrying Faith or just roaming around the country with one (or more!) of the baby Slayers, fighting evil and cracking bad jokes.
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Recs 40 - 49 are the WORST. You can SEE THE END, but you cannot reach it, because YOU HAVE RECCED EVERYTHING ALREADY.

(Time travel list mired @ 47 and I am reduced to emphatic gesturing at my computer, because I WENT CRAWLING BACK TO HP FOR YOU AND YOU DO ME LIKE THIS? Relatedly, I discovered I still hold a GIANT GRUDGE from a fic I read IN 2006, because you cannot sell me on a crazy OT3 and then REVERSE TIME on their happy ending and as a special bonus piece of giant douchebaggery, HAVE THE FATES LITERALLY CHAT MID-REWIND ABOUT HOW THAT RELATIONSHIP WAS SO AWESOME; TOO BAD IT WILL NEVER BE REPLICATED IN THE NEW TIMELINE EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. FUCK YOOOOOOU; HARRY/HERMIONE/LUNA FOREVER.)
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  • So, that filthy Royal Pains story of my heart I mentioned but never really expanded on? Femdom, Divya/Evan?

    Weirdly for me, I'm not even picturing bondage or s&m, more humiliation and orgasm denial and seriously, Evan kneeling while Divya stands behind him, fists her hand in his hair and pulls his head to the side, and whispers in his ear about what a filthy slut he is? HOT. Plus, furtive secret relationship + Divya is of course flawless at pretending nothing's happened, so sometimes Evan wonders if he's losing his mind AND THEN there's that exhibitionism thing I talked about before. Also, the line "So all those insults, that was you HITTING on me?" is HILARIOUS to me.

  • Kurt Hummel vid to Garbage's Cherry Lips. It NEEDS to exist.

  • So I have read the girl!Kirk/Spock and Kirk/girl!Spock and I think even girl!Kirk/girl!Spock. BUT WHERE is my girl!Kirk/girl!Spock/boy!Uhura? IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I DON'T EVEN CARE IF THEY'VE JUST BEEN RANDOMLY GENDERSWAPPED ON A MISSION; I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT I MOSTLY JUST WANT TO READ THAT PORN.

  • Speaking of things that NEED TO EXIST, SOMEWHERE, where's my massive HP AU where Remus turned Snape into a werewolf that night and there are shenanigans and angst and bonding and RL/SS or maybe RL/SS/SB? Guys, I have a total werewolfy-mating-bond kink anyway, you throw in teenage idiot wizards, hatesex, and poly, and IT IS LIKE MY FIC-KRYPTONITE.

  • I also need to read multitudes of fic about Sam Puckett: Badass. She is totally little-black-dress material! Bam, suddenly Special Agent Veronica Mars gets a new partner; Veronica stepped on a few toes and Sam's kicked a few too many asses and they're each other's last chance! Bam, the Scoobies hear rumors about a girl kicking demon ass and go looking for their latest baby Slayer and discover Sam needed no supernatural upgrade! Bam, HIT GIRL'S FIRST CRUSH IS JUST THIS TINY WEBSHOW CHICK AND DAVE THINKS IT'S HILARIOUS...UNTIL HE SEES SAM IN A FIGHT; THEN HE THINKS THEY ARE TOTALLY MFEO, and also that, for his own safety, Marty's getting knocked unconscious if he even looks like he's going to make a joke about teenage lesbians.

  • This was totally going to be a post about the things in fandom that are making me squee/rage right now, but that is totally going to have to happen another time. I need to go look for Hit Girl fic right now.
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So I'm kind of just poking ineffectually at the internet, because I don't have the brains/stamina for goodfic right now and I burnt myself out on badfic? Like, BADFIC. But of precisely the right genre to make me keep reading it?

Okay, so there's hilarious-bad and eye-gouging-bad and so-bad-it's-awesome and but-she-tried-so-hard-bad and then there's that "bad" into which a lot of h/c falls, bad like McDonald's food, where you know it's unhealthy and contrived but also DELICIOUS? This was like McDonald's-bad only if someday McDonald's combines the Big Mac and McRib, adds 2 pieces of cheese and 10 slices of bacon, deep-fries the pickles and onions, and then injects it with heroin in front of you. THESE STORIES? So-unhealthy-they-should-come-with-an-attached-waiver.

