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So I did that post about how much I love idfic and, as it turns out, many of you also love idfic! So I decided to do an idfic rec post, and it would be totally great if y'all would like to rec some of your idfic faves, and we can have a whole post of shameless love for things that we are apparently supposed to feel shame for enjoying, like schmoopy het babyfic and completely ridiculous SECRET GENIUS stories and lovingly detailed kinky curtainfic and superpowerful!protagonists in drama-free threesomes.


1) Warnings, please.

2) Feel free to say fuck literary merit; I am totally going to be reccing some stories that are "idfic but also objectively good" and some that are "fuck it, sometimes I just want to see my fannish object (get every boy/in a collar/have post-apocalyptic cuddles/alive again, damn you, Joss Whedon)".

3) Any fandom, any pairing, any craving of your id; BRING IT.

Some of my favorites (I will totally be reccing more in the comments when I am not distracted by "oh my GOD, TARA, how are you SO AWESOME and BADASS and protective of your vampire girlfriend!"):

Unintentionally Yours (Harry/Voldemort) [Harry Potter] - *Warnings for noncon (no, really, LOTS of noncon), dubious consent, crossgen, nonmalicious sexual coercion, superpowers, child abuse, character bashing, character death, mpreg, miscarriage, attempted suicide.* This is the abused!molested!superpowered!empath!Harry-marries-Voldemort-for-peace epic I was wibbling about way-back-when. To recap: "Aww yeah. You know it's [idfic] when you get to choose between the chapters Fixing Harry and Fixing Harry (Dramatic Version). This last chunk has utterly swayed me. I love this fic...There comes a point where a story is so far from canon that you just have to enjoy it for what it is. In this case, that's Harry getting whumped a lot in between befriending a very...eclectic selection of people and making Voldemort fall in love with him. It isn't remotely close to a reasonable extrapolation from canon, but I kind of enjoy it madly all the same."

Nexus (Xander/Angel(us), Buffy/Spike) [BtVS] - *Warnings for noncon, dubcon, torture, character death, kink, domestic abuse/child abuse.* Angelus seduces Xander by pretending to be Angel and then keeps him captive and then they fall in loooove and IT IS DELICIOUS. I cannot lie; I have read Chapter 15 maybe 30 times, because the ANGST and the COMFORT and the REMORSE for the horrors in the preceding chapter.

Ties That Bind (John/Rodney, past Rodney/Sam, other pairings) [Stargate Atlantis] (Series in Progress) - *Warnings for character bashing, domestic abuse, unsafe BDSM, safe BDSM, sexual harrassment, total power exchange.* Based on "The General and Dr. Sheppard"-verse, aka, the "norm" in this verse is bisexual and not only kinky, but publicly identified as a dominant or a submissive. I LOVE IT LIKE BURNING. COLLARS + MID-SCENE HEALTH CHECKS + KINK COLLEGES + EXHIBITIONS + TRUE LOVE = I WANT MORE OF IT FOREVER.

Baseball series (Kirk/Spock) [Star Trek: Reboot] - *Warnings for attempted noncon, food issues, insecurity, Tarsus IV (aka, teenage Kirk survived a genocide in TOS canon; in fanon, so did nuKirk).* Secret genius Kirk and post-Tarsus Kirk are my favorite Kirks, you guys; K/S with secret genius, post-Tarsus Kirk and mind-orgasms? HELL TO THE YES.

Brave Eyes (Willow/Tara) [BtVS] - *Warnings for dubcon, noncon, torture, character bashing, infidelity/partner betrayal, kink, character death.* Willow/Tara in the Wishverse! So it is dark and horrible except it's Willow and Tara. They work on the relationship! One is a good witch and one is a soulless, more than slightly crazy vampire, but that's no reason they can't have a happy ending! It should be ridiculous, but guys, I TOTALLY BUY IT. ETA: Well, crap, apparently it's now offline. Once again my save-it-to-disk policy looks more reasonable than paranoid? ETA one year later: THERE IS A WORKING LINK!

What idfic can you not stop reading?

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