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So, Hey, That Yuletide List...

...Might be a while. I've got tabs open on 30 fandoms I haven't even touched yet (even though the list is right at 48). So, some faves so far:

I Will Not Sleep (Horatio/Archie) [Horatio Hornblower] - Horatio and Archie are so OTP that it hurts me. Like, the one image that springs to mind when you say "Hornblower" is Horatio desperately cradling Archie's limp body kind of OTP. So A++ for a Kennedy Lives story that's also in the kind of desperately romantic language you'd expect of the time period.

Dragon Hoard (gen) [Hurog novels] - First, EVERYONE SHOULD READ THESE BOOKS. I LOVE THEM. WARD AND OREG ARE SO CODEPENDENT AND AMAZING AND FUCKED-UP ABOUT EACH OTHER AND WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, THE END OF BOOK ONE, SOMEONE NEEDS TO TALK ABOUT THAT WITH ME*. Like, after I read it, I spent an hour on the phone trying to find any bookstore in 20 miles that had the sequel because I could not wait for Amazon. Um. Anyway, this story is an amazing tag for Dragon Bones, because I wanted healing sex? But this is the next best thing. (But you should totally read the book first, because this would spoil an amazing payoff.)


Unexpectedly, I read Mythbusters fic now! Back Out is a cute short gen piece and Robots Need Love Too is quite possibly my favorite story of this year's challenge; it is a SPACE AU featuring Jamie Hyneman: Wee Tiny Robot (okay, really just Wishes-He-Was-a-Robot). Super adorable!