I will admit it; I enjoy Harry/harem stories. So when I found some on my computer, I tried to read all three series. I actually made it through most of the first (there was time travel! and like, eight other fic kinks of mine), and of the second (it was much creepier, but I was apparently in some kind of zone?).

I had to tap out of the third. Because LITERALLY, magic was forcing a MASS BREEDING, as in, Harry was compelled by MAGIC ITSELF to father HUNDREDS of babies, on HUNDREDS of witches. Ages 13 - 120. While he himself was 15. And if he refused to fuck any of them, including Bellatrix Lestrange, they would go crazy, and then probably die.

Plus there was the creepy thread of homophobia even in the story with the background slash - gay dudes were creepy mysoginist pedophiles, while lesbians were hot and fun and totally up for some of Harry's magic cock (IT WAS LITERALLY A MAGIC, SHAPECHANGING COCK, BTW) - and the chan-het and the pimping of an underage boy to adult females against his will, NO, it does not make it okay that it was his girlfriend(s)'s idea and she/they eventually made him say yes and it was for the Greater Good and he kind of liked it in the end... REVERSE THOSE GENDERS FOR A SECOND. Would you ever see that presented as something healthy, or even acceptable?

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God, I love independent!Harry. Re-reading HP & the Nightmares of Futures Past, Abandon, and The Sleeping Dragon Wakes. I'll probably go on to HP & the Year of Rebellion, A Black Comedy, Secrets, and selections from the Sacrifices Arc. Seriously, so much love for Harry when he's kicking ass, telling Dumbledore and the Ministry to fuck off, and building cabals.
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'Cause, okay, I love shippy stuff, and I like clever plots, but it's all in the DETAILS, man! Like, weird classes you're required to take at Starfleet Academy, a Buffyverse species of demon that can only be killed by a certain frequency of sound, babyproofing a Potterverse house when the baby can do magic, etc. Explore the quirks of your canon universe! So, have some awesome worldbuilding fics:

The Recreation of the Warrior - Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, Harper/Tyr, Tyr/others, Dylan/Beka, Dylan/others, Beka/others. Amazing exploration of Nietzschian culture and philosophy. "My people learn as small children that religion is the opiate of the masses. In practice, however, we spend far more time acknowledging our debt to our ancestors than might be expected of any Confucian monk. Since no actual deities are involved, this does not count as 'religious observance,' but merely as practical genetics." Gah, just. Tyr's voice is so strong and so consistent that it totally negates my antipathy toward first person POV in fic.

Cradle Elbows Wide - Firefly, gen. This is Sergeant Mal, guys, and it's so well-written that it's totally canon to me. All the different cultures that sent soldiers for this one cause, and we know the whole time that the cause is totally doomed; it kills me, but in the best of ways.

Reconstruction and the companion piece, Restoration - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander/Spike, Willow/Tara. A post-Gift AU that does a fantastic job showing the struggle to guard the Hellmouth without your heavy-hitter. The CotH is the BEST, god; it makes so much sense and it's so very, very awesome. But there's also the protective stalking of Dawn, the Omega Plan (GENIUS), just a million little touches that bring the 'verse to life.

Father Goose Tales - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Law and Order: SVU/Alias/Las Vegas/Gilmore Girls/Stargate SG-1, Xander/Faith, canon pairings. Guys, there's infrastructure and standard operating procedures! There's a supernatural troubles hotline! It's very much a world where the Council has a presence, complete with unintended consequences, and where the Council is an organization of professionals who have been there and done that. "Hello, you’ve reached the North American Headquarters of the Watcher’s Council, if this is an emergency please scream or press one ….. if this is not an emergency, please leave a message and a method of contact and we will get back to you. If you would like to be contacted by one of the regional offices, be sure to make that request and include your location in the message. Thank you and be safe. ….. beeep."

