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So This Kirk/McCoy Thing...

It is still not my preference but HOLY GOD, that was some incredible porn! D/s & poly & toys & spanking & FUCKING EACH OTHER VIA FUCKING OTHER PEOPLE, I love that when it's done right AND IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE SO RIGHT IN ALL THE INTERNETS.

Anyway. A few awesome fics does not change my hierarchy of preferred Trek pairings. (It goes Kirk/Spock > Kirk/Uhura > Kirk/Spock/Uhura > (Kirk/Gaila OR Kirk/McCoy) > Kirk/Sulu > Gaila/awesomeness > Kirk/poly combinations of aforementioned > Gaila/Uhura > everybody else.)

BUT I am trying to make the Kirk list no more than half K/S, so...rec me something? Preferably something long and kickass?
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A handful of things from my ST:XI fic to remember folder:

The Monogamy Thing, Kirk/Bones, Jim just assumes that Bones expects monogamy without actually asking him about it when they start dating.

everything you had and what was left after that, Kirk/Bones plus assorted Kirk pairings, Kirk can't orgasm due to psychological trauma.

The Serendipity Thing, Kirk/McCoy, Kirk's consciousness gets stuck in McCoy's brain.

What I'm Trying To Say, Kirk/Gaila, Gaila only wanted to do something nice (aka. Gaila tries to navigate human social norms with varying levels of success)

The Orion-on-Vulcan Method, Gaila/Spock Prime, Gaila needs somewhere to recuperate after being injured in the Battle of Vulcan. What better place than with Spock Prime on the Vulcan colony world? Hijinx, cultural misunderstandings, and unlikely romance ensue.

The Dance, Gaila, Gaila was one of exactly six Orion cadets in the graduating class of 2258.

Wingman, Kirk/McCoy, In the beginning, there are bars, booze, babes and Bones. And lo, it is good. Then things start to change. And lo, it gets a whole lot better.

Until the Morning, Kirk/McCoy, Behind closed doors, McCoy isn't quite as wholesome and squeaky-clean as everyone assumes he is.

Switch, Kirk/McCoy, (for which I'm not going to use the official summary or anything like it, because there's real way to capture how heart tuggingly perfect this fic was to read. It's Jim, and it's Bones, and it's their issues, and their slowslow coming together despite them.)
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[personal profile] shopfront 2010-05-26 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Heeee, I know exactly what you mean!
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OMG, I have recs! Um, are you looking for Star Trek recs in general or just the pairings you listed above?

I might be a while since I don't have access to my list right now, but I didn't want to toss stuff at you that you'd have little to no interest in.
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Okay, so here we go. A list in no particular order.

All This Faithfulness
(Sulu/Kirk/Sulu, NC-17)

Green Face, Red Blood
(Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)


The Hanged Man

While Lights Were Paling One by One
(Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)

I could have sworn I had more, but I can't find anything. Sorry! Hope you like these.