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A Few Quick TtH Links

I guess keep in mind that Buffy crossovers make me get the heart-eyes and some of these stories may be more idfic than goodfic.

For the Twinkie (gen) [BtVS/Hellboy]

Assassination Attempt (Buffy/Samuel) [BtVS/Mercy Thompson Novels]

Andromache (gen) [BtVS/Gladiator]

Shoveling (gen) [BtVS/MASH]

In the Key of Major Finn (Lorelai Gilmore/Riley Finn) [Gilmore Girls/BtVS]

Hang In There, Slayer (Buffy/John) [BtVS/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles]

Short Time (Xander/Dom, Dom/Brian) [BtVS/The Fast and the Furious]

Femme Fatale (gen) [The Dresden Files/BtVS] {Conquering Hero}

Four (New) Horse[persons] of the (Anti)Apocalypse (Xander/Faith) [BtVS/Good Omens]

Loyalties (Various) [BtVS/Alias] {Spy}***

Hopscotch and Dandelions (gen) [Angel/Sandman]

Licence to Kill (gen) [BtVS/James Bond]

Father Goose and the Black Knight (Xander/Faith) [BtVS/Law and Order: SVU] {Case File}***

The Undecided Fate of Alexander Harris (Xander/Don) [BtVS/NUMB3RS] (WiP)

Arges and Brontes and sequels (Xander/Rhys) (Series in Progress) [BtVS/Merry Gentry]

Demolition Man (Xander/Rusty) [BtVS/Ocean's 11]

Daystar (Various) [BtVS/Blade: Trinity] (WiP)***

Recruit (Buffy/Kirill) [BtVS/The Bourne Trilogy] (WiP)

Capitalism and Funny Syphilis (Xander/Anya) [BtVS/Highlander]

An End Has a Start (gen) [Doctor Who/Firefly]

Sane (gen) [BtVS/I Am Legend] {The Very End}

It’s the Afterlife, Xander, But Not As You Know It (gen) [BtVS/Star Trek: The Next Generation] (WiP)
Stupid Portal (Various) [BtVS/Star Trek: The Next Generation]

The Chronicles of Riddick - The Underverse (Xander/Riddick) (WiP) [BtVS/Chronicles of Riddick]***

Inevitable (Various) (WiP) [Harry Potter/Anita Blake]

Hired Help (gen) [BtVS/NCIS] (WiP) {Camaraderie}
Not A Good Day (Xander/Gibbs) [BtVS/NCIS]
Open Doors (Xander/Tony) [BtVS/NCIS] (WiP) {Chance Met}

Grave Survivors (Buffy/Nick) [BtVS/CSI]
I'm Yours (Buffy/Hodges) [BtVS/CSI]
Intersections (Xander/Greg) [BtVS/CSI] (WiP)***

Chance Encounter (gen) [BtVS/Doctor Who]
Perfect Imperfection (Xander/Rose) [Doctor Who/BtVS]

Browncoat Reveille (Xander/Cordelia) [BtVS/Firefly]
Carving Out a Future (gen) (WiP) [BtVS/Firefly]
Collecting Xander (Xander/Zoe, River/Mal) [BtVS/Firefly]

Dawn is in the house (gen) [BtVS/House]
Enigmatic Absurdities (gen) [House/BtVS] {Hospital}***
House's Key (Dawn/House) [BtVS/House] (WiP)***
Neurosis (gen) [BtVS/House] (WiP) {She}

Babylon (Dawn/Rodney) [BtVS/Stargate Atlantis]
Chances Are (Xander/Rodney) [BtVS/Stargate Atlantis]
Return to the Blood Lands (Various) [BtVS/Stargate Atlantis] (Series in Progress)
Two Times the Scoobies Should Have Trusted... (Various) [BtVS/Stargate Atlantis]

The Wonderland Subject (gen) [BtVS/Avengers] (WiP) {Superhero}***
XC2 Adolescent Thunder (Various) [BtVS/Marvel] (WiP)

