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It feels like I've been reading a lot of profic lately. Well, for definitions of "lately". I keep meaning to do a book-post (reading reactions, rather than the SF/F Is Awesome, Here Is Why post I'm actually poking at) and then forgetting about it.

Let's see, Kristen Cashore's Graceling and Fire; Anvil's The Trouble with Humans and The Trouble with Aliens; Carter's Heist Society; the latest Sookie Stackhouse book; Koch's Touched By an Alien; Cabot's Avalon High; Carriger's Soulless: Book One of the Parasol Protectorate; aaand the bonus rant of What Laurell K. Hamilton I Still Read And Why/How.

Other bonus rants: Stop Getting Your Vampire in Everything, Ew; There's Just One Guy Doing All These Covers, Isn't There; The Twihards Are Turning Me Into One of THOSE SF Fans And It Hurts My Soul; More Ladies Being Platonically Awesome, Please; and Parking Rules for Flying Cars, aka, Shit I Learned From SF That I Can't Wait to Apply to RL.

Pick any of the above and I will give you at least 50 words on the subject.
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Okay, country music. I loved it, I avoided it, I was forced back into it, I love it again. Let me tell you why.

1. Regional pride. )

2. Storytelling (and stealth fanfic). )

3. Comeuppance! )

4. Fiddles. )

5. Awesome drinking songs. )

6. Johnny Cash. )

7. Songs about the working class. )

8. Awesome ladies. )

9. Songs about soldiers, not about war. )

10. Je ne sais quoi? )

Note: Links go to YouTube for videos and Lala for streaming music; some will eventually be replaced by mp3s @ Box, but right now, the internet hates me and I've already put off this post for two days trying to get the files up, so. *hands*
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So those awesome rec lists I was totally going to have done by now? Shoved aside in favor of Untitled Small Fandoms List, Take #79. It's totally a cop-out theme, I know! But so much of my fannish consumption these days is haphazard and slightly accidental. Like, I have subscribed to many new people, and I keep checking Latest Things for "three weeks for dreamwidth" and "recs", and I have this thing? See the shiny, follow the shiny? So there is a lot of "Oh, you're in that fandom? I was in that fandom! Oooh, let me bask in the glow of fannish nostalgia while simultaneously discovering new awesome in the form of these many fics you have linked here!" going on.

That's how I ended up doing Send Me an Angel (both versions)! That's to blame for the latest iteration of "but Kirk's stupid faaaaaace, you guys!" and also for the fact that I have spent two days reading Sheldon/Penny fic, and the day before that was all Vampire Diaries, all the time (I've never even seen that show! But I read one of the books, once?).

In other news, I desperately want a Generation Kill/Highlander crossover with Immortal!Brad, or maybe Immortal!Nate, mostly I just want Brad's "what is this bullshit?" reaction re: the Game. Also, you totally should have rolled into battle with a sword, Brad; see, sometimes Ray is right about things!

And finally:

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You should pimp:

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Country music (fiddles + bloody revenge + drinking songs!)
6 (60.0%)

Scifi/fantasy novels (not everybody's like DG and GRRM, I swear!)
6 (60.0%)

Other music (where did I even get an uptempo song about Biblical human sacrifice?)
2 (20.0%)

More idfic (because it is amazing, the end)
5 (50.0%)

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So the recent kerfuffle about owning your awesome got me to thinking about the disclaimers we put forth on a daily basis, and particularly the disclaimers I put forth when I talk about some fanfiction.

Look, I don't like badfic; almost no one does. But there's a whole range between badfic and "goodfic" that gets tangled up in embarrassment and "I know it's terrible, but...", and that's idfic/drawerfic. Winged hermaphroditic super-abused superpowered Harry falls in love with his middle-aged professor (who likes to call him "little one" in a vaguely fetish-y way), is forced by Voldemort to have sex with that professor, erases the guy's memory of his "shame", and then turns up pregnant. And there's angst and misunderstanding and then they inevitably have the baby and the happy-ever-after. That is not a story with scads of literary merit. It's not the story I'm going to rec to all my friends, or use to pimp someone into the fandom/pairing. It's not the best thing I've ever read. But guys, I MOTHERFUCKING LOVE that story (and yes, it is totally an actual story). It is DELICIOUS. And so is the Xander-centric time travel gangrape mpreg fivesome story I've read 30 times and can quote from memory. So is the Hermione pwns everyone and takes over the country and has a harem fic that I've never read, yet would dearly like to.

Because "good" stories often have to temporize, to maintain reality and your suspension of disbelief and the dynamics of the canon. But idfic says fuck that, let's turn this shit up to ELEVEN and SEE WHERE IT GOES. That's amazing! I love that! Fanfic is, at its purest, an expression of love, and just because it's usually held to some standard of objective good doesn't mean it always should be.

So, you know, dear writers of idfic: Don't be ashamed. Take them out of the drawers and set them free. I guarantee someone out there is going to MOTHERFUCKING LOVE them.
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  • So, that filthy Royal Pains story of my heart I mentioned but never really expanded on? Femdom, Divya/Evan?

    Weirdly for me, I'm not even picturing bondage or s&m, more humiliation and orgasm denial and seriously, Evan kneeling while Divya stands behind him, fists her hand in his hair and pulls his head to the side, and whispers in his ear about what a filthy slut he is? HOT. Plus, furtive secret relationship + Divya is of course flawless at pretending nothing's happened, so sometimes Evan wonders if he's losing his mind AND THEN there's that exhibitionism thing I talked about before. Also, the line "So all those insults, that was you HITTING on me?" is HILARIOUS to me.

  • Kurt Hummel vid to Garbage's Cherry Lips. It NEEDS to exist.

  • So I have read the girl!Kirk/Spock and Kirk/girl!Spock and I think even girl!Kirk/girl!Spock. BUT WHERE is my girl!Kirk/girl!Spock/boy!Uhura? IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I DON'T EVEN CARE IF THEY'VE JUST BEEN RANDOMLY GENDERSWAPPED ON A MISSION; I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT I MOSTLY JUST WANT TO READ THAT PORN.

  • Speaking of things that NEED TO EXIST, SOMEWHERE, where's my massive HP AU where Remus turned Snape into a werewolf that night and there are shenanigans and angst and bonding and RL/SS or maybe RL/SS/SB? Guys, I have a total werewolfy-mating-bond kink anyway, you throw in teenage idiot wizards, hatesex, and poly, and IT IS LIKE MY FIC-KRYPTONITE.

  • I also need to read multitudes of fic about Sam Puckett: Badass. She is totally little-black-dress material! Bam, suddenly Special Agent Veronica Mars gets a new partner; Veronica stepped on a few toes and Sam's kicked a few too many asses and they're each other's last chance! Bam, the Scoobies hear rumors about a girl kicking demon ass and go looking for their latest baby Slayer and discover Sam needed no supernatural upgrade! Bam, HIT GIRL'S FIRST CRUSH IS JUST THIS TINY WEBSHOW CHICK AND DAVE THINKS IT'S HILARIOUS...UNTIL HE SEES SAM IN A FIGHT; THEN HE THINKS THEY ARE TOTALLY MFEO, and also that, for his own safety, Marty's getting knocked unconscious if he even looks like he's going to make a joke about teenage lesbians.

  • This was totally going to be a post about the things in fandom that are making me squee/rage right now, but that is totally going to have to happen another time. I need to go look for Hit Girl fic right now.


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