The Sacrifices Arc - Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Snape/Regulus, Hermione/Zacharias, Connor/Parvati, a bunch of OC relationships that are amazing and run through het, slash, and femslash. Oh, y'all knew I was going to throw this one in there. So! This 'verse explains why there were no international efforts to stop Voldemort, gives us interesting and well-drawn systems of magic that include the awesomeness of something called "puellaris witches" - women who, through circumscribing their behavior in public and submitting to their husbands, gain the ability to turn into fucking lionesses when their children are threatened, aaaand shows us once again that humans rule the world because they are assholes. Um. I also don't feel comfortable sending people off to read this without mentioning that this shit is HARDCORE. Like, I read something that had a bunch of dire warnings for what ending up being an apocalypse, some violence, and some implied sex slavery (all of which got reversed and wiped from the characters' memories, so, weeeeeak). This is not like that. There is torture of main characters, including loss of limb. There is death, lots of it, major and minor characters, including a baby (in a fairly horrific way). There is rape, not of major characters, but there's an unrepentant (female) rapist who's one of the "good guys" and somebody gets raped to death, so. There is child abuse, physical, emotional and magical. I'm forgetting some stuff. Okay, cannibalism! There is cannibalism, by bad guys and also by a good guy under mindcontrol. ...Read it anyway! It is totally my favoritest story in all the worlds.

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It would, in fact, be the second time someone used that theme. But no, this is a just a new-and-we'll-call-it-improved version of my TBP post.

04/15 - I will be ETAing this pretty much continually tonight, so, heads up.

04/15 (2) - What the hell, I haven't even finished my current junk file, let alone started on my actual recs folder.

04/16 - But wait! There's more!...Some of it from nearly three years ago. I fail so hard.

04/21 - Added: small fandoms, Sentinel, Trek, Torchwood, Heroes.

04/21 (2) - Oh fandom, how have I come to this? Reccing post-snuff Jack/Ianto - only in fucking Torchwood, I swear to god. Oh, you could do it in HL, but I bet no one ever did. Well, unless Kronos was involved, because that was some fucked-up shit. Anyway! Current mood: HORRIFIED.

05/30 - This shit is RIDICULOUS. I am never going to manage to get rid of this post. Stupid rules about themes. Which I'm apparently going to hold myself to even though no one would care.

07/13 - I ship Xander/Buffy so hard, you guys, but the fic is just...not awesome. Well, excepting [ profile] m_mcgregor and [ profile] lwbush. Actually, the only real ships I have for Xander are Xander/Buffy, Xander/Faith, and Xander/Buffy/Faith. Hi there, not-so-secret Xander/slayers kink! Confession: TOS is practically my least favorite of the Treks (is Enterprise anyone's favorite?). DS9 was my first Trek, back when I was wee and watching with my dad, plus, BASHIR, I love him, so slashy and fucked-up and socially retarded. And TNG has my favorite captain. Reboot is the new beloved, obvs (KIIIIIRK).

But I have been having ennui, guys. It's like last week was the week canon punched fandom in the face, what with Panic and That Other Thing, You Know the One, and it's just hard to be super-enthusiastic in the wake of that. I just want to curl in and read comforty epics; well, that and prompt people to wite the bandom h/c fics of my HEART. I am trying to think of a way to finagle Brendon Urie/Travis McCoy/Katy Perry (I already asked for Brendon/Ashlee/Pete with Bronx adorableness). So I thought, hey! I'm unlikely to add tons to the rec folder in the next few days, perfect time to update this bitch. Also, also, three things people do that I motherfucking hate: not cleaning up the html in their links so I go straight to "leave a comment" or "format=light" or whatever, misuse/ignorance of page titles/subject lines, motherfucking hard-coded fonts jesus fucking christ, because 12-pt Comedic Sans MS for 15 pages is torture.

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Normally this would be an SIC post, but that would involve googling French and I don't want to.

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Okay, so it's a few more than 50. And there are would have been a couple more if they hadn't been removed from the Internet. But these are the best/my favorite of the bunch.

(Also, I would love this song just for the lines Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef/I'm a vegetarian and I'm not fucking scared of him.)