Emerald Spark (Various) [BtVS/DCU] (WiP)
Ill Met By Moonlight (gen) [BtVS/DCU]
Lacking an Anchor (Various) (WiP) [BtVS/DCU]
Man of Tweed (gen) [BtVS/DCU]
Teen of Steel: Reforged (Various) [BtVS/DCU] (WiP)
The Girlfriend Problem (Dick/Buffy) [BtVS/DCU]***
The Nighthawk Chronicles (Various) [BtVS/DCU] (WiP)

Grief, Like a Threadbare Coat (Willow/Hermione) [BtVS/Harry Potter] {Got to Go Out and Live}
International Cooperation (gen) [Harry Potter/BtVS] {Teamwork}
Kinda Like a Kiss (Xander/Ginny) [BtVS/Harry Potter]
The Notorious Adventures of the Mini!Scoobies (gen) [BtVS/Harry Potter] (WiP) {Regression}
Quid Pro Quo (Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Narcissa Malfoy) [Angel/Harry Potter]***
This One Time in Egypt... (Xander/Bill) [BtVS/Harry Potter] {Chance Met}

Accidental Ties (gen) [BtVS/Supernatural] {Long-lost}
a.k.a., Just Another Way to Say I Love You (John/Illyria) [BtVS/Supernatural]***
Destination... Somewhere and Another Stop On The Road (Ellen/Angel) [BtVS/Supernatural]
Now You're Messing with a Son of a Bitch (Dawn/Dean) [BtVS/Supernatural] {Argument}
Province (Xander/Dean) [BtVS/Supernatural] (Series in Progress) {Break-up}***
When at First We Meet (Xander/Dean) [BtVS/Supernatural]***

Brown Eyed Stray (gen) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
Candlelight (Buffy/Rafael) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (WiP, sequel to Mind the Gap) {Light a Candle}***
Catch-22 (Xander/Asher) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (WiP)
Dawning Light (gen) (WiP) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
Dead Dave's (gen) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
First Impressions (gen) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
Lethe (gen) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (WiP)
Hell's Handyman (gen) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (WiP) {Transplant}
A Hole You Never Knew (Various) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (WiP) {Transplant}
Hyena Pit (Various) (WiP) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
Journey to Another Hell (Xander/Jean Claude/Asher, Xander/Nathaniel) [BtVS/Anita Blake] (Series Incomplete) {Not Devoid of Charms}***
Mind the Gap (Various) [BtVS/Anita Blake] {Case File}
N. I. M. B. Y. (Spike/Xander) (WiP) [BtVS/Anita Blake]
Tears in Our Cheerios (gen) (WiP) [BtVS/Anita Blake]

5 things Daniel couldn't translate, but Dawn could (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] {Foreign Tongue}
Are You Ready? (Various) [Stargate SG-1/BtVS] (WiP) {Hail Fellow}
Bodyguard Buffy (gen) [Stargate SG-1/BtVS] (WiP) {Protection}
Bridges (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]
Don Ho and the Born Again Virgin (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]
Far Beyond Normal (Various) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] {Fusion}***
First Prime of Willow (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]
Marching Orders (Xander/Faith) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] (WiP) {Freeze}
Old Hat (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] {Same Old}
Perpetual Tuesday (Buffy/Jon) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] (WiP)
Practical Linguistics (Xander Harris/Jack O'Neill) (WiP) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] {Camaraderie}
Scooby Through the Stargate (sequel to A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale) (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]***
Suspensions (gen) [Stargate SG-1/BtVS] {In a Strange Land}
Tall Tale (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]
Things to Do in Colorado Springs When You're Bored (Various) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1] (WiP)
To Dust (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]
Trick or Treat (gen) [BtVS/Stargate SG-1]***

Prophecies? We Don't Need No Stinking Prophecies! (Various) [BtVS/Harry Potter/Other Fandoms] (WiP) {Family}
Oh, The Places He Goes! (Various) [BtVS/Due South/Other Fandoms] {Crossover}***
The Coffee Series (Xander/Faith) [BtVS/West Wing/Other Fandoms] {Hail Fellow}
We Go On... (Various) [BtVS/Due South/Other Fandoms] (WiP)