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strina ([personal profile] strina) wrote2009-08-04 05:05 pm
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But They Did Something Interesting!

Mediocre-to-okay media things that have surprised me recently:

5ive Girls - Weird religious horror movie with lesbian schoolgirls = cheesy fun, right? But even though the main villain is very explicitly a Christian demon (Legion, aka the one Jesus banished), one of the girls isn't Christian and makes a protection circle by calling on her Goddess and it totally works. Surprising!

The Listener - Comparisons of telepathy to rape even though the telepath is the hero! And there's even a whole argument about how even though he, Toby, is a good person, that doesn't mean her argument is invalid. Also there is a thing about Toby's third foster home dad who never touched him, just thought about it every night, and how it was before Toby learned to block people out and "it was just a matter of time" and also Toby getting taken over by someone else's nightmare when he gets flashes of a girl's rape.

Death Angel - Romance novel where the hero is a sociopath (assassin, very little emotion, no personal connections other than business, no attachments to possessions) who's kind of interested in the heroine, but still honestly debating whether or not to just kill her (girl he kind of admires/sticking it to a guy who irritates him vs. 2 million dollars). There's some change when he watches her die in an accident he caused, but the big change in his thinking really only comes after he sees her alive again and perfectly okay and it seems to be equally composed of "she's a miracle" and "holy shit there's life after death what does this mean for me?". And he ends the book still absolutely willing to not just kill to protect her, but willing to commit cold-blooded, pre-emptive murder to protect her.

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