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Oh my god, I love this story so much. I just finished Comes Out of Darkness Morn and I am sitting here like BRING ON THE REVOLUTION. Like seriously, fuck you, Dumbledore. YOUR STATUS QUO SUCKS OR HE WOULDN'T BE TRYING TO CHANGE IT.

Also, how so OTP, Harry and Draco? I had totally forgotten about it, but Draco's little scene after the Owlery, where he's pouting and deciding how best to get back at Harry and then Harry comes in and he's so happy and apologizes and Draco just breaks out "I would forgive you for anything right now"? I was flailing. God, it's so much more romantic to me when characters hurt each other and fail and work at it than when they just fall into some meant-to-be always-and-forever.

Also, MINERVA MCGONAGALL, you guys. I love her SO HARD. Honestly, she could not be more awesome without giving me, like, actual heart failure.

Also, ALSO, I will be reading and randomly musing on the SA as a Bert/Gerard epic and giggling to myself, because Pete as the wild Dark and Greta as Hermione and especially Frank as Dionysus will never not be hilarious. Dude, I think Bob might be Adalrico. Brendon = Ignifer, Jon = Honoria, Tyson = Tybalt, Nick Wheeler = John, Gabe = Evan, so I now cannot decide if Maja or Victoria is Henrietta. Whichever, the other one is totally the Red Death. AMANDA PALMER IS TOTALLY THE SCARY PUELLARIS WITCH. ETA: You know, the one that tried to eat Lily's FACE. Best. Trial. Ever.

And on that note, I am off to read Freedom And Not Peace.
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Because what I want to read is the Sacrifices Arc and I always end up getting lost in that monster for four days, minimum, so really, no. It will be my reward for finishing.

I wanted to read it a couple days ago, because that scene, with Draco, after the Blood Whip? That scene is amazing. I go all SUPERUNBREAKABLEOTP4EVER for that scene, god.

And now I just recced it to somebody, so I want it even more, but I must resist! It's just, oh god, four days left to deadline (and I have...accidentally made a small fandoms list. Because that is how I roll).

In other news, Castle is on tonight and I really enjoyed the pilot when I saw it as part of a market research thing, so yay. Fillion and the daughter rock.

Also, Top Gear is hilarious, why didn't anyone tell me? I just watched two episodes and by about ten minutes into the second (they drive muscle cars from San Fran to Nevada), I was totally infatuated. Hammond is a secret American! I love them all!
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So I've kind of stalled out on because really, tagging when I could be reading awesome shit? Whyfor?

(Sidebar: Bought Cry Wolf today and I am such a Patricia Briggs fangirl, y'all don't even know. After I lent Alyssa my copy of When Demons Walk, it got stolen. It was out of print, the cheapest used copy on Amazon was something like 80 bucks, and I thought about getting it anyway. When Demons Walk, the Hurog duology, and the Mercy Thompson books are all stupid-awesome and everyone should read them. And write me some Ward/Oreg. Because yes.)

Just like with the small fandoms list(s), the reccing is done, but the fannish love continues. Gorging myself on Pete/Patrick and Frank/Gerard. Although really, I go weak for Patrick/nearly anyone. He is my favorite. Gerard is my MCR favorite, but I am much less invested generally.

Read some awesome mpreg and then a deathfic and, because it is how I roll, I have the starts of two lists.

I'm thinking the kidfic one will The Kids Are Alright, even though the title doesn't set my world on fire, and the death list will either be my previously brainstormed title, 50 Dyings of the Light, or the current favorite, Rocks Fall; Everybody Dies.

Also, still have the group-sex list and the het list, although Wow, that got a little away from me )

Anyway. There's still a Harry-centric list kind of percolating, but all the titles I come up with strike me as faintly-to-extremely horrible. Suggestions/comments welcome:

About a Boy
About a Boy (Who Lived)
Like Some Storybook Hero
Like a Hero in Some Storybook
A Savior Will Come
I'm Here to Save You
Born to Kill
Unlike the Story It Was Written to Be
Someone Has to Be the Hero
Hero (Gets Other People Killed)
Prophecy Child
Magical Boy
Hero Complex
A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar
Love Will Save the Day
Everybody Knows Your Name