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I want to read an unequal open relationship, where one partner is allowed to see other people and the other partner very much isn't, because Person A is jealous and Person B just isn't, and there is no value judgment attached to that. People are different and that's okay! People who are different can be in a relationship without having to compromise or agree on everything! They can have two sets of rules without it being unfair! Sometimes, two sets of rules is the MOST FAIR YOU CAN BE.

That sounded ranty? But mostly it was relevatory; I hadn't realized that was a thing I thought about until I saw the exchange in No Finish Line (“You’re still allowed to see other people, though,” Adam says into Kris’ shoulder. “Yeah, well,” Kris says, “you still aren’t.”) and went HEY I WISH THAT WAS A THING.

Like, it kind of shows up in a lot of mostly-slash-minor-het fic, where Kris or RDJ or Peter or Watson or whoever is married and also dating a guy and that's okay because his wife just isn't jealous! She's down with his bisexuality! And dude, I enjoy that trope WAY more than most other ways fandom has of "dealing" with the wife (and also I enjoy the poly for itself - see icon), but I really want less "she gives him permission" and more "this is the relationship we have negotiated - you can do this but not that, I can do that but not this".

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